Best Coho Salmon Lures For More Fish

Man with coho salmon female.

There is a lot that is fun about catching salmon limits. Everything about the sport is fun. One of the most popular species to target is the coho salmon. Although it lacks substantial size compared to the Chinook salmon, it is still very fun to catch. If you catch coho salmon has a lot to do with what lures you are throwing and where. There are a few options as far as artificial fishing baits that you do not want to enter into a trip without. All the best coho salmon lures have been extensively tested by many people on many bodies of water.

There are a few staples that every rod and reel fisherman should have tied on if their goal is to put more of this great fish in the boat. While a lot of lure options are similar in appearance to the best lures for Chinook, there are certain differences between the two that can really give you the edge. Make sure to give all of them a try to see what works best in the areas where you fish.

How To Choose A Coho Salmon Lure To Catch More Fish

Consider The Action

The best lures for Coho salmon are spoons. By the raw numbers, spoon lures make up more catches than every other style of fishing lure. Regardless of what you decide to tie on, make sure it is a spoon or has some sort of fleeing, erratic, action. Spoons are usually the most popular for this because anglers like to run them on flasher boards. Even so, you can also take them on crankbaits, spinners, jigs, and squid lures. Choose more action in warmer water temperatures.

Pick The Right Color

Color and pattern options mean everything in the world to predator species. Unlike many species of fish, the Coho salmon is attracted to bright fluorescent colors and patterns even in clear water. Choosing bright and vivid color patterns can help draw a few more bites. Always make sure that you try to match the hatch first when you choose a lure. Try to match your lure pattern to the natural forage of the bait in the area you are fishing. Color selection is important.

Water Displacement

Water displacement is a term that describes how a fishing lure moves water as it swims through the water. Lure water displacement is important for a number of reasons. First, the fish can locate baits better when they move a ton of water. Second, the water displacement can affect how a fish bites the bait. Choose baits that wobble as they are retrieved. Consider lures that move like baitfish such as spoons, spinners, and crankbaits. Spoons are common for the best results.

1. Silver Horde Kingfisher Spoon

The Silver Horde Kingfisher is one of the greatest trolling spoons to ever hit the market. The erratic injured baitfish action makes it effective for big coho. It also doubles as a great jigging spoon for the jig fisherman. There are a lot of very effective salmon catching colors. You can use it to imitate pretty much every baitfish that swims. We like that it comes equipped with a fantastic hook and signature diamond patterns. You can use a flasher board for even more bites.

We suggest throwing it on fluorocarbon fishing line within the ten to twenty pound range. This spoon behaves mysteriously in the water. The action on the bait looks injured, but it also rolls on the retrieve. This can sometimes be what it takes to entice a hesitant fish to bite. It has a single hook on the back which is saltwater grade and very sharp. It works for most species including pike, salmon, bass, and other baitfish chasing species. Furthermore, it catches almost everything.

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2. Brad’s Wiggler Deep Diving Crankbait

There is something very special about the Brad’s Wiggler crankbait. Fishing with crankbaits is fun because of how they work. The Brad’s Wiggler is special for most salmon species because of its attractive wobble. Crankbaits are reaction lures. In other words, they irritate fish into striking. The action on this particular bait is so effective because it suspends on the pause. They can be used for trolling, as well as casting. This awesome crank comes in shallow as well as deep divers.

There are also four different sizes to choose from, so you can catch every species on your list. Another nice addition is how many colors it comes in. This crankbait comes in an incredible amount of colors that will certainly match any forage fish or bait you will ever expect to find. All models come equipped with high quality VMC treble hooks that make sticking fish very easy. It is also one of those baits where you can grab a whole box of lures to be set for the fishing day.

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3. Mack’s Lure Mini Wiggle Hoochie

The Wiggle Hoochie from Mack’s Lure combines two very different yet effective presentations. The design consists of a squid bait combined with the bill of a crankbait. It is one of the best trout and salmon lures to ever hit the market. Squid baits are already great for landing all species of salmon and trout already. When you combine this lure design with a crankbait bill, you get a fast and erratic action in the water. It’s a great way to show the fish something new.

With two hooks, you have twice the chance of sticking the bony mouths of your catches. The Wiggle Hoochie is at its best effectiveness during summer and warmer months. There are four colors to choose from and all of them are effective. The price of this bait is also pretty good too. At only seven dollars a lure, it is a great addition to any saltwater angler’s tackle box. You can also catch many fish off of one lure because of how durable they are. They work very well.Buy on Bass Pro Shops.

4. Luhr Jensen Kwikfish Trolling Plug

One of the most classic and lures for salmon is the Luhr Jensen Kwikfish Extreme. It is an awesome trolling plug. The action on this plug is very erratic. It causes an aggressive strike. Kwikfish plugs can be used for trout as well as salmon and steelhead. Try throwing them in turbid waters where currents are present. We like this lure because it just works for salmon species of all kinds.  You can also cast it if you do not fish from a boat. The Kwikfish is one of the greatest lures of all time. Try to use a medium-sized plug if Coho salmon are your targeted fish.

The lure is inexpensive, effective, and fun. Two piercingly sharp treble hooks coupled with the body design make it one of the best lures to hook fish on. Since one hook sits lower than the other, you will hook more fish if a short strike occurs. The very wide wobble pattern on this bait makes it easy to find the fish, especially in darker water. It will work especially well when the fish are territorial and aggressive but not as much when fish are lethargic. Use it in warm water.

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5. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Spinnerbait

A very popular spinner is the Blue Fox Classic Vibrax. Based off of one of the greatest lures of all time, it is great for casting and trolling. It takes a classic bait and outfits it with stunning detail and realism. You can use spinners in the hottest climates to draw strikes from bigger fish. It is effective at targeting trout as well as salmon and salmonids. There are a few different colors to match any baitfish in most waters. It comes in an impressive thirty-eight different color patterns. That is enough colors to match anything anywhere. It imitates almost all baitfish and fry.

We like the Vibrax because of its unique low frequency vibrations. It also is designed, so it will not cause line twist in your fishing line which will lead to tangles and loops. It is more for shallow water because it runs up to five feet below the water’s surface. There are also seven different weights that you can choose from to alter casting distance. It is especially effective for salmon fishing because they already love spinners already. This lure takes that concept to a whole new level. It also comes with a super sharp treble hook for easy hookups and landing.

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6. Acme Kastmaster Casting Spoon

One of the greatest fishing lures ever produced, the Acme Kastmaster still catches fish. In regard to salmon fishing, every species love the action of this oddly shaped spoon. Although it was designed to get the most casting distance, it is incredibly effective. Kastmasters are found and used almost everywhere there are fish and this is no accident. This special casting spoon is used in freshwater to catch species like bass, pike, trout, and walleye but is also effective in saltwater for species such as sailfish and cobia. Fish love the wounded baitfish action.

When combined with natural movements and heavy flash, it makes a perfect bait to catch many game fish. You can find the Kastmaster in almost all tackle stores, and it is heavily used already. There are twenty-six color patterns to choose from and eleven different sizes. This is a spoon that is known for not causing line twists much at all. You can use it for casting and retrieving, trolling, jigging, and just about every other technique you can with a spoon. Machined out of solid steel, it is durable and will hold its shape after big salmon or stripers give a big bite.

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7. Buzz Bomb Rotating And Vibrating Jigging Spoon

The Buzz Bomb jigging spoon from Buzz Bomb Tackle is an unconventional but effective jigging spoon. The way it works is unique. Instead of having a hook mounted to a spoon, the buzz bomb resembles a hollow propeller. You should tie a hook onto a piece of leader before threading the rotating base onto the top of the hook. As it is retrieved, it revolves in the water. It is effective on most species, but it works particularly well for saltwater species that hunt baitfish. This lure will let you change hooks very easily when you want to. It even works with single hooks.

You have a choice of fourteen different color options. There are also six different lengths as well as seven weights. It also works well for pike and Lake Erie walleye. We recommend throwing it on a stiff rod spooled with an excellent fishing line and a decent-quality spinning reel. Always make sure you are retrieving a little faster to ensure you get those aggressive fish out of the cover. We love Buzz Bombs because they are high-quality and affordable fishing baits that almost anybody can be successful using. They are also used to catch Coho salmon in a ton of places.

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Point Wilson Dart Candlefish

If you really do want to escape the spinners and spoons to try something a little more subtle, you may try a Point Wilson Dart Candlefish. A very natural-looking bait by design, it is designed to be fished in calm, clear, and cold water on the sunniest days. Because you are not constantly retrieving the bait with any real speed, you may catch much bigger fish on it. It is modeled after a sand lance or needlefish. This is a natural forage fish species to many kinds of salmons.

It also comes in great colors that can successfully copy sardines, anchovies, alewives, herring, minnows, and other fish. It is a very versatile bait with a lot of quality. The Candlefish comes equipped with a razor sharp treble on the back for sticking and pinning the fish. It is not the best for trolling, so you may have to use another bait if you plan on doing it. It is actually great for jigging as well as fishing slower. Try to work it around weed lines for the best results.

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Mepp’s Flying C

If you are after a great trolling lure that stays deep in the water, the Mepps‘ Flying C spinner is hard to beat. It is one of the deepest running baits in the Mepp‘s lure lineup. It works well for Chinook, coho, chum, humpback, sockeye, and Atlantic salmon. Furthermore, it is also very good for trout. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best. It is reserved for fishing the deepest-running salmon in the water. If you have fish that are down a little way, pulling out this lure can help.

It was designed to be appealing to most predator game fish although it doesn’t do well in most freshwater. The spinner rotates around the base as the action vibrates the body and the hook. This provides a very natural wounded and fleeing baitfish action in the water. It comes in a lot of colors that are great at attracting fish. It also comes with a high-quality treble hook.

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10. Silver Horde Coho Killer Salmon Candlefish Spoon

If it is coho salmon you are after, look no further than the Coho Killer salmon spoon. It was specifically designed to catch all sizes of this species. It is a more subtle presentation versus one that in very unnatural and aggressive. Likewise, it does a pretty fantastic job of locating those fish that are actively feeding. We love that it is also great trolling bait. Because of its unique shape, it has a very natural and fluttering action on the retrieve. It is normally used with a flasher board about four to five feet before the spoon for the best results. It has a unique action.

We normally suggest throwing on a fluorocarbon leader line anywhere from the ten to the twenty-pound range, depending on what size fish you are after. It resembles a sand lance in the water which is the natural forage of Chinook salmon and a few other predator species. Other than that, it comes with a terrific hook and a 3D eye for added appeal. There is also a myriad of colors that you can choose to use to make sure you get a good match to the baitfish you are trying to copy. It works well in summer as well as through the ice for all salmon and trout species.

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So What Are The Best Coho Salmon Lures That Work?

To sum everything up, the best coho salmon lures are mostly spoons with a few spinners and crankbaits thrown in the tackle box for good measure. Aside from that, deciding a brand name is up to you. While this is not an exhaustive list of every single lure that you need to catch some good fish, they are effective options that almost anyone can try. In short, there certainly is a great number of effective lures and baits out there that will help you land more fish. It is just up to you to decide on your favorite brand names, makes, and models. Just keep throwing them.

What do you think is the best lure for coho salmon? Leave a comment in a reply below the post to join the conversation. Every comment helps the channel grow, so we produce more content.


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