Product: Stealth BraidBlue Camouflage Spiderwire stealth braided line box and spool isolated on a white background.

Manufacturer: SPIDERWIRE

Product Type:  Braided Line

Material: Dyneema

Color Selection: Excellent

Overall Quality: Excellent

Value: Excellent




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A good line is worth its weight in gold. Everything about braided lines has changed within the last 20 years. Even the processes used to manufacture them have made a stunning step forward.

From various materials to specific manufacturing processes, and even coatings that are applied to the line when finished, advancements in materials and technology have left anglers with a ton of choices to spool their reels with.

Take the manufacturers at Spiderwire for example. A leader in fishing lines, they have created a product that uses Dyneema, the world’s strongest fiber. It is the exact same premium polyethylene plastic that is used in heavy machinery as well as bulletproof vests.

Dyneema is up to 15 times stronger than steel by weight. In this Spiderwire Stealth braid review, we will be going over what makes this product so good. We will also touch on some things that we believe might make the product better if the manufacturers ever decide to improve on its design in the future.

What Is Included With This Product?

A single spool of very durable braided fishing line of varying lengths, pound tests, and color options to perfectly suit any water condition you may come across. The options vary drastically. There is enough variety to choose from so that you are never without a good product to spool up all of your reels with.

You have a choice of different colors as well as yardage and strength capabilities. Normally, spools of line are sold individually but the price you get is more discounted the more you buy. You get a good product that will fit on absolutely any reel that accepts braided line.

You have the option to choose from an extremely thin 2-pound test for catching panfish all the way up to 65-pound strands to use for the hardest frog fishing and huge fish catches.

Pros and Cons


   Many available colors to match any water clarity

   Excellent breaking and knot strength

   Handles well on both baitcasters and spinning reels

   Color lasts a very long time

   Very easy to cast a good distance

  • First off, we will start by going over the things that we absolutely love about this product. The very first thing is the available color options available to anglers. Just this feature alone is pretty incredible. It comes with enough options to successfully utilize it no matter where you fish. There is an available color for absolutely every water clarity. The default color is moss green. This is the traditional color you would originally have.

Good for many applications that you would normally come across. They also have a blue camouflage for those who like to fish blue water without the fish seeing the line. They also have another color simply called camouflage.

It is a wood and brush, military-inspired, basic color for blending in with the trees, leaves, and grass. They also have a glow Vis green that is helpful if you want to be able to see your line easily without the fish taking to much notice.

Another color called hi-vis yellow is offered in case you want to see your line very well and you are after fish that are not line shy, such as catfish or Crappie. Another option is the pink camouflage which is more of a neutral color although exotic.

The last color is rather helpful. It is translucent. Although it appears white and not necessarily clear on the spool, it does break up the outline of the strand underwater and it is very hard to see.

  • The next thing that we particularly love is the strength and durability of this particular line, as well as the strength it has under knot pressure. It is incredibly strong for its thin diameter. Being made up of Dyneema seems to really help it stand out from the crowd. The strongest fiber in the world was used to make this particular superline. Not only does that result in a physically strong and reliable line, but it also means that it has an absurd amount of resistance to fraying or slipping from knots.

  • We also love that you can spool up regardless of which reel type you prefer to use. While superlines are generally used on baitcasters, it handles even better on spinning reels. If you wanted to get a product to exclusively use on spinning tackle, this makes a great option to do that with. The way it handles and manages on baitcasting gear is also to be commended.

You can use it for everything from frog fishing, to jigging, to drop-shotting, to topwater walking baits, and even live bait rigs for Pike, Catfish, Crappie, or Walleye. It tends to hold the color inside of the fibers very well.

While many will complain about other options that would start to fade over time, the manufacturers insisted and made sure that this was not much of an issue. I have yet to see a superline that holds onto dye as well as this one.

Apparently, the coating that they use to pigment the outside of the strand is very good at keeping and holding onto the color. So much so, that it is hard to notice the difference between older and newer spools unless you are looking.

  • Another very important and efficient aspect of this particular strand is its uncanny ability to cast it a country mile and a half. It slides through the guides on the rod very easily. The fishing line differences in different brands can be a pain to cast. It also gives you the added advantage of being supple and light which is much easier on the arms and shoulders. It tends to work well with most lures and presentations and is good at catapulting them to kingdom come. A good cast is also much easier when your equipment cooperates with you. This one does that and it does it very effectively.



   Not suitable for extreme currents or waves

   A little friction. Can knot up a little more than other lines.

  • There are also a few things that could be considered as room for improvement. While we do generally agree that there is no perfect product especially in the sport of fishing, some things can be improved for sure. The first one is the susceptibility to fishing in rapid water bodies. It does have a problem fishing in water that moves faster. Apparently, the waves like to weaken the fibers. Extreme waves such as white water and heavy rapids are abrasive to its integrity. A minor flaw that can be easily overlooked, but it is there.


  • One more thing we think could be adjusted by the manufacturer is the friction. It does slide through the guides very well and has great knot strength but the process of tying those knots may be slightly more trouble if you do it incorrectly. This product tends to knot up a little more than some competitors. In so being, you might have to take some extra care while tying your knots so that it does not catch and knot up on you. Lubrication is a must for this one and applying lubrication correctly is essential to getting a good, strong, reliable knot.

Is This Superline Worth The Price?

The answer to that question is dependant on who you ask. It is a pretty good deal. Prices are always going up and down but I believe this is one of the best values for the money. You get a reliable, strong, product that works well on both spinning reel types.

It does what you would want it to do. The price depends heavily on what pound test and yardage you would prefer to get. If it is just a few hundred yards, it might be a very easy decision for you. If you are stuck trying to decide how much to buy, it might not be a bad idea to consider purchasing a smaller amount.

For what you get, it is not terribly expensive at all and is pretty reasonably priced. Whether it is worth it or not is completely dependant on the angler to decide. If I had to give an answer on the subject, I would say it is. Nonetheless, I think that everyone should be convinced of the value they are getting before making their final purchase.

My Experience With This Product

This is my favorite choice to go on all of my spinning reels. Although I do not exclusively use just this one, I have used it enough and I can attest to its effectiveness on a personal level. This is one of my absolute favorite superlines out there.

I have used it to catch many fish in many different waters. I have used it to catch big and small fish alike. It performs very well. It holds up for a very long time and is extremely durable. I personally use it for frog fishing and anything that requires a superline on a spinning reel.

It also does not tend to completely drain out the wallet. While it does perform as I would like, it also has the added benefit of fitting into my budget. I have used it to reel in huge catfish, Pike, and Walleye. I have landed Crappie, Bluegill, and Bass on it too.

It tends to work very well on the dropshot rig as well as jigs and saltwater applications. The sensitivity is really good and I even love to use it for finesse presentations that require more stealth. It has absolutely no stretch at all so hooksets are a hit or miss.

I have found that it is very reactive and it helps me work my lures even on very long casts. I normally tie a Palomar knot and have never had a knot slip. I have had one failure line itself and it snapped. Again, I think I would have landed the fish if it wasn’t for my own way of thinking.

Final Results – Positive and Recommended

Ultimately, I think it is a great choice to use on your reels. While it may be best for calmer water and have a tendency to knot up slightly more than other fishing options available, I do not recommend against this product at all.

You get a good and durable line that is tough and resists breaking and knot slippage extremely well. It is a very good casting choice for the people who have physical limitations in their shoulders or who would just prefer to get more distance on their casts.

The color used in the making of it takes a very long time to fade and it is great on both baitcasting and spinning tackle. The amount of different options as far as strengths and colors is a nice addition too.

They will match absolutely any water situation you could ever hope to come across. The price for the quality is not a bad bargain either. All in all, I recommend you give this one a try the next time you need to spool up. It is worth it.


What experiences have you had with this particular superline? Leave a comment below to let us know.


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