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How To Catch Dorado – Best Methods

One of the most colorful fish in the entire sea, the dorado is a fun fish to catch. They are amazing creatures for many different reasons. They are very colorful, they fight hard, and they are fun to catch. Also, they have great-tasting meat. As saltwater fishing becomes more popular, many anglers are looking into

How To Catch Sockeye Salmon – The Process Explained

Oh, yes. The beautiful sockeye salmon. The sockeye is one of many different species of salmon that you can find in the Pacific Northwest. Sockeyes are easily distinguished by their often red colors and green faces. Catching them is also very fun. How to catch sockeye salmon is a skill you want to have. They

How To Catch Silver Salmon – The Process Explained

The coho salmon is quite a fun fish to fish for and catch. While it lacks size compared the its larger cousin the chinook salmon, the coho certainly still has more more than enough fight inside to please most anglers. Nothing about how to catch coho salmon is very hard so as long as you

How To Catch Chinook Salmon – The Process Explained

Oh yes. The chinook salmon. Also called the king salmon by many, this is one fish that you would love to hook into at least three or four times in your life. They are a very special fish in many parts of the world. This is not only because of how big they get. They