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We exist for one reason. To help you catch more fish. Click the link below to see the whole story.

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We have a team of specially trained individuals that have a combined experience of over 20 years catching fish. We are proud of the experience and expertise that our staff contributes to the fishing community.

Tyson Cannon

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David Moore


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Our Story

How did we
get here?

It all started from southern and humble roots in Montgomery Alabama. A young and feisty David Moore pulled a bluegill from a local fishing pond. Not satisfied with the size, he gave it to his grandfather.  Well, his grandfather being the outdoorsman he was, took said bluegill and caught a big largemouth on it after hooking it one time. Say what you will, but David freaked out at the very sight.

The ego set in and a passion was born. Fast forward to today and now a much older David Moore continues to pursue fish after fish after fish. It wasn’t to long before other people started to notice the number of catches that would soon become the standard for this angler with an obsession. Eventually, people started asking for help  so they could catch fish too. 

David didn’t sneer at the idea when asked. Instead, he was a generous person and did everything he could to make sure the person asking questions could take notes. Throw a high school diploma into the mix and basic knowledge of the internet,  and Reel Tackle was born. His love for fishing was the driver.

“If you love to do something, others will see it and your passion to do what you love will make you even better!”
David Moore
Founder, CEO

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