Lifetime Tandem Kayak Review – Kayaks

Every brand and model of item will vary from one option to another. The same can be said for kayaks. Specifically, the lifetime tandem kayak is a bit different from your average model. There are quite a few features that make it unique. For the sake of this Lifetime Tandem Kayak review, I will be … Read more

Bubba Blade Fillet Knife Review

Although not every person who fishes enjoys the taste of freshly caught fish, those who do would benefit highly from having a great and reliable fillet knife by their side. Having one that is designed and made well will let you get the most meat out of your fish as well as result in less … Read more

Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor Review

At the moment, you may be after a trolling motor to put on your boat. Whether you are looking for power, durability, silence, or even value, I believe Lowrance has made a trolling motor for you that really does blow the competition out of the water. With almost everything one could want or need from … Read more

Abu Garcia Black Max Review – Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia Black Max baitcasting combo.

If you are just starting out in the sport of bass fishing, one thing that can steer new people away is expensive bass fishing tackle. When you see all of the professional anglers using baitcasting rods, the first thing you think of is price. Does this fit into your budget? There are a ton of baitcasting … Read more

Best Big Swimbaits For Bass 2021

Man holding bass with a big swimbait lure hanging out of its mouth on a boat.

If you ever want to play a trophy game for bass, you can. The biggest fish in the lake are generally caught on huge and succulent offerings such as swimbaits. When you are out looking for trophies, it is fairly hard to do, but having the right bait makes it easier. Easier is still not easy. … Read more

Best Bass Fishing Rod And Reel Combos 2021

Largemouth bass caught on a spinning rod combo.

If you ever want to get into bass fishing, you will certainly need a good rod and reel. Some people prefer not to purchase them separately either. This is for a few reasons. One, they cost much more individually than together. Second, it is very hard to match a rod with the proper reel. Third, … Read more

What Is The Best Walleye Fishing Line – Top 10

Fishing line spools on a tablw with bobbers and hooks. on a table.

Fishing for Walleye is a very fun sport. Catching them is even better. After you land a few, you start to think about what nice fillets will result later. Thoughts of fresh, baked, fish in a lemon butter sauce almost cloud your mind. You start getting hungry. The next cast, a monster comes along and … Read more

Best Texas Rig Hooks 2021

Angler holding a largemouth bass with a Texas rig hook and lure in its mouth.

Texas rigs are a great way to rig your lures if you want to throw them in snaggy places. All you need to do is cover the hook point with plastic and you are off to fish the weeds. All you really need is your soft plastic lure and one of the best Texas Rig … Read more

Best Fish Attractants For Bass 2021

A largemouth bass with a big lure in its mouth being held by an angler.

Just when you thought that the debate about fishing scents has ended, another one comes to market the very same year. It seems every tackle supplier has some “secret sauce” that is better than the competitors. Do they though? One that smells fishier or one that sticks better than the rest. That is the claim … Read more