Best Lures For Chinook Salmon That Catch Fish

All species of salmon are fun to catch. The king salmon also called the Chinook is debatably the best. The best lures for Chinook salmon is a topic that is highly controversial. There are a certain number of modern fishing lures that really do catch enough fish. There are also quite a number of unconventional lures that can also be effective producers. Salmon lures and artificial baits need to have certain traits to be effective. In this list, we are going to be going over some of the best lures to catch king salmon. With these lures, almost anybody can catch fish. They work well.

These fishing lures were selected after research was conducted. Try every single one of them out regardless of where you live. They just catch fish. They catch salmon so well that many people consider them the best ones to tie on. The king salmon gets incredibly huge and no angler within their right mind would want to pass up such an incredible opportunity to catch more of them. They are delicious, hard fighting, monstrous, massive creatures. Catch them on these lures.

1. Silver Horde Coho Killer Salmon Candlefish Spoon

Silver Horde Coho Killer Salmon Candlefish Spoon.

While the original Coho Killer Salmon Spoon was created to catch coho salmon and not Chinook, it catches them well. These spoons make a great underwater presentation for fish that are actively feeding. It also makes a great trolling lure. The best way to use it is with a short leader line. I suggest fluorocarbon because line differences matter on your lures. It is usually best used with a flasher attached about four to five feet before the spoon. It is a very effective bait.

Furthermore, it is not your traditional out-of-the-box salmon lure either. Likewise, it has one of the unique actions in the water due to its unique shape. Furthermore, it produces a very nice and natural fluttering action on the retrieve that can help you get more bites. The bait is outfitted with an ultra realistic 3D eye that can help when fish are hesitant. It also has a razor sharp hook that is durable enough to take on big fish. It comes in one effective size as well as nice colors to match natural forage.

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2. Silver Horde Tinsel Squid Chinook Salmon Hoochie

Silver Horde Tinsel Squid Chinook Salmon Hoochie.

Squid baits, also called hoochies, are one of the top baits to produce salmon year round. This is because they can adequately imitate most of the forage that the fish naturally feed on. They do not just imitate squids. You can also use the Silver Horde Tinsel Squid to mimic sand lance, sardines, other herring, and even crustaceans. We find this one to be a bit more productive that other hoochies because it contains two hooks and is made a little better than others.

The bait itself is durable which is what you want. We have found that other squid baits wear out a little quicker. We like the Tinsel Squid because the hook quality is better than most competitors. It also contains one extra hook for good measure. This can increase your hookup ration by about fifty percent. It comes in three great fish catching colors which are really all you need. They are also inexpensive at around only five to seven dollars per lure. It is excellent.

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3. Luhr Jensen Coyote Salmon Spoon With Flicker Blade

Luhr Jensen Coyote Salmon Spoon.

Regarded as the top salmon spoon for trolling in the entire coastal northwest, the Luhr Jensen Coyote Salmon Spoon can be counted on to produce fish for you. It has a great action in the water, and it comes in a few deadly colors. You can even increase its effect by using it behind a flasher. It sports a blade that does not spin. Instead, it flickers on the retrieve. It’s no wonder why many calls it one of the best king salmon lures of all time. You can rely on its action to produce a ton of fish year round. It will be even more effective if you color match to the food source.

The extra blade is great for displacing just a little more water which can illicit extra bites than a normal spoon would. The extra blade also produces a little more flash which makes it easier for the fish to find your bait. There are four different and great fish catching colors available to make color selection easy. The hook on the back is also a very high quality saltwater bait hook that pierces right through the toughest mouths. This spoon can help you catch many more fish.

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4. Hot Spot UV Series Flasher Board And Swivel

Hot Spot UV Series Flasher Board.

Flashers are very common in pretty much all salmon fishing. The king is no different. While a flasher is not actually a lure, it is one of the best ways to attract fish from far away. The Hot Spot Flasher has built in reflection that fish can see very well. The main task about having a great flasher on your setup is visibility. The ocean is huge and your lures are a speck of dust in comparison. This flasher lets fish know where your bait is. It even works better on sunny days!

The color you decide to use will determine how well the fish can see it. You can run most fishing lures off the back with a leader that will certainly enhance their reach, attraction, and ultimately bite appeal. It swims erratically through the water and even imparts its own action to whatever bait you decide to throw on. This one is special compared to other boards because it uses ultraviolet technology. These cuts down on glare and overall, it just makes it easier to use and for the fish to see. It has a few very effective colors that are easily visible to fish down under deep.

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5. Point Wilson Darting Needlefish Jig

Point Wilson Darting Needlefish Jig.

A very common forage species of the Chinook salmon is the needlefish. Also called a sand lance, this long and slender baitfish is partly how fish get to such trophy sizes. The sand lance is a staple species in their diet. The Point Wilson Darting Jig is an almost perfect copy of a real sand lance. This is important because you can use it in the clearest of water. Color match for even more effect. They can be used in very clear water to land trophy fish in most weather conditions.

They are a popular bait choice for any size you are after. Likewise, they have a natural but subtle action that can be deadly on certain days. There are more than enough options to choose from when choosing a sand lance jig, but this one does almost everything. It comes in a slew of different colors that perfectly mimic alewives, herring, sardines, and other forage species. Since it is a jigging bait, it works better when retrieved rather than trolled. It is important to remember to work it. Don’t be afraid to throw some action into this bait. It has a great hook on the back too!

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6. Silver Horde Kingfish Lite Casting and Trolling Spoon

Silver Horde Kingfish Lite Casting and Trolling Spoon.

One of the best trolling and casting baits is the Silver Horde Kingfish Lite spoon. Compared to many other spoons, this one is smaller  which makes it more subtle and natural looking. The spoon is adorned with holographic and reflective foil that looks exactly like fish scales. This bait is one of the best for catching a lot of fish quickly. For cold water, it is also great for jigging. Since it is a bit smaller, it is always recommended to use the right tackle when you want to use it. Use the right line, reel, and rod if you want to get the most out of it. Its a high quality bait.

The hook it comes with is a great one. We like that it mimics many baitfish too. Even if you don’t use it for salmon fishing, you can catch many other fish species with it. It comes in some great colors that has pretty much all of your baitfish covered regardless if fresh or saltwater. This one is made specifically for the king salmon so you know exactly how well it works on your line.

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7. Luhr Jensen K15 Kwikfish Trolling Plug

Luhr Jensen K15 Kwikfish Trolling Plug.

One of the best ways to catch chinook salmon is to troll for them. Trolling is an act that involves leaving fishing lures in the water as your boat moves. The best bait we have found so far this is the Luhr Jensen K15 Kwikfish. Does it look natural? No, not really. Does it provoke aggressive and explosive reaction strikes? Yes, it does.  When the water hits a certain temperature, you can get those fish to react to this lure. It was designed to irritate them into striking. This means that it can help you get bites even when the predators are not actively feeding on baitfish.

This is crankbait fishing at its finest. Its also a great search and find tool to use. The plug has a very aggressive and unnatural action in the water. This means that it can be great when the fish are aggressive but not as much when they are lethargic. Its a great lure with two incredibly sharp treble hooks that will stick into your catch easily. It comes in way more than enough colors to match anything and everything that swims. It is also a well priced lure for the money you pay.

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8. Acme Kastmaster Casting Spoon

Acme Kastmaster Casting Spoon.

The Acme Kastmaster is one of the most influential baits of all time. Although a timeless classic, it catches fish. Many anglers over the years have relied on the oddly shaped spoon to put fish in the boat. It makes a great bait for pretty much all freshwater and saltwater predators. The Kastmaster comes in some great colors and is outfitted with an incredibly sharp treble hook to make hooking easier. You can cast it, troll it, or use a flasher to increase its appeal.

Try sizes up to the max for huge contenders. Its aerodynamic design is  to be able to produce bite inducing action without twisting up your fishing line. Getting line twist out can be a problem. This lure solves this before it starts. The name also describes the bait very well. Called a Kastmater, it is truly a casting master. It can certainly reach some incredible distances when you cast your rod. The Kastmaster is usually available everywhere for a very modest price too.

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9. Rapala Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Feathered Spinner

Rapala Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Feathered Spinner.

Spinners and other rotating blade lures are already very effective for most species by themselves. When that spinner is a classic one like the Blue Fox Classic Vibrax, this is even more true. It does not have a lot of different features and it looks somewhat basic. This is what makes it so effective. The blade is what provides the drawing power to this bait. The basic shape and construction are irrelevant because of how much it produces bites. Based off a classic lure that has taken many of every game fish in North America, the Vibrax is a fine bait that produces.

Created by Rapala, they are one of the best names in the entire industry today. Equipped with a razor sharp VMC treble hook, it is one of the best ways to get bites today. Particularly for chinook salmon, they are some of the best lures out there. We like the Vibrax because it is effective, moderately priced, easy to use, and can be found in many professional tackle boxes today. Rapala has a habit of making fishing lures that just catch fish and have been for hundreds of years. We like what this spinner has to offer. It is always helpful to pick up a box of them.

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10. Buzz Bomb Jigging And Rotating Propeller Spoon

Buzz Bomb Jigging And Rotating Propeller Spoon.

There is just something about the buzz bomb that makes it so special. For starters, its incredibly unique and many fish have never seen it before. This can show the fish something new and entice bigger bites. The lure construction is a diamond shape. This construction allows the bait to spin and dart through the water on the retrieve. This action mimics a wounded baitfish. It also does a great job of being unique in the way you rig it. All you have to do is feed the bait onto the line and tie the treble hook on separately. The body is not connected to the hook.

This means  you can freely change your hook size as well as brand without pliers. This is a very unique bait with a very wounded prey action to it. It is almost like a propeller or a prop lure. The action is very erratic and causes the fish to react. It works its best when trolling and it can produce some heart pounding strikes. Make sure to use the right size hook with it if you insist on switching out the one it comes with. Always make sure the bait is spinning on your line too.

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Putting It All Together – There Are Many Coho Lures

To sum everything up, there are many great lures and artificial baits to choose from. The best lures for chinook salmon are generally inexpensive, flashy, and resemble baitfish. When in doubt, throw a spoon or similar lure. Everyone can catch king salmon if they really try. You just need to make sure that you throw the right baits at the right time.

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