Bubba Blade Fillet Knife Review

Although not every person who fishes enjoys the taste of freshly caught fish, those who do would benefit highly from having a great and reliable fillet knife by their side. Having one that is designed and made well will let you get the most meat out of your fish as well as result in less injuries. One of the most popular fillet knives on the market is the Bubba Blade.

In this Bubba Blade fillet knife review, we will be going over the features of the product and how the product has been working. This trusty fillet knife is used by many fish processors that prepare commercial fish for the meat market. That is not its only selling point though. The model with the seven inch blade has a tapered blade and it also folds up like a pocket knife.  This one is their most popular model of all of the ones they offer. They make the most sales off of this one.

It claims to be one of the best fillet knives in the world. The question that needs to be asked also needs to be answered. How well does it hold up to its marketing? Is it really everything they say it is or is it something that you would be better off without? A lot of attention goes into designing knives that are comfortable to use and hold a razor sharp edge. While the Bubba Blade certainly fits that description, how well does it allow you to fillet your fish? Aside from how its made, it needs to work on the water for it to be effective. This is my very personal review.

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  • Great nonslip grip
  • Comes in many different sizes
  • Razor sharp edge
  • Holds an edge well
  • Used in professional fish markets
  • Comes with a lanyard
  • Synthetic sheathe included
  • Doubles as a hunting knife
  • Processes wild game well
  • Great for freshwater and saltwater
  • Great for chefs and not just fishermen


  • Will eventually need sharpening
  • A little bulkier than other knives
  • Made In China – Americans may care

What Is Also Included With The Bubba Blade Fillet Knife?

The knife by itself is already an investment worth making. Even so, it comes with a few extra goodies that really can justify the investment to many people. First of all, we need to admire the blade on the seven inch flex model. Right out of the package, you can shave hair. In fact, you have to be careful removing it from the container because of how well it holds an edge. It is in the sheathe when you get it but it just helps never to touch that blade. Speaking of the sheathe, it comes with a sheathe that you can keep it in when it is not in use. You get the main unit with an incredibly nonslip handle that is outfitted in red and white. There is also an included lanyard that will help keep you from dropping it. It feels great in the hand and you can control it well.

How Bubba Blade Is Supposed To Work – The Bold Claim

The claim to fame with this product is not only the sharpness and quality of the blade but also the handle. While the blade is almost the most important thing in the knife, only one thing is more important. This is the handle. The main claim for the Bubba Blade tapered flexing fillet knife is how easy it is to hold and use. The handle claims to be made out of a special thermoplastic polymer and then wrapped in a synthetic rubber that stays sticky when wet.

The Bubba Blade is supposed to be one of the best fish fillet knives out there. They use suggestive language in their marketing of the product. Does it hold up to its marketing though? There are many professional tuna butchers and other people that choose the knife for their tool of choice. Is this indicative of quality and reliability? Maybe. There are just so many Bubba Blade reviews on the internet that it seems almost impossible to properly decipher what you are going to get if and when you decide to purchase one for yourself. The phrase “like butter” is popular.

Bubba Blade Demonstration – Making Perfect Fish Fillets

Bubba Blade Or Not? Does Bubba Blade Help Fillet Fish?

If you want to answer the most important question, it needs to be asked. Does the Bubba Blade seven inch tapered flex fillet knife actually help you fillet fish? To answer this question successfully, you often need to answer a couple of parts to it. Making sure you answer both will be the determining factor that will ultimately decide whether you will make an investment and add this gem to your fish cleaning arsenal. Does the Bubba Blade help you fillet fish? Yes, it does. Other fillet knives do too but we love this one. Does it help you fillet fish as advertised? MANY ANGLERS SAY YES! It is a great tool that works as advertised to thousands of fishermen globally.

Does The Bubba Blade Help You Fillet Your Fish Well?

The Bubba Blade does help you fillet your fish well. I will repeat this again and again. It does. It is a professional quality item to have with you in the event that want to clean fish well. It will handle most freshwater and saltwater species that you would plan to keep. It does help you put out some fantastic fillets but so do many other different fillet knives on the market. It works well for the price and I believe every angler should give it a try at least once. The thing about filleting fish in general is that no blade can help you without the proper technique. You still need to know how to fillet fish if you want nice cuts of meat for the cornmeal and frying pan grease.

The right knife can certainly make that process much easier and I believe that having a Bubba Blade will do that for you. Unfortunately, there isn’t a knife or other utensil out there that will come in and do the work for you. As many fishmongers and butchers out there will tell you, filleting fish can take a lot of work and even more to do properly. Essentially, it isn’t your knife filleting your fish. You are the one who cuts out nice and boneless pieces of fish. Your knife or other tool is just there to be an assistant to help the one in charge. That is you. Not the knife.

Does The Bubba Blade Help You Fillet Fish As Advertised?

We can ask that a different way. Does the knife give you a good nonslip grip with a flexible and sharp blade that holds its edge well? Yes, but many other knives do too. What makes this one special? To be honest, not a whole lot. If anything, this particular knife does a great job of filleting your fish but it seems they focused on making the handle the eye catcher in this product. One thing that is unique about it is how well it feels in the hand. It is very easy to use and it conforms to fit most hand sizes and shapes. The bright red coloring makes it easy to see.

This can help if you have vision problems or if you are cleaning your fish at night. The handle also has a built in blade guard that will make almost impossible for you to slice your main hand while you cut. This is especially helpful for those individuals who have arthritis, joint pain, or limited mobility in their hands or wrists. Another truly amazing thing about this knife is the price and value. Many similar quality knives have a much higher price tag than the Bubba Blade has. This could help the angler who does not want to sell their boat for a tool to clean their fish.

What I Think About The Bubba Blade Tapered Fillet Knife

Personally, I do believe that the seven inch tapered Bubba Blade knife is better than most other common fish fillet knives on the market. The results are often very comparable to the quality of a knife that the professionals use. It can shave hair right out of the package, it comes with a lanyard, a sheathe, and a handle that is a pleasure to hold and use. It is versatile for both freshwater and saltwater fish regardless of size. You can also use it as a hunting knife to help you process and field dress whitetail deer, elk, moose, bears, and other animals. It handles it all.

Compared to other knives on the market for similar quality, they usually cost a lot more and are not near as easy to get your hands on. You usually have to buy the sheathe and other accessories separately too. The added extras certainly do add to the value of the product. All in all, I believe it is a great item for the price as well as a great value.

Something To Know Before Purchasing The Bubba Blade

Before you decide on the knife, ask yourself a few questions. Are you going to purchase one and be done for good? Are you onboard with the idea that there are also other great fillet knives on the market?

The Bubba Blade Is A Great Fillet Knife – Not Bad At All

For what its worth, the Bubba Blade is a pretty great item for the money. It does what you would want any great one to do. It also makes it extremely easy too. All in all, it is a little bulkier than some other knives and this may bother some anglers. After everything, it is a great product and many anglers would not be dissatisfied owning one for themselves. Not only that either. It offers all of these great features for a relatively modest price point that average people can afford.

It is great for fishermen, hunters, and chefs alike. The main thing to remember is that the quality of your fillet knife is important but not as important as your usage of it. You can have the best knife in the world but it will not do you any good without using it properly. It is made in China so many people  may prefer to have a different one made in the United States. Try one out!

Have you ever tried using a Bubba Blade tapered flex?

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  1. Well you must have gotten a completely different bubba blade than I did because the one I received is a piece of junk ! Mine is so slow it struggles to fillet a walleye. And to top it off I can’t even talk to anyone at Bubba Blade because there customer service phone number is no longer in service. IMAGINE THAT!


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