Best Hollow Body Frogs 2021 – Review of The Top 5 Frog Lures For Largemouth Bass

When it comes to frog fishing in general, everybody wants the best frog lures on the market so they can haul the fat fish out of the nastiest vegetation and weeds. There is absolutely no shame in that at all. Wanting to be well equipped is never a bad thing especially in the weeds and grass. It can always be extremely confusing especially in fishing, to get the right baits. This is especially true if you never fish with frogs at all. We have extensively tested every lure and they more than surpassed expectations on the water. We recommend them before everything else as we believe that they are the best hollow body frogs on the market.

How To Choose A Hollow Body Frog Lure For Big Bass

Size – Make Sure To Get The Correct Sized Hollow Body To Complete The Job

Always remember the size of the lure you decide to throw. The size will dramatically affect the size of your catch. Most hollow bodies are generally around the same size but sometimes, they can be bigger or smaller. In saying that, it may give you a bigger or smaller bite. The biggest of baits on the norm get the fewest strikes while the smaller versions appeal to much more of the population and give you the highest potential of getting bit. Choose size wisely. Size matters.

Hooks – Make Sure The Hooks Are Surgically Sharpened To A Razor’s Edge

Another important factor is the hooks. Quality hooks are an absolute must. Normally, most hooks are sufficient and can be used right out of the package. Different hook brands will have different designs for their hooks as well as different standards of quality for each one. Always remember to test the sharpness of your hooks before you throw anything.  If it will not catch on and scratch your fingernails, it is to dull. Rub the point across a fingernail to see if it scratches it. If it does, you can use them. If not, sharpen it with a hook sharpener or get another one entirely. Hooks are extremely important here. If you take away any lesson from this, use awesome hooks.

Softness – How Collapsible The Frog Is On The Hookset When You Set It Hard

Something that tends to be different between brands is the softness and pliability of the plastic. The softer the body, the easier it is to get it to collapse when you set the hook. Firmer models tend to need a harder hookset to stick the hooks into the mouth of the fish to a point where you can land it. There is usually a trade-off between forgiving hooksets and durability. Some softer models lack more in holding up to repeated abuse. Firmer lures just hold up much better.

1. Livetarget Hollow Frog – Our Top Choice For A Frog

Kopper's Live Target Frog lure.

Our top-rated frog lure is brought to you by Livetarget Lures. The Livetarget hollow body frog is one of the most effective and versatile hollow bodies on the market. You will love what it has to offer. It has a lot of that too. It features excellent paint jobs and molding for a truly lifelike presentation. The lure itself is extremely soft and will collapse easily when you set the hook with braid. It looks extremely realistic and is one of the best looking ones that we have seen made.

This lure will pretty much do it all. The hooks on it are extremely sharp and will stick your fish without any issues because they are of the Trokar brand, but extremely high quality as well as sharp and durable. It comes in many different color patterns, enough to match the frogs or other creatures in your area.  The lure walks decently well too. It has a unique action in the water. It is nice to have a one lure fits all kind of bait. One that is versatile and can be used everywhere.

This one will provide that for you should you choose a lure for yourself. It does take on a little water here and there as many hollow bodies do, but it is not to bad at all. One squeeze will make it ready to use again in less than a few seconds. It does use a very soft plastic so it may wear out a week or two before other lures but it is worth it. They just flat out catch big fish. The Livetarget frog is one of the most popular frogs on the market for a great reason. It works.


Extremely realistic

Soft body

Wicked Sharp laser Trokar double hook

Walks well


Slightly less durable than others

May take on a little water

2. Strike King Sexy Frog – From Kevin VanDam Himself

Whenever the world’s best bass angler creates a tool that he uses himself and then calls it money, you know it is a quality product. Designed by Kevin VanDam himself and manufactured by Strike King, the Sexy Frog is a force to be reckoned with.  Kevin Vandam loves throwing these. It features an excellent design that minimizes water intake through the nose. This is great because squeezing water out of lures is the last thing you want to do when you could be fishing instead. This bait will not be sinking soon. It also has an internal rattling system that will help fish locate your bait easier, which is helpful in getting fish to bite in lower water clarities or mud.

The body is also very soft so setting hooks is much less of a problem. The wicked sharp double hook used on it is manufactured by Gamakatsu which is the golden standard for fishing hooks. The way it walks and displaces water is also a plus. This action will help you locate more fish in a shorter time period because it is wider and more exaggerated than its competitors. Making a lot of surface disturbance is exactly what you want. You want it to pop and make ripples up top.

This one will help you do that well and it is very easy to fish with. If it had one infraction, it would only be about the paint used to color the lure. Compared to others, it tends to peel off a bit more. This is ok though. The paint is only on the top. Something the fish never see anyway. It is an all-around good choice to go for without regrets. You can not go wrong with choosing a topwater hollow body that the world’s best bass angler choose to throw and win tournaments with himself. If it is good enough for him, it is more than good enough to catch you some hogs.


Designed and used by Kevin VanDam

Very Soft Body

Wicked sharp Gamakatsu double hook

Minimizes water intake

Internal rattle

Walks very well


Sits slightly low in the water column

The paint can peel off a little more

Slightly expensive

3. Booyah Pad Crasher – For Crashing The Lilly Pads

The Booyah Pad Crasher hollow body frog lure.

The Pad Crasher from Booyah Baits is one of the most versatile and used hollow bodies on the market. There are many reasons for that. It combines a great topwater action at a very reasonable price that won’t break your pocketbook. It is a very decently priced frog. The pad crasher features a great action in the water too that entices strikes from even the finicky fish. The design allows water to escape easily if it happens to obtain some on the retrieve.

The hooks are also sharp enough to penetrate the hardest mouths in the water. It’s very effective, not only in price, and action but also durability. Booyah Baits is one of the industry leaders in manufacturing proven lures with an attitude. That means you can rely upon them for a quality product. It will last for years and years to come. It is long, lean, and very mean. The Pad Crasher combines what most anglers are looking for in this type of lure. One that stays true to the formula of hauling huge bass out of the thick stuff when spooled up with heavy braid.

I like 50 – 60+ pound braid on these. This specific lure will cover most situations that you come across on the water. It is a “good do everything you want it to do” sort of hollow body. It is a little bit harder to walk but with a little practice, it becomes easy. The hooks are also very close to the body. That may result in slightly fewer hookups but again, it only takes a little practice before you become a master at it. It can be mastered in a single weekend so as long as you practice it enough on the water. The key is to practice, practice, and practice some more.


Great action in the water

Allows water to escape

Very sharp hooks

Great value


Very long legs may need trimming

Little harder to walk it

Hooks are very close to the body

5. Snag Proof Poppin’ Phattie – From Ish Monroe

The Snag Proof Poppin' Phattie.

It’s fat. It’s effective. It talks the talk and certainly walks the walk especially in the weeds. It is none other than Ish’s Poppin’ Phattie. An official lure designed by professional tournament bass fisherman, Ish Monroe. It is manufactured by Snag-Proof which are experts in the angling industry. This lure gets one heck of a bite.Ish Monroe is one of the best froggers out there. He loves catching fish on frogs and he has designed this lure so you can too.

That is a specific claim he made himself and for a good reason. The Poppin’ Phattie features a unique nose that spits water when you pop it. This works exceptionally well when the weather affects fish in a negative way. It also has a tube that runs through the lure to hold the hook, which eliminates water intake. This makes it completely sink proof. Another great thing is the way it walks the dog. The action that this bait produces when you walk it is nothing short of incredible. I have not seen another bait walk the way this one does. It is simple the best walker.

It is by far the best walker that we have ever seen when it comes to wanting to walk it across the surface. Ish and the designers at Snag Proof were very thoughtful in the design of the lure as a whole too. In addition to its great action, it also features skirted legs that are placed well away from the hooks which limit the tendency for the rubber strands to foul up on you. It also features sharp Gamakatsu branded hooks for a great hookset. They are some of the best in the world.


Designed and used by Ish Monroe

Gamakatsu hooks are excellent

100% water  and sink proof

Perfect walking ability


Not as detailed or realistic as others

A little larger

Stiffer plastic is used

A little on the pricey side

6. Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog – A Look At Legs That Kick

The designers at Lunkerhunt lures have done something to quite literally, “stand out” from the competition. How so? That is because of the Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog lure. It stands out because of one reason and this reason makes the play on words even cooler. This is exactly what they have done when designing this lure. It possesses a set of lavishly, lovely, and limber legs. They extend on the retrieve and contract on the pause, just like a real amphibian swimming naturally.

For the most realistic approach to bass fishing, this one is the one to go with. The hooks on this one are great too. Very sharp and sticky. The legs are much more realistic than skirts but not as durable. You will have to decide which one is more important to you as an angler. Do you want a lure that will last for years and years to come or do you want one that will likely catch the biggest ones in the water? This is a question worth answering because a trade-off with using very soft plastic is that you get a bait that tears easier during abuse. It is kind of fragile.

You can also walk the bait with some practice. The legs somewhat affect the movement of the way the nose acts on the surface. Even so, this is still a terrific option that will still catch hogs in the weediest of waters without many issues. You can learn to walk it, throw it alongside cover or our favorite way, hop it off of lily pads. It looks exactly like a real one sitting on top of one. This lure provides an excellent way for the beginner to fish with frogs as well as the pro. You get a fishing lure that can be used for everything while looking amazing doing it.


Extremely realistic kicking legs

Extremely soft plastic

Very sharp hooks


Can rip easier

Legs are not that durable

A bit harder to get to walk

The Best Lures Produce The Best Results

When it gets time to throw some hollow bodies, having the best hollow body frogs in your arsenal will make things so much easier and lead to a lot more success. Having them do what you want them to do is key. Some are slightly better than others. Every selection comes with its own selection of caveats to consider. Is the hook sharp enough? Is the brand reliable?

Will it walk for me? Do I need to trim the legs? How easy is it to hook fish? Am I getting enough realism? The list goes on and on. The angler may choose certain brands or models for one reason or another, but one thing is for sure. This top 5 list was put together after much extensive testing. The ones depicted here are in our opinion, the best hollow body frogs on the market.

What is the best one? Only the angler can decide for themselves. What is your favorite frog lure?

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