Texas rigs are a great way to rig your lures if you want to throw them in snaggy places. All you need to do is cover the hook point with plastic and you are off to fish the weeds. All you really need is your soft plastic lure and one of the best Texas Rig hooks money can buy. We will never fail to exaggerate that point either. We have said it before and we will say it again on purpose.

No amount of extra tackle can compensate if you have a bad hook. Hooks are probably the most important of all fishing equipment. Without one, you won’t hook the fish and you won’t catch it. Especially when you are dealing with texas rigging lures, having one that is extremely sharp and durable is essential. You have to have one that will penetrate deeply and resist abuse.

1. Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap Offsets – Top Pick

Our top choice is what we believe to be the best hooks money can buy. Gamakatsu brand, chemically sharpened, extra-wide gap, hooks. We have yet to find a better, more versatile, option for your worms, lizards, or paddle tail swimbaits. Gamakatsu uses specialty, premium grade, high carbon steel of the finest quality.

In the manufacturing process, this results in very superior, blemish-free, wicked, sharp hooks that will hold up to repeated abuse. This particular brand name appears three times on this list and for a good reason. This brand name is the golden standard for ripping lips in the fishing industry. Gamakatsu achieves some of the sharpest barbs and points by using the most modern methods in the world.

The hook point is perfectly conical. Many professional anglers choose to use Gamakatsu. Pros in bass fishing such as Bill Dance, Dean Rojas, Mike McClelland, and Todd Faircloth, all share a pro staff position for the brand. Gamakatsu is quite literally the brand of champions because they are just unmatched in sharpness and they keep working to haul the big fish in. They cost more but it’s worth it.

They rarely rust, and they will snap in half before they start to bend. The extra-wide gap hooks they offer come in a range of sizes to choose from. They also come in three different colors which are red, nickel, and black. They come in offset versions as well as ones without offsets. Both can be used without much problem. It is really up to the angler to choose one based on their personal preferences.

Buy on Amazon2. Gamakatsu Weighted Screwlocks

Although not technically a Texas rigging hook itself, Gamakatsu weighted screwlock hooks can be used in a pinch to rig worms, lizards, creature baits, and even soft jerkbaits and paddle tail swimbaits. You insert the end of the screw spring into nose of the soft plastic and screw it on. Once it is on all the way, turn the plastic so the hook eye is resting on the nose. Center the plastic body.

Now, all you have to do is rig it as normal. These are also called swimbait hooks by some but are not exclusively tied to use with swimbaits. This provides an extremely secure hook to plastic connection. It is extremely hard to lose plastics this way.

They also have the added advantage of having a custom lead weight already molded onto the hook itself. That means that if you were going to attach a bullet weight to the line to make it sink, you can bypass that step completely. These hooks are awesome for all the same reasons that the first one is. Gamakatsu is used by some of the greatest pros, they last forever, and the point is sharp enough to make you bleed for looking at it wrong. These also have a great weight built in so you are efficient.

Couple that with three great hook colors, a huge selection of sizes, and a brand that is known for producing world-class fishing hooks, you have something very special that will hook you a lot of fish. The hook eye rests on the outside of the plastic so this may be something to be aware of later. The price for what you get is absolutely excellent. If you fish swimbaits, give these a try.

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3. Gamakatsu Straight Shank Wire Keepers

Straight shanks are a little different than your common extra-wide gap or worm hook that many people are used to using. The difference is, of course, the shank. It looks a lot more like a traditional J-hook instead of a piece of specialty gear. While you can use J-hooks to rig as well, these kinds of hooks don’t have anything that would prevent the plastic from sliding right off. The solution? Attach a plastic bait keeper!

Take some epoxy or shrink tubing and attach a wire keeper to an ordinary J-hook. While it seems pretty basic and straightforward, it is actually a very easy way to get some great fish on many soft plastics.

You may have noticed that there is not a single bend in the shank itself. Some may be wondering how. That is what the wire keeper is for. If you rig it traditionally like you would with any other hook, the wire keeper heavily reduces the chances of the lure coming off. Again, these are a great choice to choose just because of who they are made by. Gamakatsu is the brand you want to get.

Their methods and techniques that they use to produce products are more modern and precise than literally all of their competitors. This particular hook comes in a black nickel color. They generally ship in packs of six and their price is great for what you get. Durable, sharp, and corrosion-resistant.

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4. VMC Wide Gaps With Split Rings

If Gamakatsu and the likes of Bill Dance are not your things, consider VMC instead. VMC is the brand name Mike Iaconelli likes to use. VMC is a brand that has been in business for over 100 years. Today, they are also partnered with Rapala, the world’s leading lure manufacturer. These are made in France.

The extra-wide gap ones with split rings attached to the eye are a great choice. The split ring is a great feature. The split ring allows you to tie your knot onto it instead of the hook eye. In cold water, this works wonders. That is because the bait now has complete freedom to move around on the retrieve.

This will make your bait dance, roll, and provide a very unique action. Also, it keeps the bullet weight off of your hook eye and stops it from damaging it. VMC branded hooks are made of a few different types of steel including high carbon, stainless, and vanadium. They also manufacture a host of different hook points to choose from. The price is fairly decent but certain ones cost more than others. They are coated with a special coating that prevents rust and deterioration.Buy on Amazon

5. VMC Bass Series Offsets

The signature Bass series hooks from VMC are quite similar to the previous one, except it has no split ring and it is made with heavier-duty steel. The Bass series version feature an epoxy closed eye to prevent the fishing line from catching on it. Today, VMC is partnered with Rapala baits, the same company that brought you the most successful fishing lures of all time.

You can be sure that these will hold up regardless of what species of fish you want to catch. VMC is the global market leader in fishing lures as well as treble hooks. They are also the global market leader in treble hook sales and production. Such strong hooks are necessary when after huge fish.

VMC branded hooks are also nice because of their price. Since they are the global market in sales, they are much more readily available and this brings their price down. They are also coated with varnish or electroplating to add anti-corrosive properties and keep them from rusting. They are chemically sharpened using specially designed machines that no one else has in the industry. The machines used in the process are created by the staff for the staff. This makes hem very unique.

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6. Berkley Fusion 19 Offsets

Finally, a hook that does not have an extra-wide gap. Some anglers will choose to not use extra-wide gaps. In that case, use a normal worm hook. Berkley Fusion 19 is a great one with a very sticky barb. This makes it extremely great for bass fishing.

Also, it doubles for sticking fish with a harder mouth. Berkley’s slogan, catch more fish, is not unwarranted. Berkley is one of the biggest brands in the fishing industry. Pretty much every professional Bass angler uses Berkley products in some way. That is no overstatement either. Berkley is a master class brand.

The points on the barbs are covered in a very slick coating that allows for easier hookups. The sizes range from #1 all the way up to 5/0. The finish is a color they call smoke satin. Since they are so good at what they do, Berkley products are usually readily available and do not cost an arm and a leg. This fits the bill. Traditional worm hooks are usually enough to cover most situations out on the water.

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7. Sougayilang Extra Wide Gaps

Sougayilang is an interesting brand name. Many people have not heard of it. Is there a reason? It is a brand that is not nearly as well known as many others. The hooks they put out have less carbon in the steel than other brands so they are not near as sturdy as some of them. Instead of snapping, the hook will start to bend instead.

The barbs they have are also a little big for the sizes available. It may end up being harder to remove from the fish once you have caught it. What does make up for it is the price. You get a ton of hooks for a very modest price point. Sougayilang is a great budget option, especially if you plan on catching anything less than 4 pounds max.

If you plan on going out without trophy hunting, these are a great choice to consider. Low price and decent quality. Be aware that you may rip a hole in the fish’s mouth bigger than the barb trying to remove it. For that reason, we recommend trying other options on this list first. The fish will thank you.

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Putting It All Together

All in all, the best Texas rig hooks are durable, corrosion-resistant, and sharp. Nothing in your tackle box can replace your need for the proper hook. If you choose to select anything partially, make sure it isn’t the hook. No amount of rods, lines, or lures will matter if you don’t select the right hook that actually sticks the fish. We believe anybody can catch fish as long as you practice enough.

What is your favorite Texas hook?

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