How To Catch Alligator Gar Fish 2023

Alligator gar in the water lying in wait.

When you look at them compared to other fish, every species of gar is intimidating and somewhat mysterious. The alligator gar doesn’t shy away from a good fight. It is no surprise that many would decide to target the fish for recreation. Built with incredibly thick rows of teeth that resemble razor wire mixed with … Read more

How To Cast A Spinning Rod Easily

Fisherman casting a spinning rod into the water.

You have decided to put down your old button-operated spincaster for a while. You finally decide to take out that shiny and new spinning setup that your older brother got you for Christmas last year. After being removed from the back of the closet, it is likely that you have questions about where in the … Read more

How To Catch Walleye In Lake Erie 2021

Female angler holding a big walleye on a boat in water.

Few things are more fun than being on Lake Erie. Lake Erie is home to some of the best Walleye fishing anywhere on Earth. All of the Great Lakes are generally stacked with great catches. Erie is different because it is the shallowest of the Great Lakes. Because it is so shallow, it is also … Read more