Live Bait Walleye Fishing – How Its Done

Man with stringer of walleye on water at night.

Although some fishermen may consider it cheating, live bait fishing is effective for catching trophy walleye. Even so, I have yet to meet a single one that would disagree with me. Nobody wants to admit it either. Live bait walleye fishing is the name of the catching game. In an underwater world, realism is the … Read more

How To Hook A Nightcrawler To Catch Fish

Nightcrawler worm sitting on ground.

European nightcrawlers and other species of earthworm certainly produce fish when nothing else can. That is why knowing how to hook a nightcrawler or another worm is so very important. The way you insert your hook will create or kill your bait’s effectiveness. Not all fish species are the same and some will prefer that … Read more

How To Skin a Fish Fillet Like A Pro

Skinned salmon fillet on a plate with salad and a fork.

A very common question that is asked by cooks, as well as beginning anglers, is how to skin a fish fillet. Although the process is very straightforward and arguably easy for veteran fishermen, it can be difficult for people who have not done it before. Like everything in life, mastering it takes practice. You want … Read more

How To Skin Bluegill Like A Pro

Baked bluegill fillet on a plate with asparagus.

Bluegill Sunfish maybe one of the smallest fish in North America but they are incredibly prolific breeders and also incredibly delicious I believe that bluegill have one of the best meats out of any freshwater fish. What they lack in size they more than makeup for in sheer flavor. I am a very big fan … Read more