Best Largemouth Bass Lures – Lures That Every Bass Angler Should Have

Angler holding a largemouth bass with a fishing rod.

In today’s market, there certainly is a ton of fishing lures to choose from. When you consider largemouth bass fishing, there are thousands of different lures in many colors, shapes, sizes, and actions created just for this species of fish alone. This makes it much harder to figure out what the best largemouth bass lures … Read more

How To Fish Senkos For Largemouth Bass

Man holding a big largemouth bass on a kayak in water.

If you fish tournaments or would love to get more bites when nothing else works, you should learn how to fish senkos, stick baits, straight worms, straight tail worms, or stick worms. All of these describe the exact same bait body. The worm that works. Anglers as well as mankind, in general, have used worms … Read more

How to Use a Baitcasting Rod And Reel Correctly

Fisherman using a baitcasting rod.

Learning how to use a baitcasting rod is essential to catching very big fish. They are big fish rods. They can be used for a variety of situations including both freshwater and saltwater. Baitcasting gear allows you to cast your lure with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Baitcasters are much harder to master, however, often deterring … Read more

How To Use a Spinning Rod – Basic Guide

Person learning how to use a spinning rod in front of water.

Learning how to use a spinning rod is one of those things in the fishing world where you will lose many opportunities if you cannot do it. Spinning rods offer a great set of attributes that are unobtainable with other rods such as baitcasting versions. Spinning rods allow you to cast very light lures and cast heavier … Read more