Piscifun Line Spooler Review – An Honest Review by a Fisherman

All anglers use spinning reels. They are great for using light lures and they catch a lot of fish. The problem that will steer many people away from the spinning reel is the complicated methods needed to load fresh fishing line on it once theirs breaks, gets old, or gets full of stubborn tangles. This is a thorough Piscifun line spooler review.

The stubborn tangles I am mentioning are the direct result of a problem referred to as line twist. Line twist is a terrible problem on spinning reels. In short, your line starts to tangle and loop around itself. The end result of such twists is almost always frustration and very poor functionality.

It often results in a lot of cut line. This can be caused by spooling it improperly or by user error. Not knowing how to use a spinning rod correctly can certainly add to the number of tangles present in your line. Generally, the traditional method of spooling a spinning reel is to take a pencil, pass the pencil through the spool of line, and have a partner hold the pencil and spool for you keeping tension as you reel the line on. That was the old method. It was complicated and often required you to be with someone. The Piscifun line spooling station attempts to fix this.

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  • Can spool by yourself
  • Prevents line twist
  • Works on baitcasters and spinning reels
  • Saves you money
  • Can spool by yourself
  • Made of lightweight material
  • Very durable.
  • Fits most freshwater fishing reels
  • Portable
  • Very easy to use


  • Unclear instructions
  • Does not work if spools are a certain size
  • Some assembly required

What Is Included With The Piscifun Line Winding System?

The Piscifun line winder comes with a durable fiber plastic composite base that weighs barely anything and will fold up for easy storage and transportation inside your boat or vehicle. The carbon fiber base resembles a rod in appearance. It has a reel seat that is ambidextrous for both baitcasting and spinning reels. Atop the base is a specially engineered head that is capable of accepting large spools of line, small spools, and everything in between as long as its less than two and a half inches. The system includes adapters for use on spooling baitcasting reels.

This means you are able to spool up regardless of how you fish. This particular product is exceptional because it completely eliminates line twist from all of your spinning reels. When you attach a spinning reel to the system and attempt to reel the line on, the head spins with the spool so everything goes onto the reel perfectly without kinks or loops getting in the way. It comes with a clamp for securing your spool of line to the head and a knob for adjusting your spool pressure to allow for almost all spools of line. You may have to watch a video on Youtube to learn how to use it. The instruction are included but they are unclear to many people.

How the Piscifun Line Winder Works – The Bold Claim

This item generally promises to completely remove the need for a friend’s help or having to spool your reels up at the sporting goods store. It also promises to stop the line twist on spinning reels. Truth be told, many problems with line twist happen as a direct result of spooling the line on the reel improperly. This product also claims to be the last line spooler that an angler will need. What you do is mount the spool of line onto the spool seat and adjust the spool pressure. If the reel is a spinning version, the spool of line will spin as the reel is retrieved in the exact direct rotation of the reel.

It claims to remove line twist. It claims to let you spool all your reels up quickly, efficiently, and by yourself. On baitcasters, the product guarantees that the line will enter the reel at the exact tension that it needs to be. Also, it promises that the line will go on evenly without having to adjust anything on your reel, completely eliminating annoying backlashes associated with improper spool tension. This begs to ask the question though. Does it really do all of that stuff or is it just some clever marketing tactic?

The Old Method Of Spooling Up Your Fishing Reels

Even when you found the opportunity that someone would help you out, there was still a high chance of the line going on the reel incorrectly and twisting up on you. Many times, it would be very loose and just cause more problems than it solved. This specific product attempts to remedy the spooling issue. While this product claims to be the best fishing line winder on the market, this is a review that focuses on answering this very question. Is it the best?  Today, we are looking at a product that not only claims to fix this issue for you, but it also claims to let you do it by yourself without the help of others. If it works as well as many claim, its worth it.

How Well Does This Product Work – From A Fisherman

The most important question has yet to be answered. Does the Piscifun line spooler actually work? It may sound like a trick question. Maybe not. When this question comes up especially in the sport of fishing, it usually needs to be addressed in two parts to give an honest answer that isn’t confusing. Each part of the question has a matter of importance that ultimately will determine if the product is for you or not and chances are likely that it is. Does it work?

Yes it does. It does work. It works very well. It allows you to spool up your line by yourself, quickly, and efficiently. This, however, may not be an answer worthy of some fishermen standards. In the past, there have been many products that all claimed to do these very same things, yet quite a lot of them failed for the angler. They failed at least one these points and for an angler, this is no good. Many products work but some just do not perform as well as they are advertised to be. There are no erroneous claims made here. What you see is what you get.

Does the Piscifun Line Winder work as advertised? We can determine the answer to this question quite easily by utilizing all the guarantees of the product and using them in the form of a question. Does the product allow you to spool both baitcasting and spinning reels completely eliminating line twist and backlash of both, quickly, efficiently, and with the right tension on both versions of reels without a problem all without the help of someone else being present to assist you? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Able to spool both types of reels? Check mark written.

Does it completely eliminate line twist from spinning reels and backlash from baitcasting reels? Another check. Quickly? Yes. Efficiently? Yes. Does it create the right tension for both? Yes, it does. How about by yourself when your friends or family are not present? Yes for this one too. It really is everything they say it is. That is very beneficial to the angler. Although many products are very obvious and gimmicky, they often perform worse than their commercials depict them. Sad. It is lying to consumers. That is certainly not the case with this one though.

It may have an odd method of presentation and look a bit different, but absolutely nothing about the product is meant to deceive. The product works extremely well. Everything is there and available to test for yourself. It does make spooling easier. It does let you do it alone. It does have good durability. It even completely eliminates line twist on your spinning reels. Having reviewed it, it is really is everything they say it is. The inventors of the device literally let the results of this device speak for themselves in this product.

My Thoughts On The Piscifun Line Spooling Station

Personally, I think the line winder from Piscifun is one of the best investments an angler can ever make if they are serious about fishing. I feel that this is one tool every fisherman needs regardless if you are a weekend angler or seasoned pro that fishes for a living. Everyone will need to spool up their reels eventually and this tool provides an excellent way to do just that quickly and without hassle. It really doesn’t matter if your fishing line is old, full of tangles, or if you just want to freshen up your reels with some new line every season. This product allows you to do it by yourself and you get fantastic results

that will let your line and reels last much longer. Arguably, it will prevent tangles, twists, loops, and a ton of lost line in the long run since your reels are spooled up correctly. I highly believe that the initial investment it takes to purchase it will pay for itself especially when you consider how much money you will save by not purchasing fishing line near as often. The price you pay for a few spools of line will let you purchase the product and keep it permanently.

I can confidently say that this product is one of the best fishing line winders on the market and for the price, you can’t beat it. I use this product myself and I am just not comfortable with recommending a product I don’t have complete confidence in. In short, yes. It is the best I have come across and I highly recommend it to every angler who prefers doing things by themselves in a reliable, efficient, and easy manner.

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