Best Fishing Line Winder – Review Of The Ultimate Line Winding System

It’s one thing to love your fishing reel but another to feel that way about your spooling method. Having the right line winder is important because you don’t want line twist, backlash, tangles, kinks, or short casting distance. It is hard too. If you don’t want to be constantly replacing fishing line seven times a season and maintenance on reels two or three, it’s a great idea to purchase the best line spooling station you can afford. You stand a better chance of spooling tight fitting line if you select a tool that is not only up to the job, but it fits how you like to spool and the type of reel that you like to use.

Finally, every line spooling session will become a lot more enjoyable as long as you give careful consideration to the line winder’s features. There is a lot to consider and price is just one of them. In this review of the best fishing line winder on the market, the Ultimate Line Winding System from American Spirit, we explain why it is the best option currently on the market for you to load fresh line onto your fishing reels.

At A Glance- The Ultimate Line Winding System

The Ultimate Line Winding System is a line spooling device for your reels that makes short and easy work of all of your new line purchases. It makes loading up all of your fishing reels with line easy, fast, and fun. It works on absolutely any size fishing reel. Also, it will readily accept big or small spools of line. It does a fantastic job regardless if you fish with baitcasting reels or spinning tackle. It works equally well for both.

On baitcasting gear, it ensures that the line goes on evenly and with the right amount of tension. No more backlash! On spinning reels, the head of the device spins in rotation with the reel to remove all of that line twist before it starts. The spooling station features an upgraded connecting rod made out of high strength graphite. This is 40% stronger than competing models made out of plastic. This means you gain a whole lot in durability and that it’s built to last season after season. The tension of the device is also customizable.

All you have to do is release the tension knob, adjust the tension higher or lower, and close it again. Because of this, you can spool very heavy spools of line on enormous fishing reels. This is also very easy to transport because of its compact design. The device itself is portable and essentially takes up no more room than a fishing rod but in most cases, it fits in a backpack or a small tackle box.

Ultimate Line Winding System line spooling station isolated on a white background.


  • Spool without other people
  • Spool anywhere you want
  • Prevents line twist and backlash
  • Works on baitcasters, spinning reels, and spincasters
  • Saves you money
  • Made of lightweight material
  • Extremely durable and weather resistant
  • Fits almost all fishing reels
  • Extremely portable
  • Very easy to use
  • Priced very well


  • Takes some getting used to
  • Tension is hard to get right


The investment on a good line spooling device at the start will save you a whole lot of money. It is not very helpful if you fork out a small fortune on brand new fishing line and you can’t use it because it’s not on the reel properly. For $52.99, the average cost of two reel spooling sessions, this ensures that you will get the most casting distance, the least amount of breaks, and the most bang for your buck. The investment that you make in getting a good product like this eventually pays for itself, depending on how much you fish.

If you are an average weekend angler, it can help you save money by eliminating the causes of backlash on your baitcasters and line twist on your spinning reels. If you fish more often like every other day, you will no doubt be changing your fishing line more often. Sometimes, multiple times a season. People like this can save money because you don’t run the risk of having to buy new fishing line whenever your other spooling methods cause problems.

What This Means For You

People that fish tournaments can also make more money because they have their bait in the water for longer. When anglers don’t have to worry about line issues, its better. The price of the unit is completely fair, less than half of what you were going to pay for that brand new fishing reel. It is only about the price you would pay to replace damaged line on three reels.  It is also worth noting that anybody and everybody who get their reels spooled at professional line spooling stations or sporting goods stores no longer have to.

Sometimes there is a fee and sometimes there isn’t. That can really add up. Now, you can get professional quality results at home without having to travel anywhere else. The best place to buy the Ultimate Line Winding System is at Bass Pro Shops. If you purchase through this link, I get a commission.


To make everything clear, the Ultimate Line Winding System from American Spirit is one of the best if not the absolute best fishing line winder on the market today. There are many reasons why. No more worrying about all that line twist on your spinning rods. No more pulling bird nests out of your baitcaster. You can load new line on your reel just the same if you took it to a professional to have it done. After the initial purchase, its basically free. No service fees, electricity or batteries to mess with, ever. You can spool up many reels with many different lines.

You can even do it by yourself and you are not confined to having to travel every single time you need new line on which can certainly cost a ton of money. It not only saves you money but for people who like tournament fishing, it may even make you money. From a fisherman, I believe this is something everybody who fishes needs in their arsenal. Drop a comment below if you want to discuss further!

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