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How To Catch Bass In Winter – Bass Fishing

The chill of winter air certainly puts a strain on the bass bite but it may even put more of a strain on bass fishermen. While a lot of bass fishing happens during summer and spring, winter can be an incredible time of year to catch some nice fish and sometimes, even your personal best.

Do Bass Like Crawfish Or Not?

There is a ton of debate in the bass fishing community about a certain subject. Do bass like crawfish? While I can confidently say a resounding yes, the question has confused me for a long time. There is just something about crawfish that makes them a more complicated meal to swallow than say a shad

Best Plastic Worms For Bass To Catch Fish

If you like to fish with worm lures, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass will all take the bait. There is often a lot of discussion about the best plastic worms for bass. There are so many lures available and this can make it almost impossible to pick the right one. Believe it or

Best Drop Shot Worms For Very Huge Bass

Worms on a drop shot rig produce enough bass to be considered essential in every angler’s tackle box. If you are not a fan of drop shot fishing, you should give it a try. Fishing with worms on a drop shot rig will really help you catch more fish. They are effective everywhere you want

How To Catch Bass In A Pond Everywhere

You might not think that some of the best bass fishing opportunities can happen from the bank or shoreline. How to catch bass in a pond is a subject that is perfect for the weekend angler who wants to catch some fish without taking the boat out for a spin. Another reason you may want

How To Tie Drop Shot Rigs For Huge Bass

The drop shot is an incredibly effective cold water technique for hammering some of the biggest fish. Once you learn how to tie drop shot rigs, you have a great tool at your disposal that will help you land that largemouth or smallmouth bass of a lifetime. It is terrific for clear water. It is

Best Soft Plastic Fishing Baits For Bass 2021

The best soft plastic fishing baits are a topic that is debated nonstop. Usually, the question is about which soft plastic lures you should use for bass or other species of fish. Unfortunately, there is no genuinely easy answer. Whenever you ask this question, you have to first accept that there is no one lure

How To Wacky Rig A Senko For Success

If you want to learn how to wacky rig a senko, there are few steps you need to take. First of all, the wacky rig is one of the most popular and effective bass catching techniques out there. It doesn’t matter if you want to use the original Yamasenko, a Yum Dinger, a Shim-e Stick,

Best Wacky Rig Hooks For Bass 2021

The best wacky rig hooks is a topic just as timeless as the wacky rig itself. Ever since there have been wacky worms and huge catches, there has been debate about what hook to use. There are many great ones to choose from with some better than others. Everyone has their own preferences on which

How To Fish With Swimbaits for Bass and Other Fish

One of the best ways to catch the biggest bass in the lake is to throw a swimbait. They look so natural that they have a drawing power unlike pretty much everything else out there. If you can master how to fish with swimbaits for bass and dumb it down to a Science, the biggest