Mystery Tackle Box Review – A Closer Look

Tackle box with fishing lures and hooks on a table.

Many things on the water are mysteries that anglers have to figure out. With that, the one item that everybody says shouldn’t be a mystery is your tackle. Fishing tackle is important to choose carefully because there are so many factors to consider when choosing a lure. Every lure has its place where it wins … Read more

Best Mahi Mahi Lures 2021 – Essential Baits

Mahi mahi fish with a squid fishing lure in its mouth.

How To Choose A Mahi Mahi Lure For More Fish As one of the prettiest and tastiest fish in the entire sea, the Mahi mahi is truly a saltwater lure fishermen’s dream. Fishing for dorado with lures is a sport that is effective and fun. They will readily hit a variety of different offerings and … Read more

Best Lures For Chinook Salmon That Catch Fish

Man in a black shirt holding a huge chinook salmon in shallow water on a sunny day.

All species of salmon are fun to catch. The king salmon also called the Chinook is debatably the best. The best lures for Chinook salmon is a topic that is highly controversial. There are a certain number of modern fishing lures that really do catch enough fish. There are also quite a number of unconventional … Read more

Best White Bass Lures 2021 – The Ones You Need

White bass being held in water by a man.

White bass are not near as popular as stripers or largemouth. Even so, they are starting to make a noticeable comeback in the angling industry as many anglers are starting to target them specifically. The best White Bass lures are a heated topic too and this makes it much more difficult to choose the right … Read more