There are many occasions where newer anglers are just getting into the sport of walleye fishing. During these times, they may not be willing to invest their time or money worrying about having to purchase a rod, a reel, and fishing line that all fits together seamlessly. This is especially true when you do not know how to do it.

This can all be taken care of if you consider the best walleye fishing combos. Walleye combos come well equipped with a rod, a reel, and usually fishing line already on it. This solves many problems for the beginning angler. First you don’t have to match a reel to a rod and hope by chance that they fit well together.

You also do not have to worry a whole lot about selecting the correct line to go on it either. Walleye combos usually come with fishing line that is sufficient to land most catches already on the reel. This eliminates the guessing game when you have to play around with monofilaments, fluorocarbons, braided, heavy, or light fishing lines. Most of the time too, you can get a very noticeable discount by purchasing all of the components together instead of separately. Many reels carry a huge price tag.

How To Buy A Walleye Fishing Combo Easily

There are some different things to consider before choosing a shiny new rod and reel setup. Whenever somebody asks the inevitable question of which one is best, we have to give the honest answer. There is no best combo. It is only what works best for you. Certain ones make work better or worse for you depending on what features you are looking for. Things like the reel, the action, the length, and many other factors can come into play when making a decision about which one would fit your needs.

  • Rod Quality – The sensitivity of the rod blank is probably the most important feature to look for.  Longer rods are more sensitive and can detect bites a lot better. Longer rods also give you greater casting distance as well as more sheer power on the hookset. Rods that are more sensitive will help you feel bites easier. The action of the rod is also important. Faster rods are better for detecting light bites. You will get a lot of light bites while walleye fishing too. They are light biters.

  • Reel Quality – No good outfit is going to work right without a quality reel. Big baitcasting rods are usually the most common way of targeting these great fish but spinning outfits can work well for jigging and throwing live bait presentations. The best reels will be equipped for handling very deep water fishing. They will usually be equipped with a line counter so the angler can see how much line they have out. These are great for trolling as well as pretty much every method out there.

  • Price – What you decide to buy is largely dependent on how much money you can budget in. It is usually true (although not always) that you get what you pay for. On the norm, more expensive setups will be of better quality, will handle fish better, and will last much longer than something cheaper. It is not always realistic to say that anybody can purchase any setup they choose if they under spend in something else. The price point is a huge consideration to put some thought into.

1. Ugly Stik Trolling Walleye Rod With Line Counter

Ugly Stik trolling walleye rod with line counter.The Ugly Stik trolling walleye combo with a line counter included is a great combo for the beginning or advanced angler. This is because it is designed for trolling as well as throwing big crankbaits. The rod blank is seven foot six inches in length. The rod is longer and this means more casting distance as well as leverage on catches.

It has a great line counter that will allow you to know how much line you have behind your boat when you are trolling big baits for big fish. It is also very great at pure retrieving. It is made of a near indestructible material. Ugly Stik has a habit of producing rods that last forever.

It is also a two piece rod so it makes storage and travel so much easier. It is a baitcasting rod that comes with an incredible baitcasting reel. It has two ball bearings and even its own audible line clicker. The action on the rod is in the medium-light power class which makes detecting and seeing soft bites a breeze. This trolling masterpiece can generate an incredible fifteen pounds of drag. That is enough to fight almost anything you could hope to hook into. Finally, it is an excellent value for what you get at only $79.99. Usually, a product this good can easily cost hundreds of dollars each excluding the reel.


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2. Penn Squall Levelwinding Rod And Reel

Penn Squall levelwinding rod and reel.The Penn squall levelwind is a fantastic high quality combo that is awesome for recreational use as well as charter fishing. This has some of the best reviews we have seen. The Penn squall is a sleek and modern design with big fish in mind. You normally need a rod this sleek in design. It will last almost forever. It is great for catching lake Erie walleye.

The squall also doubles as an incredible saltwater grouper, striper, and shark rod. The rod blank is six feet six inches long. This is a little on the shorter side. It is a one piece rod so it holds up extremely well but may be a little harder to pack. The reel is incredible. There are two plus one bearings in the awesome levelwind reel. They are high quality.

This makes for extremely good performance. It is a medium-heavy option that is just perfect for reeling anything much bigger than five pounds or more. The squall can generate a total of twenty pounds of drag.  The squall is a little more on the expensive side of walleye combos specifically because it is so high quality. At $179.99, this investment is a little more outside the budget of some anglers. One thing that makes up for this is that it is a charter setup. This means commercial guides use them regularly.

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3. Bass Pro Shops CatMaxx Levelwinding Combo

Bass Pro Shops CatMaxx levelwinding combo.

If you really want a great rod and reel setup for trolling crankbaits very deep, you cannot go wrong with the Bass Pro Shops CatMaxx. It is a very great levelwinding outfit to use. These can be used in freshwater as well as inshore saltwater fishing. It has a ton of great features.

Many anglers will love them. First, it comes in seven different sizes that start from seven feet and go up to seven feet six inches. This is enough to match almost any anglers wants or needs. It is a one piece rod so it will not come apart on a big fight. The reel is exceptional too. It has three plus one ball bearings for hauling in the big girls.

It comes in both medium-heavy and heavy power classes. The CatMaxx is able to generate a total of eleven pounds of drag. It is a fairly expensive option. At $99.98 all the way up to $149.98, the price may not be worth it to many people. Still, the ones who would love to try it out will probably find that it works very well and that it is worth every penny. It is actually a catfish rod so this makes it extremely tough.

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4. Ugly Stik GX2 Rod And Reel – Spinning Version

Ugly Stik GX2 rod and reel.One of the toughest rods out there that comes with a reel, is the Ugly Stik GX2. As odd as it may sound, this particular rod is almost indestructible. It is actually not made for walleye or other huge fish but trying to break one is almost impossible.

We have found that the foam handle will start to split from bending before the rod blank buckles. Many have tried to break it on purpose. Although it also comes in a baitcasting version, the spinning setup is ideal for casting live worms and minnows or jigging soft plastics through open water. We love the reel.

The GX2 comes in pretty much every length under the sun. Enough for everybody. It also comes in both one piece and two piece models too. This will help regardless of which one you prefer to use. Also for the price, we believe it is one of the best if not the best combo an angler can purchase. Only retailing for $39.99, it is by far one of the best values that we have ever seen. Most people can budget this for both a rod and reel that will never break for as long as it is yours. We highly suggest grabbing one.

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5. Shimano Sedona Spinning Rod And Reel

Shimano Sedona spinning rod and reel.The Shimano Sedona is another very nice and incredible spinning setup. There are many different lengths to choose from. You can use a shorter rod that is right at seven feet or go up to a longer one to get more distance on your casts.

This one is a professional, tournament, spinning outfit. The Sedona comes equipped with an extremely sensitive and durable graphite rod blank. There are one and two piece rods available and it is up to you to pick either. The reel is accented with brass plating that is polished to a golden finish. The reel contains three plus one ball bearings.

There is absolutely no limit to actions because it comes in every single one. It comes in every option of power class too. It can manage a total of seven pounds of drag. Since the Sedona is so incredibly awesome, it is out of the price point of many people. Its price point is pretty steep at $129.98. This  is not on accident. It is very high quality and you often get what you pay for. You will have to decide. Buy Now

6. Shimano Stradic Spinning Rod And Reel Combo

Shimano Stradic spinning rod and reel combo.If you want a very great combo that will srve you well for the biggest fish that swim, you can always consider a Shimano Stradic to get the job done. The Stradic is a big saltwater setup which means it is one of the best spinning outfits for the biggest walleye that swim.

The Stradic comes in many different sizes to choose from. It is also up to the angler to decide if they a one piece or a two piece model. The Stradic comes in both. The reel is probably the best we have ever seen. It has six plus one ball bearings inside. This is unmatched.

It comes in every action and power class on the market. The amount of drag it can generate goes up and down depending on which model you get. Aside from this, this is one of the most expensive options out there. It retails for $319.98 for a shorter model all the way to $329.98 for a longer one. The combo is the best of the best but the price is very, very, very, high.

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7. Bass Pro Shops Tourney Special – Spinning

Bass Pro Shops Tourney Special.The Tourney Special spinning setup is designed for the tournament angler. There are three sizes available for it. Its made out of sensitive graphite for detecting those light bites. There is no option to have a pone piece rod. All of the models have two pieces. They don’t come in one piece.

The reel is excellent especially for the value. It has an incredible total of five ball bearings. This is more than its competitors. They only come in fast actions so this may be something to consider. The power classes include light, medium, and medium-heavy powers. There is just a few.

The heaviest model can generate a whopping thirteen pounds of drag! This is not even the best part either. The best part is that all three of the models are only $59.99 for the retail price. We have yet to find such a great quality piece for that price. Many people can afford to pay this but many cannot too. You and you alone must decide if the excellent quality justifies the slightly high price tag on the model.

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8. Johnny Morris Signature Series

Johnny Morris Signature Series.The signature series spinning outfits from Johnny Morris are surely some of the best out there. Bass Pro Shops makes these. They use a top of the line Rt5 graphite blank for the rod. There are two lengths to choose from. A seven foot two and a six foot eight. The signature series only has one piece models available. The reel is so incredible.

Its so awesome that it is like getting the rod for free. It has an incredible nine plus one ball bearings. We have yet to see a spinning reel with this many even with very expensive equipment. It comes in two actions and two powers. The actions are fast and extra fast. The powers are medium and medium-heavy. The drag amount depends on the model.

The best thing about this particular setup is its value. It only retails for $199.98 but we have seen similar reels go for as much as $300. This is without the rod too. Still, this may be way to much money for certain people to invest in. If this is you, you can always consider something cheaper. This is one of the best ones you can get for walleye. Spool it with the best walleye lines for the best approach.

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9. Quantum Bill Dance Catfish Combo

Quantum Bill Dance catfish combo.Although it is not actually a rod designed for the species, the Bill Dance catfish combo is an excellent walleye outfit that is exclusively sold at Bass Pro Shops. It was originally designed for the purpose of hauling in huge blue or flathead catfish from long distances. This will result in more than enough power to land big fish. It comes in a few sizes.

It is made of a z-glass material for excellent durability. It comes in a couple of two piece options to choose from. The reel can hold an incredible amount of fishing line on it so it is great if you want a trolling rod that doubles as a jigging setup. It has a system with three ball bearings. Traditionally, it has a moderate action in addition to being medium-heavy.

We highly believe this particular outfit to be a good value for the money. At only $64.99, it is not near as cheap as some would want but it is still much cheaper than other options. We like the value because of its versatility. It serves purposes well as a jigging rod, a live bait setup, and a trolling outfit. We like that you can land trophies with ease without worrying about tackle failure on a big fight with huge fish.

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10. Shakespeare Catch More Fish Walleye ComboShakespeare Catch More Fish walleye combo.

If you are in the market for a great way to teach kids to fish, look no further than the Shakespeare catch more fish spinning rod and reel. It has everything one could need to get started. For starters, it comes with a tackle box. It has some of the best walleye lures out there. All of the essentials are included.

There is plastic minnow bodies, grubs, a worm harness, hooks, and even beads.  In addition to this, the rod is six feet six inches long. This makes it a slightly shorter rod. It is made out of graphite for sensitivity. It comes in a two piece configuration. This makes it easier to take with you on your trip out.

There is a basic spinning reel included. It has a single ball bearing and it comes with six pound line already on it. This is pretty light tackle by any standards but this can be overcome by using the drag. It is in the medium power class. If anything, the best part of this entire setup is the price. It is very easy to budget. Great for when you are going out with kids or even if you plan to try everything out. At only $24.99, this provides a great way for anglers with a budget to catch some fish for later cheaply.

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There Are A Lot Of Very Great Walleye Combos

Regardless of what you are after, no one can decide what is right but you. There are a lot of very great rod and reel setups out there that can help you get hooked up with some more fish. All in all, they have different features as well as pros and cons. Price is probably just one of the features that could qualify or disqualify a certain setup for your own personal use. You need to decide as an individual angler.

Largely, it depends on what types of techniques you want to do as well as what sizes you want to catch. Bigger setups work better for the bigger catches that can be found deeper and vice versa. Ultimately, there is no wrong walleye combo on planet Earth. Many work extremely well.


What is your favorite? Let us know down in a comment.

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