About Us

Hello, I am David Moore…

As a tackle maker and experienced angler, I have been looking for more ways to help others catch more fish by helping them understand not only how fishing works but why. Practicing good knowledge is virtue. Fishing is basic but complicated. Nobody ever questions why……..



Hello there my fine friend. I am David Moore, a tackle maker and experienced fisherman from Alabama. I help people that want to learn how to fish by providing valuable information of how to do it as well as suggest a few products that can be useful along the way. Knowledge is power when practiced.

Our Mission For One Stop Tackle Shop .Com

If you would love to learn more about the sport of fishing and catching fish, you have come to the right place. One Stop Tackle Shop aspires to be just what the name implies.

Your one stop for fishing tackle, reliable information about the sport as a whole, and the first place you come to whenever you need a quick fish tip. It is impossible to go over everything we are currently working on right now for the sake of time.

As One Stop Tackle Shop begins to grow and mature though, we will begin to share more information as time goes on. We are here to help you to catch more fish. We will help you understand how to do it. Anyone has the ability to, “Get Hooked” more often. You have an uncanny ability to catch fish no matter who you are. If you have a rod and reel, we will help you catch more fish!


It doesn’t matter if:

  • You have never fished a day in your life
  • You are new to the water
  • You fish for food
  • You catch and release
  • Do not desire to become a pro angler but you still want to catch fish
  • You are an average angler looking for a few extra tips to help you out
  • You fish for a living and win trophies weekly because of your skills
  • You fish freshwater
  • You fish saltwater
  • You want to have some extra tackle and gear on hand for later
One Stop Tackle Shop is for everyone who wants to catch fish. That’s it!

If this awakens the inner fisherman from deep inside your angling heart, you can continue reading to learn more on what we are about. Our mission is to inform you of great information that you can use to get hooked up more often, and maybe suggest some products that can be beneficial to you as an angler.  We believe that anybody can catch as many fish as they want.

They just need to practice with the right tools. You will be the best you are capable of becoming on the water. You will fail from time to time. You will catch some fish. You will struggle and get frustrated multiple times. You will keep coming back for more, nonetheless.

You will love it. You will eventually get to the point where you admit that enough is not enough if you are anything like me. You will desire to catch more fish. You will, “Get Hooked!”

My Fishing Story

I have been fishing for what seems like an eternity already. I love it. I remember when I was just a little boy (maybe 2?), my grandfather would take me, my mother, and my older brother down to a local fishing pond on a very rare occasion when he was able. I have the fondest memories now of catching my very first fish. It wasn’t really much of anything but it got me hooked on the sport.

As I look at photo albums from that time and review the pictures, I remember how good and simple life was then. My mother hooked a piece of worm on a very small hook with a huge bobber equipped about six inches above the bait. I have fond memories of waiting for the oversized piece of plastic to go down before I pulled up my very first Bluegill. It was a fun fish. It was small.

Ever since that occasion, I have always found myself coming back for more fish again and again. As I grew older and started to fish more, the passion I had for the sport increased as did my tactics and targeted species. Today, I have caught just about every species of fish in North America and I am proud that I can share this knowledge with the rest of the world.

About David Moore

I am David Moore, a fisherman from Alabama, with over 20 years of experience in catching fish. I am skilled in the art of making fishing tackle as well as catching fish as a whole. I live in Ohio, am engaged to the best woman on Earth (Natalie), and I enjoy studying anything related to the sport.

When I am not out on the water catching fish, I enjoy doing other things such as drawing, making highly detailed works of art, I play a little electric guitar, and I play a few video games. Aside from fishing, my hobbies are just those. If you were to ask anybody who really knows who I am, they would all tell you the same thing. David is a very nice guy! David is a hard worker! David is a good friend!


I am the type of person that believes catching fish is an essential part of a healthy and happy lifestyle as well as an exciting one. It lets you get out of the house and experience nature in a way that is beneficial to the body and mind.