Today, we are going to review the baitcasting version of the Abu Garcia Silver Max. For a good Abu Garcia Silver Max review, we will cover and go over some of the fundamental features of this great reel and rod combo so you can decide if it is right for you. The main thing to look for in a reel or a rod and reel combo especially when talking about baitcasting versions, is value. Everyone wants the best for their money and you probably do as well. What value can it grant?

What can the rod, reel, or combo add to your fishing day to make it better and how can it help you catch more fish? How does it compare to other similar fishing equipment within its price point and is there a better alternative? All make very great questions and it is up to you to decide for yourself. We will attempt to go over everything that it can bring to the boat and you can decide later if you want to be like myself and others by bringing it on board of the big ship.

We believe it is an extremely versatile rod and the reel is adapted to fit a lot of possible situations. If you are anything like me, fishing does not have to be a million dollar sport. In fact, you probably do not want it to be either, even if you had the money. If you are a weekend angler, it doesn’t matter how much money you make at your nine to five job. You can always learn to consolidate a lot. If your after versatility as well as something you can use everywhere for a great price point, we suggest considering one or more of these for yourself. They just work.

The Pros And Cons


  • Outperforms some expensive reels
  • Affordable
  • Has A Terrific Braking System
  • Very Smooth
  • Includes A Flipping Switch
  • Drag Is Easy To Use
  • Smooth Retrieving
  • One Piece Rod Construction
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Flawless casting
  • Can catch trophy bass
  • Extremely Durable


  • Flipping switch sticks on some models
  • Hook holder is in front of the handle
  • Easy to lose small parts while cleaning

Reviewing The Rod – An In Depth Analysis

If you are thinking about buying a Silver Max, there is a more than likely chance that it will be in a combo, although the reels are sold separately in some places. If you are after a combo, there is a component as equally important as the reel if not more important. That is the rod. Everybody needs a good rod. Well, the word need is a strong word to use. You don’t really need a good rod to be successful but having one is nice because it heavily increases your efficiency on the water.

Even though the fish never see it, selecting a good rod that is the proper power, action, length, and material for the fishing technique you want to do, is absolutely critical. The proper rod allows you sensitivity, a better hookset, better lure action, and overall better performance for your fishing techniques. It allows you to catch more fish, more often. There is a litany of criteria to consider about what makes a good fishing rod. We are going to go over what makes the Silver Max rod unique and what it offers in a fishing rod. All in all, we enjoy the rod’s features.

Rod Blank Construction – What Makes A Silver Max Rod

The rod is constructed of a single piece of 24 ton graphite. It is a one piece rod which means it will never come apart on you but it may be a little more difficult to store and transport. It comes in a few different actions and lengths to suit you better for different techniques. The reel handle also comes equipped with high density EVA foam handles which are sensitive and comfortable to use. A little play does exist around the handle but not near enough to reconsider trying it.

Reviewing The Reel – An In Depth Analysis

Abu Garcia Silver Max baitcaster reel.

This is ultimately a great reel with a ton of great features to consider. The reel on your baitcaster is the component you will be using to reel in your fish to the boat or bank. A great reel is worth its weight in gold and you should never skimp on the quality of your reel. The reel will be used constantly by the angler and its essential that yours holds up to repeated abuse and it does what you want it to do. You can make sure of this by considering how the features will help you out.

First of all, it comes with graphite side plates that drastically reduce the reel’s weight compared to others. Instead of a steel spool, it is equipped with an aluminum spool that is ported to keep the weight down even further. Aluminum is also more corrosive resistant than steel so you need to clean it less. This reel is a pleasure to cast and you can cast it comfortably all day without your arms getting tired. We think it is very high quality even despite the abnormally low price tag.

Usability – What Makes The Silver Max Easy To Use

The rod comes equipped with a low profile baitcasting reel that fits well in the hands of most people. It is discreet and comfortable to hold. It is a little heavier than some other reels so it may affect your buying decision. There is a huge difference between how the silver max reel feels in the hand compared to other baitcasters in the same price range. A lot of the time, cheaper baitcasting reels will be very big and uncomfortable to use, especially all day. Anybody who has had the erroneous displeasure of purchasing and using one knows exactly what I mean.

They can also be extremely heavy. Not so with this one. It performs a lot like an expensive reel but without the huge price tag. There is something slightly negative about this particular reel on some models. After you use it for awhile, something interesting happens on a very small number of reels. It can also happen before you even use it so make sure to take note.

The flipping switch sticks on a few of them. While this may not sound like a big deal, you need to remember that the thumb bar and flipping switch are connected. If one doesn’t work, the other one doesn’t either. The flipping switch can sometimes cause the thumb bar to stick and not fully engage for a cast. This only happens on a very small number of select models.

Casting – A Great Casting Setup For Many People

Many may think that a lower priced casting rod cannot perform well in the casting mission but surprisingly, it casts pretty well. The interesting thing about this particular make and model is the addition of a flipping switch. This is the only reel I have ever seen come with a flipping switch. The flipping switch is connected to the mechanics of the thumb bar and either one disengages the reel the same way. You can use the flipping switch in tight enclosed spaces.

This is where getting your thumb on the bar will be much harder. For anybody that likes flipping and pitching, this is for you. You can easily flip jigs and crayfish trailers to the thick and heavy grass mats or submerged trees. The flipping switch provides more accuracy and more options. The way it casts is pretty solid and has a very free flowing casting motion. You still have to make sure you have it spooled up with the right line though. As with using any baitcaster, choosing line is important and your casting distance will suffer if you choose the wrong one.

Star Drag System – How The Star Drag System Works

The star drag system within the reel’s mechanical construction is one of the features you should like the most. The drag system is tailored to have a bend that is easy to maneuver and adjust very easily. The drag system is connected via screws and a tension washer. It has an incredible rocket clutching system that allows for effortless control even in one hand. This really helps.

It has a power disk drag system built into the star drag mechanics. This allows for some very nice drag performance on big fish. It also helps with distributing the drag evenly across the entirety of the reel instead of concentrating it in any particular spot. This does a few things that are highly beneficial. First, it allows big fish to fight the tempered aluminum instead of the more fragile gears. Second, it gives you a lot more leverage on a big fight, especially on those fish that like to propel themselves out of the water for aggressive acrobatics. Largemouth anglers rejoice.

Retrieving – Some Of the Smoothest Retrieves Out There

As far as retrieving after a cast is made, this particular rod and reel slides in like butter. It is a very steady and consistent retrieve. It retrieves very well. The mechanic is very smooth and contains enough quality engineering to make this happen with monofilament, fluorocarbon, and even braid. We love its immediate anti-reverse feature that allows one to retrieve very easily.

This is because it has five ball bearings made out of steel as well as the patented Abu Garcia Duragear brass bearing for increased winding power and extended gear life. Also, using these special gears means that you will get a lot more performance and durability out of your reel before you need to take it apart for maintenance, cleaning, or grease. The design allows the gears to operate for much longer periods of time without wear compared to using traditional brass or steel gears. They really do make a difference and even save you a whole lot of money.

To Summarize – We Love The Silver Max

To summarize, we absolutely love the Silver Max rod and reel. For a great price, you get a very versatile rod and reel that is up to par with more expensive reels. You can even trophy fish and tournament fish with it. All in all, we think it is a good product for the money and we think it is the best one within its class. Call it a cheap baitcaster if you want but a good value one is more fitting. You cannot go wrong with it and we recommend it. It is a great product for any angler.

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