St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod Review

St. Croix is a dependable brand that has been in operation for seventy years. With so much credibility, the St. Croix Triumph is available as a one-piece or two-piece rod. Which one you decide to get is your preference. In this St. Croix Triumph spinning rod review, we will go over what the rod has … Read more

How To Skin a Fish Fillet Like A Pro

Skinned salmon fillet on a plate with salad and a fork.

A very common question that is asked by cooks, as well as beginning anglers, is how to skin a fish fillet. Although the process is very straightforward and arguably easy for veteran fishermen, it can be difficult for people who have not done it before. Like everything in life, mastering it takes practice. You want … Read more

How To Skin Bluegill Like A Pro

Baked bluegill fillet on a plate with asparagus.

Bluegill Sunfish maybe one of the smallest fish in North America but they are incredibly prolific breeders and also incredibly delicious I believe that bluegill have one of the best meats out of any freshwater fish. What they lack in size they more than makeup for in sheer flavor. I am a very big fan … Read more

How To Skin Perch Like A Pro

Fried skinned perch fillet with french fries, ketchup, and lettuce leaf on a plate.

Yellow perch might just be one of the tastiest but underrated fish in the world. These tiny little guys hold some of the flakiest meat known in the culinary universe. That is of course, once you get past the skin. Perch skin is the odd one out. The skin is not fragile but it is … Read more

How To Skin Largemouth Bass Like A Pro

Raw seasoned fish on a cutting board with lemons and potatoes..

Largemouth bass are one of America’s most popular fish because of their incredible fighting abilities. The skin on a largemouth is covered in small scales that do a good job at protecting the fish from predators and injuries. When it comes time to serve them for the dinner table, this can make cleaning them a … Read more

How To Skin Catfish Like A Pro

Skinned catfish fillet on a cutting board.

Catfish are arguably one of the most underrated fish that swim because of their “questionable” lifestyles. The skin on a catfish is like processed leather. This is to to protect the catfish from injuries as well as allow it to swim easier. When it comes time to put them on the dinner table, that skin … Read more