What Is The Best Fishing Backpack?

There’s a lot of information floating around the internet about the market’s best fishing backpacks. What is the best fishing backpack and what makes it the best for the fisherman? We want to answer this question today as well as go over what  fits that criteria so that you can decide whether or not you … Read more

How To Organize A Tackle Box Easily 2021

Fisherman sitting at a table with two organized tackle boxes on top.

One of the biggest obstacles that a fisherman can face is trying to find their favorite lure in a poorly configured tackle box. When you have a box full of interlocking treble hooks, mixed up terminal tackle, and pieces of fishing line all inside together, it makes finding the lure you want to use very … Read more

Bubba Blade Fillet Knife Review

Although not every person who fishes enjoys the taste of freshly caught fish, those who do would benefit highly from having a great and reliable fillet knife by their side. Having one that is designed and made well will let you get the most meat out of your fish as well as result in less … Read more

Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor Review

At the moment, you may be after a trolling motor to put on your boat. Whether you are looking for power, durability, silence, or even value, I believe Lowrance has made a trolling motor for you that really does blow the competition out of the water. With almost everything one could want or need from … Read more

How To Catch Dorado – Best Methods

Man in white shirt holding a big dorado fish sideways on a boat in the ocean.

One of the most colorful fish in the entire sea, the dorado is a fun fish to catch. They are amazing creatures for many different reasons. They are very colorful, they fight hard, and they are fun to catch. Also, they have great-tasting meat. As saltwater fishing becomes more popular, many anglers are looking into … Read more

Best Coho Salmon Lures For More Fish

Man with coho salmon female.

There is a lot that is fun about catching salmon limits. Everything about the sport is fun. One of the most popular species to target is the coho salmon. Although it lacks substantial size compared to the Chinook salmon, it is still very fun to catch. If you catch coho salmon has a lot to … Read more