How To Catch Channel Catfish In 2023

An angler holding a nice channel catfish.

There are many times when anglers will bring up how to catch channel catfish. There always tend to be disagreements and a little bit of hostility between certain individuals on the subject. Many have their reasons for choosing to target them a certain way. Most of the time, if you asked one hundred different people, … Read more

Does Weather Affect Fishing? Why It Matters

Rain in a clear lake with a water lily.

First of all, we will start with the question. Does weather affect fishing? The short answer? Yes. It certainly does. So much so that the weather influences almost every way in which we catch fish. I strongly believe that the weather is a topic that is often overlooked by many fishermen simply because they do … Read more

How To Catch Crappie With Jigs – No Minnows Needed

One of the most targeted species of panfish in North America is the crappie. Referring to black crappie, white, and hybrids alike, it is also called a speckled perch, strawberry bass, calico bass, papermouth, or sac-a-lait. For a long time, anglers would use live minnows to target them because they are effective, easy to use, … Read more

How To Use a Spinning Rod – Basic Guide

Person learning how to use a spinning rod in front of water.

Learning how to use a spinning rod is one of those things in the fishing world where you will lose many opportunities if you cannot do it. Spinning rods offer a great set of attributes that are unobtainable with other rods such as baitcasting versions. Spinning rods allow you to cast very light lures and … Read more