Worms on a drop shot rig produce enough bass to be considered essential in every angler’s tackle box. If you are not a fan of drop shot fishing, you should give it a try. Fishing with worms on a drop shot rig will really help you catch more fish. They are effective everywhere you want to go bass fishing. The best drop shot worms and similar fishing lures result in a ton of huge bass. They work well in clear water scenarios because of how natural looking they are. They just work.

There are enough make and models to cover absolutely anything you could ever hope to run into on the water. This makes it very hard to narrow down your options when you are selecting a drop shot worm for bass fishing. The main thing you need to understand is that they all work. Even so, some may work better than others. Many things may influence what lure to choose. We do not claim to make an exhaustive list of every terrific drop shot worm out there.

Instead, we have narrowed it down to a few options. They tend to work regardless of where you like to go fishing and we recommend them as your first choices to choose. Some have more action than others so it is up to you to decide when and where to try them out. We believe that every angler should try out all of them to see what works for you. Here is a list that reviews some of the greatest drop shot worms. You should give them a try on your next big fish fishing trip.

1. Strike King Bull Worm – Why Its Our Favorite Worm

Strike King Bull Worm.Our favorite worm by far is the Strike King Bull Worm. There seems to always be fascination with big worms as a concept but when you tie a drop shot, they are even more effective for huge bass. In particular, we think the Bull Worm fits this niche. First of all, it is a straight tail worm with a very bulbous tail. When you are drop shot fishing, you are after those big fish anyways and the bulbous tail paired with the size makes it work. We like it because you catch very huge fish.

It was designed by four time Bassmaster Classic winner Kevin VanDam who is one of the most successful bass anglers in the world. The bull worm is a fairly big presentation that can help weed out those smaller or stunted bass. The bull worm is scented with coffee and has a fair amount of salt impregnated into the plastic to make fish hold on much longer than usual.

We like it as a drop shot bait because it swims very frantically and is different than many similar worms. The bull worm is NOT for the weekend angler or the one looking to catch smaller fish. It has some size to it and intended to be fished by anglers who are going after very big trophy-sized females. At only four to five dollars for a pack, it is also a great value for the money. If it is good enough for Kevin VanDam to catch bass on it using a drop shot, it is good enough for us.

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2. Zoom Finesse Worm

Zoom Finesse Worm.

One of the most used baits in the world, a Zoom finesse worm fits the bill of a very versatile worm for the drop shot. Although many anglers like to use the Texas rig with it, it has a very good drawing power when nose hooked and fished above the bottom. The finesse worm is actually a smaller version of the original Zoom trick worm. The size is smaller so it is more stealthy and can catch much more of the population. It is a smaller worm with a gradual taper.

It is the most effective finesse soft plastic ever poured into a mold. The finesse worm is impregnated with salt to make fish bite on it for longer. It has a slightly rounded tail that provides a very subtle swimming action on the retrieve. We like the finesse worm because you can amplify this action by power shotting and covering a lot of water quickly. The finesse worm is very stealthy and very effective in clear water as well as in colder temperatures. The action it has is not a lot at all and sometimes, this can get you a few more bites. It really performs.

The main thing to remember is that it is easy to overwork this bait. Its subtle action is what makes it so effective. They can catch more than just largemouth too. They can catch smallmouth bass, spotted bass, and even walleye or yellow perch will hit one that is properly fished. It makes a great replacement for using real worms and is a good substitute to catch anything that bite worms. It only gets better when you put it on a drop shot rig. It amplifies its appealing action.

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3. Zoom Z Drop Worm

Zoom Z Drop Worm.

The Zoom Z drop worm offers a great quality bait as well as a great variety of techniques that can be used with it. It also offers vibrant colors for both clear and dark water. They also have a very unique shape due to the molding process when the plastic is poured. They have an action that is absolutely awesome on certain days. They are primarily largemouth lures but you can also catch smallmouth if you do it right. The action looks like injured prey that is struggling.

The shape is very realistic for a fishing lure. There are three ridges that make it look like a real worm. Fish do not ever see real worms but it can resemble things they do see like snakes, eels, centipedes, and leeches. It is flat on the bottom and this helps the bait work much easier. There is a ridge going through the middle of the tail which further helps with the action.

They are also extremely durable too. The Zoom Z usually comes in packs of 15 and you can usually get five to seven fish per lure before they rip so badly that you need to replace them. This is great because they only cost a few dollars a pack. You can realistically catch fish all day without even going through a pack of them. This alone justifies grabbing some for yourself.

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4. Yum Dinger

Yum Dinger.

If you are already love to fish stick baits on a wacky rig or Texas rig, consider hooking a Yum Dinger on your drop shot setup. If you are partial to the Gary Yamamoto Yamasenko already, get ready to be offended. The Yum Dinger is a soft plastic stick bait that is perfect for clear water. The stick bait style is already one of the best largemouth bass lures on the market. The Yum Dinger was chosen instead of the Gary Yamamoto version because of the lure’s durability.

You get a lot more fish off of one lure and the lure does not rip near as easily. The Dinger has a very high level of salt content and is equipped with live prey technology. As it relates to drop shot rigs, it is very effective with its very slow and subtle action. The action of the dinger is not near as prevalent as the Gary Yamamoto brand of stick bait but it does have its place.

The dinger comes in a rainbow of colors with green pumpkin being the most effective. We tend to favor green pumpkin and any other green pumpkin and flake combination. After, we go with watermelon. The dinger is also a very budget friendly option for the angler who does not want to fork over a ton of money for the competition. They cost about half as much as the Yamamoto brand. We believe you can catch more fish with it on a drop shot compared to other ways.

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5. Yamamoto Swim Senko

Yamamoto Swim Senko.

A very great bait is the Gary Yamamoto swim senko. Its very good. The original Yamamsenko is a spectacular lure already. The swimming version was made to be fished like a swimbait. You do not want to try using this one without retrieving as the tail will lose its action. You can also use a normal version version as well but there is something special about the tail. You can use it for suspended bass. It does a great job of imitating shad, bluegill, minnows, and crayfish.

Just make sure that you have the proper sized weight for this one too. To much weight can make the tail refuse to work as well so its important to make sure you have the right one. It has a salt impregnated body which can help keep fish attached for longer so you can set the hook. You do not fish it the same as a regular stick bait. You must swim it through the water.

This means that you must retrieve your rig. Even so, the lure has some great features. It has a decent amount of vibration in the water which can tempt weary fish in tough conditions. If you are planning on retrieving your rig at all, this is the first one we suggest to try first. They also are very good in price so many anglers can give them a try without cost problems.

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6. Googan Baits Drag N Drop

Googan Baits Drag N Drop.

If you are into watching Youtube while into fishing at the same time, chances are likely that you have seen videos from the googan squad. The googan squad consists of a group of five individual Youtube personalities with corresponding Youtube channels. There is also a fictional character named Karl Von Dibble who has his own lineup of lures. The Drag N Drop is a segmented bait body specifically designed to be original and work for bass almost anywhere.

Designed by fishing Yotuube personality Alex Peric, the Drag N Drop is the perfect drop shot worm because it has a baitfish profile. It comes equipped with a ribbed body which can help you get bit in colder water. It has a very consistent body with a slow taper near the tail. The tail is full of action and we think it works well on any rig. The drop shot rig is where it really shines.

It comes in seven great fish catching colors to choose from to make selecting your lure easy. It does not contain any salt so you may need to be aware of this and add your own fish attractant. We like the price tag just as much. It is only a few dollars per pack so many anglers can afford to use it. We also think it one of those baits that everyone should try at least a few times.

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7. Strike King Dream Shot

Strike King Dream Shot.

Leave it to Kevin VanDam to produce a minnow-shaped drop shot worm for bass. As odd as it may sound, the Strike King Dream Shot is what the world’s best bass angler decides to throw first. Kevin VanDam is one of the first people to take advice from for the sport. It was designed after another popular lure called the caffeine shad. This lure was designed to have a very noticeable and reactive twitching action while it is in the water. The plastic is very soft.

Depending on where you go, this is also a very great bait for pond fishing and is very good near cover. The lure’s shape is custom designed by Kevin VanDam himself to be effective. It has more of a minnow shape so it can be used to also imitate almost any forage fish in your area. The Dream Shot is specifically designed to be fished faster. The shape of the tail moves easily.

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8. Yum Lures Kill Shot

Yum Lures Kill Shot.

The Yum Kill Shot has a lot to love. The action that it has is very similar to hand poured plastics. The tail has a ridge line in the center which makes have a very natural up and down movement. This also makes it sway sideways. The worm at first glance may seem like a baitfish profile, which is exactly what it was going for. It almost looks like a segmented rocket or torpedo. The Kill Shot is a finesse bait. While it may look weird at first glance, it can actually be very effective.

The lure is a little smaller so you will catch a lot smaller fish more often. We like the Kill Shot because it uses a firmer plastic that holds up well but still has great action. It is probably best for cooler temperatures and crystal clear although it still works well in other situations. The brand is Yum lures and these particular individuals are one of the leaders in the industry.

A pack of Kill Shots are about average as far as price go. One thing we do know is this. This is certainly a great bait for smallmouth bass fishing. It is particularly good at catching smallmouth from the Great Lakes such as catching bass in Lake Erie. If you are also a fan of spotted bass, this lure will get them too. All in all, we prefer green pumpkin for every situation but dark water. For this, we suggest jet black or navy blue so the fish can find the bait. It is a great choice.

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9. Zoom Trick Worm

Zoom Trick Worm.

One of the most popular soft plastic worms ever produced is the Zoom Trick Worm. The Zoom Trick Worm is a great worm for Texas rigs, wacky rigs, and even ned rigs. Out of any rig though, we believe putting it on the drop shot rig can help you catch more fish. The Trick Worm is a floating worm that really has great action in the water. We like the design of this bait. It is one of the most effective worms on the market. Its great on many rigs too. It also targets every size.

It has a tubular body with a very slow and subtle taper into a wider tail. The tail swims around very slowly. This is a great option for colder water because it is very subtle and lifelike. It is hard to find an angler today that has not tried them at least once. This is because it has proven itself to be an excellent drop shot and wacky rig bait. Zoom already makes some of the best tackle already. This is likely the same as or similar to the lure your grandpa used to catch fish on.

Overall, it is a high quality bait with an amazingly successful reputation and this is because it works. The Zoom Worm is the original floating worm. It is often copied and replicated but its never duplicated. Its the original one and it probably will be for a very long time. All of the pros like to use them and this is no accident. They will forever have their place in bass fishing.

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10. RoboWorm Straight Tail

RoboWorm Straight Tail.

The Roboworm is probably one of if not the best looking plastic worms available in the world Everything about this lure screams action and money. For anybody who has yet to witness the truly spectacular action it has in the water, you are in for a treat. The longer profile and soft plastic actually make the bait look like a very real dying worm. Its actually very cool.

Absolutely anything can make the tail move. When you move your rod tip, you can impart action into it that makes it come alive. You can generate different amounts of action based on how you work it. We have seen better performance on slower movements instead of erratic ones. It has to be one you use for many years to come. It is very hard to replicate the action.

The Roboworm is a newer bait but already, it has become an essential in tackle boxes. The worm looks like a real dying snake or worm when its in the water and few lures can make this claim. Aside from its action, there is not much to say about it other than its durability. They do tend to last awhile when nosed hooked and we always prefer working it slower to really get that tail moving in the strike zone. Make sure to color match to the forage species in your area.

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The Best Drop Shot Worms – Summing Up Everything

The drop shot and the worm are not only compatible but efficient. They are a pair as standard to bass fishing as the rod and reel. You have to remember that asking the question of which are the greatest worms for the drop shot rig, you have to be honest and say that this is personal. What works well for you may not work well for someone else who fishes different water. There are a select handful of great worm baits that pretty much fit the bill as it relates to being effective.

Regardless of which one you decide to use, you must remember one thing. Do not let others decide how you want to fish because success compared to other people can make many people feel like giving up. You need to give a lure a fair chance, catch some fish, and build confidence in it. Everything takes practice to perfect regardless of what bait you have on your hook. What do you think? Like this post? If you like this post and it was helpful, comment below because it helps us continue to produce great content. Your comments will help out the website.

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