Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor Review

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At the moment, you may be after a trolling motor to put on your boat. Whether you are looking for power, durability, silence, or even value, I believe Lowrance has made a trolling motor for you that really does blow the competition out of the water. With almost everything one could want or need from a trolling motor, Lowrance has created one called “The Ghost”. What exactly is this device and what does it have to offer those fishermen who want a new trolling rig for their ride?

In this Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor review, we will take a look at one of the highest rated trolling setups on the market and more specifically, how it got all of those high ratings from thousands of customers. We will cover product features as well as some common things to look for before you decide to add it to your fishing arsenal. Why is it popular and what makes it special? Let’s find out exactly why it has been marketed as the best trolling motor on the market.

Product Features – A Closer Look At The Factory Specs


  • Designed for freshwater only
  • Shaft length of 47, 52, or 60
  • Bow mounting location
  • 360 degree breakaway
  • Scissor mount
  • Thrust – 120 pounds (36 volts) or 97 (24 volts)
  • Voltage of 36v or 24v
  • Fly-by wire steering
  • Dual-Action Gas Spring Lift Assist
  • External compass (included)
  • Internal GPS system
  • 3-year warranty – lifetime for the shaft


  • HDI sonar nosecone
  • Supports medium/high chirp sonar, 455/800 Khz
  • 3-in-1 underwater map imaging
  • Depth and temperature gauge
  • Utilizes an included mini 9-Pin to 9-Pin Lowrance adaptor


  • Custom routes
  • Turn patterns
  • Constant on
  • Anchor lock
  • Heading Lock

Foot Pedal

  • Flipswitch
  • Programmable shortcut keys
  • Waterproof rating of Ipx7
  • Dimensions equal 11 ¾” L, 7 ¼” W, 4 ½”

A Deeper Look At The Motor On The Stock Unit

The first thing you need to know about this product is that it is not designed for saltwater use as you can severely damage its hardware. With that in mind, it makes one of the best companions for freshwater fishermen. The shaft comes in three sizes including forty seven, fifty two, or sixty. The unit is designed to be easily fitted to the bow of your boat. It can generate up to 120 pounds of thrust depending on the amount of voltage being used to power the unit.

In proper standards, that is really quite incredible for a trolling motor. This trolling motor comes equipped with a dual-action gas spring lift assist to easily allow all fishermen to take it out of the water easily, especially if you have limited strength or mobility in your hands or joints. There is also a compass that comes included and it is an external compass. The mounting bracket is a scissor style bracket, perfect for almost every boat out there. It will likely fits yours too.

A 360 degrees breakaway system is also present to make everything easier to use when out fishing. Fly-by wire steering is also centered around making it more convenient for the angler. Internal GPS also makes it easy to map out good fishing spots before traveling to them. Did I also mention that the motor is almost dead silent when its powered on and running? That is not usually something you find elsewhere especially on equipment like water machinery.

Sonar And Underwater Map Imaging Software

As far as sonar goes, this particular unit still uses all of the industry gold standards that is found on its top performing competitors. I love that it has a depth and temperature gauge built right into the device. Just those two features alone remove the need for guessing the depth the fish are at, as well as how cold the water is. Don’t all of them? Well, yes and no. All of the ones that do rarely give an exact number like this one does. In other models, I have found that a close approximation is all you get from many which can make or break your fishing day.

That may not seem like much but to be honest, those two factors heavily influence what lures to throw and where. Having that come with the piece is very nice already. Aside from that, it supports medium and high chirp sonar from 455 to 800 Khz from its HDI sonar nosecone. Perfect for all of you Lake Erie walleye and Great Lake smallmouth bass fishermen. An adapter is included to make it work properly with a mini nine pin to nine pin attachment port inside.

Autopilot Features And Other Helpful Things

If you like having a piece of equipment that is just set it and forget it or if you like having someone else steer the boat when your fishing, you are going to love the autopilot features. The device can be programmed to steer your boat for you, hands-free. This can be especially valuable when you are trying to cover water with crankbaits or find where the fish are. If you get a fish on your line, you will not need to free up your hands before you hook the fish. There is also programmable shortcut keys built right in so you can change your controls.

If you do not appreciate their current placements, this technology is so advanced that it will drive your boat entirely on its own so as long as you input the required commands. It also will do predefined as well as custom routes for you. A flipswitch foot pedal is also included which allows you to switch modes as easily as pushing a gas peddle. It also has a built in anchor system and a built in rough water stabilizer for white water.

Price, Ratings, And My True Final Thoughts About It

To summarize, the Lowrance Ghost Trolling motor really is a beast of a motor to have on the boat in freshwater. It is a very great product and while it is expensive, it really does provide the angler with a truly magnificent piece of fish catching machinery that will compliment any boat and fish catching personality. Almost dead quiet, durable, reliable, and it even includes all of the extras that you would normally find on great, top-performing, trolling motors.

Is it the best trolling motor on the market? Although that question is debatable regarding semantics, I do not really think you can get much better in terms of quality. No, I am not saying it is “the best one on the market” as the manufacturer claims. I am just saying it is the best one to choose for literally thousands of anglers today. This is because there are not a whole lot of similar products out there to compare it to, especially when you consider the price differences.

To be truthful though, you will pay $3,249.99 plus tax for this piece of hardware. That is a sort of steep investment for some but when quality counts, you often get what you pay for. It has a fantastic motor, its easy to use, it works with your fish finder, and the shaft comes with a lifetime warranty. Do I recommend it? Yes. Would I use it? Every. Single. Time. What more can you ask for? If there is a better value for what you get on the market today, let me know in the comments. Drop a rely in a comment below so we can hear your thoughts about this piece.

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