Every brand and model of item will vary from one option to another. The same can be said for kayaks. Specifically, the lifetime tandem kayak is a bit different from your average model. There are quite a few features that make it unique. For the sake of this Lifetime Tandem Kayak review, I will be breaking down the features of this boat as well as how it has been working for me.

These are things that you would love to know if you want to add it to your fish catching or boating arsenal. This is a product that has a lot of attention and I decided to notice some of that attention with some of my own. I will be covering some of the features of this product, what it has to offer, and a few extra goodies thrown in after. With further ado, lets continue.

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  • Can fit two riders
  • Has the stability of a smaller model
  • Performs like smaller kayaks
  • Very fast
  • Incredible tracking
  • Quick release seats
  • Custom molded footwells
  • Center storage hatch
  • Built-in CRS ultra-light seats
  • Carry handles included
  • Very durable plastic construction
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • Expensive
  • Harder to maneuver alone

What Is Included In The Lifetime Beacon Tandem Kayak?

Of course you get the model itself and it comes with a litany of features that make it an excellent choice for absolutely any person. First it has quick-release seats that fold up easily for storage. They are also extremely comfortable. It has very wide molded foot wells that offer enough room to fit everybody. Next has a center storage hatch for keeping all of your tackle food or other products.

It also has a rear tank well with a cargo lacing system. It is basically a hollow chamber in the back with a mesh covering strapped over and attach the seat. Think of it like the trunk. It also has something that is very unique on this particular model. It has a very innovative and easy roller skeg wheel. This is almost like a rudder for a boat but instead of steering, it makes the vehicle track easier in wind.

It can make you a much more proficient kayaker and a much more confident boater. This is so much more important when you are driving a make and model in tandem with someone else.

This extra output will offset more errors. A lot of the time, the schedule can mean the difference between staying on top or falling over, especially with two people. Aside from that, the unit itself is made from a rock-hard, uv-protected, high-density, polyethylene construction. This makes it incredibly durable as it hits rocks, wood, and precariously hard waves.

How The Product Works  – What Makes It Different?

As far as functionality is concerned, this heavy yak is just as stable as smaller models and it goes as fast too. The unit itself is pretty easy to maneuver if you have someone with you helping you out and it does a little bit harder without this. The seats are very comfortable and they released quickly too. When you buy kayaks, the very first thing to go is the seat.

Not so with this one. This is a sit-on-top design. Just like its cheaper model, the Lifetime Tamerack. Both occupants will rest comfortably on the top of the platform and never on the inside. This thing is built almost like a motorboat!

I mean that too. The unit is also very heavy that it will likely need two movers to move it and it is not recommended to try and transport solo. It weighs over a hundred pounds! The criteria that makes it different from others within its price range is  how it performs differently then they do, primarily like a small kayak.

Usage And Demonstration

What I Think About The Lifetime Beacon Tandem Kayak

If you are in the market for a water platform of the highest tier while not having to buy an actual boat or a canoe, this one just makes one of the best. Although pricey, this is a brilliant option for any angler who wants to get out with someone they love. Technically you can ride in the kayak by yourself to if you choose. It will just be harder to maneuver without the other rider. This one fits that bill perfectly.

It is one of the best investments that an angler can make if they really are serious about catching fish in a kayak or if they are teaching their partner how to paddle. Very stable, it tracks right, it is comfortable, and it can fit two people comfortably. To be honest, the price is up there but I do not think that this should dissuade you from getting one yourself. Even so, quality is like no other.

One Of The Best Kayaks On The Market But It’s Pricey

To put everything together, the Lifetime Beacon Tandem Kayak is a fishing platform of the highest  quality. The price may be pretty high but it is worth every penny. It does everything that you expect out of top-tier model. Truly is an awesome product.

It has absolutely anything and everything you could have come to expect. The materials are made with the finest quality that money can buy. It also has  some extras on it that you will not find on lower budget models. It is a very great idea if you want to fish with kids or enjoy a day on the water with your sweetheart. Again, cheaper models exist but they are most of the time, of less quality.

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