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How To Catch Walleye In Lake Erie 2020

Few things are more fun than being on Lake Erie. Lake Erie is home to some of the best Walleye fishing anywhere on Earth. All of the Great Lakes are generally stacked with great catches. Erie is different because it is the shallowest of the Great Lakes. Because it is so shallow, it is also

How To Fish With Bobbers In 2020 To Catch Any Fish

You never really start fishing unless you learn how to fish with bobbers. A basic bobber rig is one of the most versatile and most effective bait rigs out there. Most commonly, they are the most popular producers for all manners of panfish. These include species such as Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Shellcracker, Green Sunfish, and Longear.

Best Spinnerbaits For Bass – What We Recommend And Why

As fishing lures become more and more mainstream, many anglers have adopted the practice of tying on what looks natural. In saying that, so much of us get caught up in trying to match the hatch that we sometimes forget about the lures that have produced some of the greatest results for us. We owe

How To Fish With Swimbaits for Bass and Other Fish

One of the best ways to catch the biggest bass in the lake is to throw a swimbait. They look so natural that they have a drawing power unlike pretty much everything else out there. If you can master how to fish with swimbaits for bass and dumb it down to a Science, the biggest

How To Fish With Spinnerbaits For Largemouth Bass And Other Fish

If you are an angler specifically going after the Largemouth Bass, one you should never forget how to use is the spinnerbait. You can drastically increase your success if you learn how to fish with spinnerbaits properly. They are one of the best Largemouth Bass lures out there and they are even excellent at targeting

How To Fish With Jerkbaits For Maximum Action

When fish are in a very docile, spooky mood, or even when you have great water clarity in the dead of winter, being overly aggressive in your approach just isn’t going to work. What happens when you just cannot get the fish to react? What do you do then? Well, simple. You stop trying to

How To Fish With A Crankbait For Largemouth Bass and Other Fish

Crankbaits are one of the best baits for fishing both in freshwater as well as saltwater. They can be used for all kinds of fish species such as Largemouth, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Pickerel, Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Dorado, Tuna, and so much more. They are a great bait for fishermen just starting out

Fishing Line Differences – How Fishing Lines Vary

Fishing lines are an extremely controversial topic in the sport of fishing. The subject is almost as controversial as fishing lures. All of the types are subject to some key fishing line differences. Every one you decide to use is a compromise. There is no perfect one. There isn’t one product that can cover every