Lifetime Tamarack Kayak Review – The Best Kayak On The Market?

Catching more fish on kayaks is something we all want. We all want more opportunities to catch bigger fish in bigger numbers. The size quality of fish as well as the amount of fish that you catch can be drastically greater. Especially true when you are fishing in the middle of a water body instead of on the shore. Having different options to access offshore fisheries can greatly increase your catch.

Without a proper fishing kayak, catching fish becomes more difficult even if you are taking care to do everything else right. This becomes a problem for many especially if you don’t know how kayaks, boats, or fishing platforms work. Also, this creates an entire number problems for many anglers that go out and often make them wonder what they are doing wrong.

The opportunity presented itself of being able to test the Lifetime Tamarack kayak. This one is the angler 100 model. To be brief, it is a very good kayak. In this Lifetime Tamarack Kayak review, I have decided to include this commercial product’s features so you know how it works. In the meantime, you can buy it on Amazon or see what else it has to offer.

For the sake of this review, will be taking a good look at all the features this kayak has to offer. At one point, you probably came across this in the store by accident. I’ll be covering the features of the product and how well the product lives up to its advertising, some pros and cons about this fishing platform, and my final thoughts about it. Honestly, my thoughts are pretty positive.

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  • Inexpensive for a kayak
  • Very Stable
  • Lighter to carry than most
  • Storage options included
  • Very versatile for waves and still water
  • Comes with paddle
  • Paddle keeper included
  • Two mounted rod holders (one adjustable)
  • Works in saltwater too


  • Sit-on top design
  • Legs are uncovered
  • No adjustable foot rests
  • Paddle is not very well made

What Is Included In The Lifetime Tamarack Kayak?

The package comes with the main unit and a paddle ore is included as well but it is not very well made. This particular model is a sit-on-top design which is noticeably less stable on average then recreational kayaks and pontoon hulls or even canoes. Even so, this is expected due to the amount of upfront cost to start with. It may need a paddle upgrade but they cost much less when you consider how much a big and heavy rig costs.

The model is very light in weight. Only fifty one pounds. I absolutely adore the fact that loading it in a car or truck is a one-man job. When you get into really expensive setups and yaks that are made for waves and the like, they can weigh several hundred pounds and you may even need a trailer to tow it.

At that point, if you’re going with a trailer to tow your fishing platform anyway, why not just get an actual motorboat or sailboat? It weighs almost nothing and most people can load it by themselves.

Aside from that, it comes with two pre-mounted rod holders to store your fishing rods. One of them is stationary and the other one is adjustable. This is awesome if you are a catfish man, if you like catching carp, or enjoy utilizing the slip bobber rig. Use them  a secure latches to attach your rods to the kayak. This makes trolling fishing lures easy.

How The Product Works  – What Makes It Different?

As far as the functionality, of this model is concerned,  it tracks straight. Having general control of the unit is pretty incredible. All you have to do is sit down on the seat, extend your legs, and start paddling to your fishing spot. It fits most people under six feet tall and even those who happen to be a little over that.

The seat that you sit down on and ride in the kayak is moderately good. It is not a bad seat but it is just a little hard on the back especially after extended fishing trips.

This is not a kayak that covers the legs or any part of the lower body like a sit-in model does. This means that if you are wearing shorts, make sure you have sunscreen on your legs and any other exposed areas. The sun will magnify it’s rays on your legs and extremities.

Lifetime Tamarack Kayak Usage And Demonstration

What I Think About The Lifetime Tamarack Kayak

If you are just in the market for a good fishing platform to get on the water without having to buy one of the best bass boats or best fishing canoes, this makes a great, inexpensive, option for the angler to get out on the water. You will catch some limits on it for sure. Personally, I think it is better than many models that you could get for this amount of money. There are many models that are better and many that are worse.

Likewise, it’s a pretty good investment. Its performance is normally typical of what you would expect out of a good quality, mid-level, entry cruiser.  It isn’t a hull rig. It is naturally less stable then some but it is still more stable than many. Anyways, it would do what you would want it to do and I know that the fish would not notice any difference regardless.

The Lifetime Tamarack Kayak Is Great For It’s Price

To sum everything up, the Tamarack kayak is a great fishing platform especially to get started with. The product for what it is worth is not a bad one at all. The entire rig is actually very good. It tracks nicely, it’s durable, it’s lightweight, and you can transport it easily.

It does what kayak fisherman would want a kayak to do. Especially true when it matters most. The problem arises when a few of the models are damaged in shipping. Watch out for that. It happens. We also like the very modest price point especially for something of this quality. There are many other competing models that can be used instead to produce much the same results although they have a much higher price point.

These have better paint jobs traditionally and adjustable footrests as well as slightly more comfortable seats. Other than that though, I do not that the extra comfort warrants the extra price. That is because you still have to almost kill yourself to transport them. If you have anything to add, reply in a comment below so we can discuss it further. I am ready to speak about anything you may want to speak about. Just remember to let me know what subject first! Again, just let me know! In the meantime, you should read another post!



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