Best Plastic Worms For Bass To Catch Fish

Largemouth bass with a plastic worm and a Texas hook in its mouth.

If you like to fish with worm lures, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass will all take the bait. There is often a lot of discussion about the best plastic worms for bass. There are so many lures available and this can make it almost impossible to pick the right one. Believe it or … Read more

Best Drop Shot Worms For Very Huge Bass

A person holding a largemouth bass by the mouth with a hook and worm over water.

Worms on a drop shot rig produce enough bass to be considered essential in every angler’s tackle box. If you are not a fan of drop shot fishing, you should give it a try. Fishing with worms on a drop shot rig will really help you catch more fish. They are effective everywhere you want … Read more

How To Tie Drop Shot Rigs For Huge Bass

Man holding huge bass sideways by the mouth and belly.

The drop shot is an incredibly effective cold water technique for hammering some of the biggest fish. Once you learn how to tie drop shot rigs, you have a great tool at your disposal that will help you land that largemouth or smallmouth bass of a lifetime. It is terrific for clear water. It is … Read more

Best Wacky Rig Hooks For Bass 2021

A wacky worm in the mouth of a bass being held in the water.

The best wacky rig hooks is a topic just as timeless as the wacky rig itself. Ever since there have been wacky worms and huge catches, there has been debate about what hook to use. There are many great ones to choose from with some better than others. Everyone has their own preferences on which … Read more