The best wacky rig hooks is a topic just as timeless as the wacky rig itself. Ever since there have been wacky worms and huge catches, there has been debate about what hook to use. There are many great ones to choose from with some better than others. Everyone has their own preferences on which ones to use and why. Different ones work better for different people. The stick bait is one of the best largemouth bass lures to use.

There are many things to consider when selecting one. Factors such as sharpness, hook size, if it has a weed guard, the list goes on. The main thing to remember is that there are no right or wrong answers. Even so, knowing some of the best one on the market can help you choose.

1. Gamakatsu Weedless Finesse Wide Gap With Guard

Gamakatsu Weedless Finesse Wide GapOne of the best hooks for wacky rigs is the Gamakatsu finesse wide gap version. For the anglers who are unaware, Gamakatsu is a hook brand that is simply better than all of the other competitors.

Although better is a relative term depending on the person, the Gamakatsu brand is the golden standard of fishing hooks as well as the ones that all other hooks are compared to in the industry. They make a different type of hook that continues to work for many years.

They use the most modern methods in the world to surpass all others in sharpness and durability. The finesse wide gap models are great for adding weight to a weightless wacky rig and the weed guard protects it from getting snagged. The wide gap Gamakatsu finesse hooks come in many sizes. You can also use them for drop shot rigs and other bass fishing techniques.

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2. Gamakatsu Weedless Drop Shot Hooks With Guard

Gamakatsu Weedless Drop Shot HooksYet another option from Gamakatsu, the weedless drop shot hooks are versatile and effective. The unique design of the hook body gives the rigged worm a great action in the water. With this great design, it is also useful for keeping on bait. With the rounded weed guard, it can get into the toughest weeds with ease.

This makes it a great option for moss filled ponds and other heavily weeded areas. Since it is made by Gamakatsu, it is the sharpest and most durable one can be. With exceptional quality on the needle point hook, it can stick into fish without any issues.

They come in a few different sizes to choose from so it is easy to select a size for small worms or bigger ones. Because they are drop shot hooks, they double as a weedless way to catch some largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass on the drop shot rig. They fill a duel purpose.

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3. Gamakatsu G-Finesse Weedless Hooks

Gamakatsu G-Finesse Weedless Hooks

The design of the next Gamakatsu hook is a little bit different from many competitors. Shaped like the seventh letter of the alphabet, the unique design adds a different weed guard as well as a resin closed eye. It has two different weed guards that work together to create a weed free presentation that still works well.

It is also for finesse fishing when after lethargic fish. The point has been chemically sharpened to provide superior penetration. A great thing about the weed guards is that it is almost impossible to get them to bend. They never are out of line no matter what.

Many similar competing models have a different way of attaching them so the weed guards bend. This can cause snags. The weed guards are attached in a way that prevents them from fouling up. This allows you to fish your wacky rigged worm in the thickest cover and brush.

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4. Gamakatsu G-Finesse Wacky Jigheads

Gamakatsu G-Finesse Wacky JigheadsAlthough somewhat controversial, fishing a wacky rig with a weight is a tried and true method of getting some very huge strikes. When the rig has some added weight, the natural movement of the soft plastic worm is amplified and it gets to the bottom much quicker. One of the best ways to add some weight is to use a Gamakatsu wacky jighead.

It has everything you would normally find in a Gamakatsu hook but it also has a custom head that was made to add action to soft plastic worms. It also comes with a weed guard that helps keep grass off of the hook point. The lead head creates a very nice attractive action.

The shape of the head is different from a traditional round jig normally used for this purpose. This creates a weight that sits parallel to the bottom when it touches it. This makes the worm stand up. The weed guard comes with two strands instead of one. The unique thing is that the weed guards  do not ever shift positions on the head. They will keep the hook point covered.

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5. Eagle Claw Trokar TK97 And TK97W

Eagle Claw Trokar TK97 And TK97WIf you want a very nice hook that does pretty much everything and are fairly concerned with sharpness, you may consider an Eagle Claw Trokar TK97 or TK97w. The only difference is one is equipped with a weed guard. They are identical otherwise.

Eagle Claw hooks are made in America and generally do not break the bank very much. You may pay a little more for these hooks because they are sharpened to the point of surgical.

Trokar hooks have the second sharpest tip in the world when examined under a microscope. It is a very versatile hook choice with a bit of natural weight to it. This will cause the lure body to fall down a little faster into the strike zone. Longer time in the strike zone equals more fish.

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6. Owner Weedless Wacky Jungle Hooks

Owner Weedless Wacky Jungle HooksOwner is responsible for the sharpest and most durable hooks in the world. Owner hooks are extremely unique because they come equipped with a patented triple edge cutting point. Although it may not sound like it, this makes a big difference.

Compared to other hooks, you can insert other hooks into fish with a lot of force but the triple cutting edge slices its way inside instead. This creates unmatched penetration.

They also have more tensile strength than any other hook too. The jungle hook has a good weed guard on the outside to help keep debris like grass and weeds off of the insanely sharp point. Owner hooks are tried and true with a very heavy record for pinning and landing fish.

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7. VMC Mike Ike Iaconelli Weedless Hooks

VMC Mike Ike Iaconelli Weedless HooksMaybe you would prefer to associate your success in bass fishing with the success of tournament bass angler Mike Iaconelli. Mike and the owners at VMC created the Ike wacky hook. The Ike has a thick wire and a weed guard to make it snag proof.

Today, VMC is partnered with Rapala, the same fishing lure manufacturer that invented the original wounded minnow lure. Rapala is the biggest and most successful fishing lure and tackle maker in the world. Their products are used on every continent.

They are also very reasonably priced for the value you get. A tournament grade hook partnered with the most successful fishing brand in the entire industry. VMC hooks are extremely sharp and are the very same ones used on all Rapala lures. You cannot go wrong with this one.

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8. Mustad Ultrapoint TitanX Neko Hooks

Mustad Ultrapoint TitanX Neko HooksIf you want a hook that does pretty much everything from a reliable brand name, consider a Mustad Ultrapoint  TItanX neko hook. This was invented after bass master Kevin Vandam wanted a hook that can do pretty much everything a wacky hook was capable of doing.

Although technically made for neko rigs, it is the exact same rig with a nail weight inserted into one end of the worm. This makes the action faster and more aggressive. There is no question that Mustad excels.

They never fail to make quality gear. The simple fact that the world’s best bass angler Kevin VanDam uses Mustad should be proof enough. The titan resembles a traditional Aberdeen hook in appearance. Even so, it is perfectly balanced for absolutely any stick bait you want to put on. It has an insanely sharp Mustad point and a decent weed guard that does seem to bend with use.

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9. VMC Neko Resin Sealed Wacky Hooks

VMC Neko Wacky HooksAnother hook from VMC, Rapala and VMC designed a neko version too. While it may look like an Aberdeen, this one is actually VMC’s attempt at an outstanding neko rig setup. First, it has resin that closes the eye. This makes it impossible for your line to catch.

Second, it has the same point and barb approved by Rapala and Mike Iaconelli. The only disadvantage about this one is that it does not come with a weed guard or another version with one.

That means that it is not a good option if you want to fish near cover or in densely covered places unless you want to take grass off of your hook every cast. Still, we like the price and they are very nice to have with you. They are versatile and even double as a live bait hook.

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10. Owner Super Needle Point 3X Hooks

Owner Super Needle Point 3X HooksA very interesting thing about Owner as a hook brand is the type of point they include with every model. They have a triple edged cutting tip that slices through as it penetrates a fish’s mouth. This can make fast and efficient work out of hooking the fish. Owner has 29 patents and an incredible amount of reliability on the water.

The super needle point model is a great option for anybody who want to throw or fish stick baits. They are extremely durable too. About three times as durable than a traditional one.

There are a few different sizes to choose from. The price is also incredibly good. The shape and overall design is the most effective when using an O-ring. The fact that is also comes in camo green is also a plus when you are fishing green pumpkin stick baits near heavy grass or vegetation. The green color hides the hook well especially when in similar colored conditions. This one can be effective everywhere too though. Anywhere you can fish you can use these.

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The Best Wacky Rig Hooks Are Numerous

The wacky rig may look odd but it is one of the most effective ways to rig a senko style bait. Fishing senkos is one of the best ways to get largemouth bass to bite. It is no surprise that it will need a good hook once you get a taker. By selecting the right one, you can start to see your catch rate go way up and remain more constant over time. The best ones are numerous in number and frankly, subjective. All that is left is for you to choose one, Now you know some, try them out!

Do you agree with our list? Leave a comment below to tell us your favorite!

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  1. Lilly Jackson says:

    This is really helpful! I was wondering what the best soft plastic worms are.

  2. If you like to catch Big Bass fishing wacky style on your favorite stick bait, please check out this You Tube video on this unique weedless wacky hook. The Tsuyoi Weedless Wacky hook is an off set wide gap hook w/ fiber Weedguards tied on it. This offset hook will increase your hook up ratio significantly!

    You Tube video: Tsuyoi Weedless Wacky Hook Demo and Field Testing on the CA Delta for Largemouth Bass

    1. David Moore says:

      That is a great hook. Thanks for showing us!

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