Best Coho Salmon Lures For More Fish

Man with coho salmon female.

There is a lot that is fun about catching salmon limits. Everything about the sport is fun. One of the most popular species to target is the coho salmon. Although it lacks substantial size compared to the Chinook salmon, it is still very fun to catch. If you catch coho salmon has a lot to … Read more

Best Lures For Chinook Salmon That Catch Fish

Man in a black shirt holding a huge chinook salmon in shallow water on a sunny day.

All species of salmon are fun to catch. The king salmon also called the Chinook is debatably the best. The best lures for Chinook salmon is a topic that is highly controversial. There are a certain number of modern fishing lures that really do catch enough fish. There are also quite a number of unconventional … Read more

How To Select A Fishing Rod For Fishing

Person selecting and fishing with a fishing rod.

If you ever want to fish, your going to need a rod. Regardless if it is an old rod laying in the basement for years, you need to bring it out. Some may find it hard to choose if you want to buy a new one. There are many things that should go into consideration … Read more

Best Walleye Fishing Combos For More Fish

Man holding a walleye fish with a rod and reel.

There are many occasions where newer anglers are just getting into the sport of walleye fishing. During these times, they may not be willing to invest their time or money worrying about having to purchase a rod, a reel, and fishing line that all fits together seamlessly. This is especially true when you do not … Read more

Best Fly Fishing Rods For Beginners 2021

Fly fisherman reeling in and fishing with a fly rod.

Fishing with a fly is a very fun and effective way to catch most game fish. If you are just starting out, it can seem a little intimidating. There are so many flies, lines, and other equipment to choose from. The most basic component of any successful angler is the rod once you find the … Read more

Best Muskie Fishing Lures That Work 2021

Man holding a muskellunge fish on a boat in a lake.

Catching Muskellunge is one of the fastest-growing sports in the industry. With this, the market has become saturated with different baits and some gimmicks. The best Muskie fishing lures are the ones that can catch fish year-round in many different water conditions. They are created exclusively for catching fish of this species. Normal tackle usually … Read more

How To Cast A Spinning Rod Easily

Fisherman casting a spinning rod into the water.

You have decided to put down your old button-operated spincaster for a while. You finally decide to take out that shiny and new spinning setup that your older brother got you for Christmas last year. After being removed from the back of the closet, it is likely that you have questions about where in the … Read more

Best Lures For Spotted Bass That Catch Fish

Spotted bass held by a fisherman on the water.

Spotted bass are not targeted by anglers near as much as their close cousins which are the largemouth and smallmouth. While all three of them are members of the black bass family, they are closely related to sunfish. Differently, they all three have a predator instinct and prey drive that sets them well apart from … Read more