Twitching Fishing Lure Reviews – Does It Catch Fish or Anglers?



Product: Twitching Lure

Manufacturer: FirstFish

Type Of Lure: Jerkbait

Hook Quality: Excellent

Realism: Poor

Value: Poor

My Rating: 2 Stars

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The lures that anglers tie on the end of their lines are what fish see and react to. If you do not have a good lure on your line, you might as well pick up your tackle and go home.

Ever since the invention of the fishing hook, anglers have always searched out that one lure that will do all the work for them and put an end to all fishing lures for good.

For ages, we have looked for it and for ages, we have also failed to find it. We have always longed for that silver bullet. That one magical lure that has been blessed by the fish themselves.

Today, we are going to be reviewing a product that claims to wear that title. The title of the silver bullet for fishing lures. That lure happens to be an As Seen On TV product as well.

Whenever we review these kinds of lures, we are always careful to provide information that is true, unbiased, and does not attempt to sell anything. TV commercials attempt to do that constantly.

Anglers have every reason to be skeptical about products like these because they can often be a lure that catches anglers instead of fish.

They call it the Twitching Lure. Finding good Twitching fishing lure reviews on the internet is a challenge so we decided to put one together.

The one reason you may struggle finding good reviews of this lure is probably that they likely don’t exist. There are very specific reasons for that.

What Is Included In The Twitching Lure Product?

Well, to be quite honest, it isn’t much at all. Of course, you receive the electronic lure that is supposed to be the end of your tackle box but you also receive a charger that you can plug it in with via a USB port.

That is literally everything you get for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. That means this lure is around twenty dollars. If you assume that the cost of shipping and handling will pay for the charger, you are still left with a lure that costs around twenty dollars individually when it only cost about three or four as the retail price. Pretty deep and steep hill investment for one lure.

Even so, wouldn’t twenty dollars be worth it many times over if you never have to buy another lure to fish with? Is it worth it? If it lives up to its claim, we would say it absolutely is. Does it live up to the claims though? If it doesn’t, we suggest keeping your tackle box and purchasing a cheaper lure instead.

How The Twitching Lure Works – The Claim

According to the commercial, the twitching lures are the first electronic fishing lures. The fact that the lures are run by an internal rechargeable battery also claim to be the reason why they work so well.

They call it the genetic secret to catching fish. They also claim that the lure flashes, buzzes, and twitches attracting fish from miles away. They say that fish cannot resist that twitch because it triggers their urge to strike deep down in their DNA.

Also, they guarantee a catch on every cast or your money back. The commercial also depicts a simulated stopwatch and casting scenario in which it took exactly 10 seconds for fish to strike right down to the millisecond. They say it works that fast.

They say that fish cannot resist a lure with a twitch. It triggers their DNA. Near the end of the commercial, they make a VERY bold claim. “You will not find another lure like it on planet Earth” were their exact words. They point out that it has been featured in major fishing magazines.

They say it takes the guessing out of fishing. Also, they say that this is the one lure to replace them all.  If you do not believe us when we say that these claims were exactly the ones made, please refer to the video when you come to that section in just a little while.


There are some very bold claims that are made for this product. Before I start calling out the marketers of this bait for tons of false advertising, I want to make one thing clear first.

Anybody who knows who I am can confirm that I am not the angler who goes around with a biased opinion dissing products on purpose just because I can.

To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I had a product that appeals to my negative perceptions as well as this one.

I don’t like scams and I certainly don’t like it when they are disguised as the opposite of one and then marketed to people like myself and my fellow anglers.

Similar commercial lures like the Mighty Bite Fishing System and the Banjo Minnow are other as seen on TV fishing lures that both pretty much have the exact same claim too.

They all claim to be the last lure you will ever need to own. Although it is not true, I love pointing out in our Mighty Bite lure review that they are actually very good lures if used correctly.

I point out that the angler would have to decide on whether to purchase these expensive products for themselves or not. I don’t like calling products scams at all. This one is an exception to my rule though.

While all three lures fit the definition of the word scam to some extent in their own right, it can be argued that the Mighty Bite Fishing System, as well as the Banjo Minnow, are original designs.

It can be argued that two of them were created by an original inventor. This lure claims to do all the work for you too but removes most of the originality.

The creators of the other two lures actually made a design that the angler has never seen before and they use this to market the products.

An example is when the narrator on the commercial of the Banjo Minnow says that it is the fisherman who makes the minnow behave correctly simply because the design of the lure is different to traditional lures.

Our Banjo Minnow review covers that in more detail. The difference in this lure is that it takes an already existing lure that can be bought at a local tackle shop for five or six dollars and they market it to newer anglers as the best fishing invention ever created.

They then have the nerve to sell it at twenty or more dollars after they put a vibrator and light inside of it. I get that they are doing business and trying to make a profit but being dishonest with the customers isn’t a great tactic to keep them purchasing from you.

It is quite frankly a bald-faced lie and a petty one at that. A scam is defined by Merriam Webster as a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation. This fishing lure fits the topic perfectly.

(Also, it never hurts to point out that the fish being caught on the lure in the video are schooling Amberjack. No offense to the anglers who love this species of fish, but Amberjack would have likely attacked any other lure they dropped down there as well.)

(Amberjacks are even known for attacking lighter colored rocks if you drop it past them in this phase. You can also get them to bite a drinking straw or gum wrapper. Just thought it was worth mentioning.)

To further prove how this is a scam with the intention of stealing your money, and not merely just a play on words or misuse by the angler, we will address all of the points made in the video.

For the sake of being fair and giving the bait a decent chance, we have decided to first take a look at the website for these products, go over what’s wrong with it, and then we will address all of the points made in the video.

The Website

For the sake of avoiding legal repercussions, we are not going to post any imagery of the site used to sell it on our own website. Instead, we advise that you check out the link at

The very first thing that you notice on the website is near the top. It seems to be a badge of some sort. It says 100% genuine product on the badge. Very interesting. If it already was an original product, to begin with, what is the point of actually putting this on here?

Seems kind of redundant right? I don’t see many As Seen On TV products wearing this label if any. It almost seems like it was put there on purpose so people wouldn’t think that this is a copied lure from somewhere else. Nice try but it didn’t work. The craziest thing about this label is the fact that it isn’t a 100% original lure. It has Mustad branded hooks on it which are also commercially available pretty much everywhere.

Great choice of hooks to be quite honest. Mustad has been ripping lips from sharp points and barbs for a very long time and they are one of the best companies in the industry.

Great hook choice. I use Mustad hooks myself because they are one of the best. They, however, are not original hooks nor do they belong to the company that made this lure. They actually give Mustad credit for the hooks on the website and are not taking any chances with them not noticing it.

Good. They don’t want to try a courtroom with Mustad. If they are going to give credit to the company to avoid legal issues though, can’t they at least spell their name correctly? I don’t remember the last time mustard actually made a good choice for a hook.

There is a statement made that says it twitches, flashes, and buzzes like a wounded baitfish. Last time I checked, wounded baitfish don’t twitch. They swim with a slightly of centered wobble. Next, wounded baitfish don’t flash very much. Unless it is a species of shiner or a silver-scaled fish, they don’t do that either. Last but not least, wounded baitfish certainly don’t buzz. That one is pretty common sense.

Moving down the site a little more, it says that no fish can resist the twitching lure. While this lure does an okay job catching predator species like bass and pike, it doesn’t target all species of fish.

For instance, fish like the Grass Carp and Common Carp just prefer not to be anywhere near lures of any kind including this one. To say that no fish can resist it is like saying no fish but Carp and other plant-eating species can resist. It is a dishonest statement.

Not to far after that statement, there is a very direct and specific statement made. It says: “There are thousands of lures, hooks, baits, and bobbers…some cost over $50.00. Those are meant to catch anglers and not fish. The rechargeable twitching lure takes the guessing out of fishing. This one lure replaces them all. With Twitch, you can throw all your old lures away. It’s just that easy!”.

The irony of putting this on their website is because they claim to fix the very same problem they are creating. Many would argue that THIS lure catches anglers and not fish. For many people, it doesn’t. Sounds like they are saying every other lure but this one is meant to catch anglers and not fish.

Other lures catch fish almost exclusively too. One lure doesn’t replace them all. You need much more than one lure if you fish. This jerkbait is a topwater lure. That means ocean anglers who fish 20+ feet down can have their dreams crushed on a daily basis.

Also, an exposed treble hook lure would hang up in the slightest of snags. That’s why you fish with frogs in weedy areas. They don’t have that problem. All lures fail at some point. If it didn’t happen, this lure would be the very best one of all time.

(If someone knows who the female professional angler who is depicted holding a Peacock Bass and what her name is, let us know down in the comments. We have never seen or heard of her being a pro in fishing.)

The Video


1. The Genetic Secret To Catching Fish

Well, to be fair, baits that rattle, buzz, swim erratically and make noise are caught from reaction strikes. For those who are unaware, reaction strikes irritate fish into striking. In other words, they don’t hit it because they are programmed to by DNA to hit wounded baitfish or because they are hungry. Buzzing, noises, and vibrations are not how to fish with  jerkbaits.

They hit these lures because they are irritated. Fish have a lateral line that runs down their side. It is used for detecting vibrations and it is extremely sensitive. They use it to find food as well as to avoid threats. What is the only way a fish can kill the annoying creature that is putting them in pain while not leaving them alone?

Bite it of course! They crush it in their mouth. If you are skeptical about this fact, try night fishing with reaction lures of some sort. You still get hit and catch fish. Next point.

2. The Lure Flashes, Buzzes, and Twitches Attracting Fish From Miles Away

This is a concept that the lure actually achieves and focuses in on. Nice to see them admit that. This feature of the lure actually demonstrates why crankbaits and other reaction lures are often used.

Water displacement such as rattles and vibrations can draw fish in from longer distances and help them find your lure. Let us all be honest with ourselves though. Miles away? How many?

You mean an angler could throw this lure into a local pond while it is buzzing, let it sit there and every fish that inhabits the water will eventually come and bite it? Sorry. That claim is bold. To bold.

No lure can do that. You would be lucky to even be able to feel the vibrations of a school bus dropping in the pond at that distance. Forget this twenty dollar lure doing that. It just isn’t possible.

3. Fish Cannot Resist That Twitch Because It Triggers Their Urge To Strike Deep Down In Their DNA

As was addressed in the previous point, this isn’t the case. At least not for the reason they claim anyways. The reason they bite is out of reaction. Not hunger.

They make it sound like the fish is biting the lure for food which just isn’t true. Jerkbaits are hunger-inducing lures that key in on the hunger of the fish for a bite but this lure doesn’t utilize that as its reason.  They use the term injured baitfish. Fish love injured baitfish but this does not behave or look like one at all.

Jerkbaits are designed to look like injured baitfish on the surface, but this one just doesn’t do that. It focuses on reactions only. This claim has more to do with their vibration sensing lateral line than their stomach. I wish they would make it more clear or at the very least, mention it to the consumer.

4. Guaranteed Catch On Every Cast Or Your Money Back

Needless to say, many people got their money back if they actually honored this offer. It is impossible to get a fish on every cast regardless of how good your lure is.

Eventually, you would run out of fish in an area if it actually did this as they say. To catch a fish, a fish needs to be present in the first place.

Assuming the offer to be true, you can throw this in a swimming pool and catch fish on it. We all see how ridiculous that sounds. Even when fish are present, you need to work the lure and get them to take it using patience.

I have actually seen fish come up to surface to inspect this lure, look at it while it is buzzing, then swim away. One lure that I personally owned broke because the valve cap came off in normal fishing conditions.

Water then got inside of the lures internal compartment and it stopped working. It then became a normal jerkbait. At the very least, it would be nice to make a bait waterproof if you are going to put it in the water. I actually managed to catch a few fish on the broken lure. If anything, it seems like the electric current and vibrations helped repel the fish instead of attracting them.

5. 10 Seconds. POW! The Twitching Lure Works That Fast!

Wait. You not only made ( or refused to make) one of the most unoriginal baits in the history of television, but you actually made it guarantee a fish on every cast and then claim it only takes 10 seconds between bites?

Ladies and gentlemen, if this was the case, this would be everything the lure was advertised for and it would also be illegal to use in public fisheries. A lure like this WOULD make you the best fisherman on the planet. At that point, you might as well not even call it fishing anymore. A lure of that caliber is just plain cheating. Thank goodness that this lure doesn’t really do that.

6. You Will Never Find Another Lure Like It On Planet Earth

Let’s see. Jerkbaits aren’t that hard to come by. I can think of many different lures off the top of my head that resemble this lure in appearance and even perform better in normal fishing conditions. I have personally fished with these kinds of lures my entire life. As hard as it may seem to believe, they do make these lures and they really aren’t that rare.

They actually do make them for civilian use. They actually make chrome colored jerkbaits, believe it or not.  They are actually created to be used by the anglers of the general public.  They actually pay people to manufacture these lures in factories so individuals like you and me can use one whenever we feel the need or want to.

Why not? Jerkbaits are great surface baits and they catch a ton of fish. I wouldn’t even call this lure a true jerkbait though. How about the Strike King brand jerkbait? What about the Megabass series of jerkbaits? What about Rapala lures in general?

Image of assorted jerkbaits similar to the Twitching Lure for comparison.

7. The Twitching Lure Has Been Featured In USA Today And Even Major Fishing Magazines

Cool. That is always an honor. Do you know what else has been featured in such written articles? Other jerkbaits! Crankbaits! Soft plastic worms!

Pretty much every other style of modern fishing lure out there including much more than one brand a piece for each style. Just because a lure is in a fishing magazine doesn’t make it good or bad lure.

It just makes it commercial. I have seen anglers show tips and techniques about using rubber bands on their live bait rigs in these very same magazines. That really doesn’t make rubber bands good or bad. It just makes them locally recognized as a potential tool.

8. The Twitching Lure Takes The Guess Out Of Fishing. One Lure Replaces Them All!

Let’s face it. If this lure actually did this, you would not even be reading this review right now. Not knowing how to choose a lure is a problem but it is easily remedied.

The problem I have personally have with this entire commercial is that it depicts an angler moving all his other lures aside to make room for this one. Let us state the facts about this lure and stick to them. This lure is a jerkbait. A jerkbait is a bass lure. It is also a topwater bait.

You can use it to target all major game fish but jerkbaits don’t sink in the slightest. Neither does this one. If you are fishing for any species lower than ten feet below the surface, this lure will not catch them. Sorry, but it is the truth. The commercial mentions Marlin and other deepwater fish. Come on.

Marlin? A Marlin is actually going to come up to the surface from five hundred plus feet down to munch on a topwater bait the size of its eyeball because it can sense the lure? You can decide that one for yourself. They better have bigger saltwater versions of these lures because if the one you receive is the one they expect you to catch Marlin and Tuna on, you can seriously start to question their authority and ability as anglers and if they even fish at all.

Tackle box loaded with different lures and hooks.

Twitching Lure or Not? Does the Twitching Lure Catch Fish?

The most important question is really up for debate. There is so much dishonesty and incorrect information in the commercial that is supposed to advertise this lure and even about fishing in general, that it is almost impossible to give a direct and specific answer without sounding hateful or grateful. Normally, a question such as this has two parts that directly influence an anglers perception of its effectiveness and ultimately whether to add the lure to their jerkbait arsenal or not.


  1. Does the Twiching Lure catch fish? Yes.  ( but not better than other jerkbaits)
  • The Twitching lure does help you catch fish. By that I mean it helps you catch fish in the exact same manner as all other similar jerkbaits. If either of these similar lures will work to catch fish in a give situation, using this one over the other will produce much the same results. I don’t think the fish really notice a substantial difference in the way it is presented aside from the annoying racket that resonates from the shell of the body when it touches the water.

2. Does the Twitching Lure catch fish as advertised? NO!

For all the reasons we had to go over for the sheer sake of honesty, integrity, and correction, they explain why the Twitching Lure does NOT catch fish as it is advertised to do. The reason is not because of some genetic secret, it doesn’t attract fish from miles away, the urge to strike the lure is very much misplaced, it doesn’t catch a fish every cast, it doesn’t land a fish every 10 seconds, it neglects the existence of similar lures on the market, it isn’t talked about in magazines any more than other lures are, and most importantly, IT DOES NOT REPLACE ALL YOUR LURES! It cannot even do half of what the lures in my arsenal can. I can catch much more fish in one day using my tackle box than I could with using this lure by itself. It is just a fact.

Pros                                               Cons


1.  Catches Fish                                                                          1.  Expensive (Roughly $20 a Lure)

2.  Sharp Mustad Hooks                                                            2.  Does not get a fish every cast

                                                                             3.  Not able to target deep dwellers

4. Alternatives work just as well

5. The protective cap falls off in normal fishing conditions.

6. Buzzes to loudly to keep in your tackle box

7. Cannot turn it off

8. One color

9. Dishonest manufacturers


Thoughts On the Twitching Lure

For what the lure is, it is a decent jerkbait but for the money, the average angler is likely to consider it a negative investment. Other than the electric cover falling out so water can enter the lure and completely break the electronics inside rendering it the same as other jerkbaits, I really do not have a problem with the design of the lure itself.

This lure will catch fish just as well (but not any better) than other jerkbaits. The problem with this lure is the marketing that is used. The people who made the commercial for this bait are just straight up liars and I wonder how they sleep at night. The lure does NOT get a fish every cast as they say.

This lure does not replace every lure in your tackle box. This lure does not do any of the things mentioned in the commercial well enough to be advertised as a lure that replaces everything. It does what you want a jerkbait to do. They added a vibration chamber and a light to a commercially available lure.

Decent But Expensive Jerkbait, Not Revolutionary At All

Everything has pretty much already been said. The Twitching Lure has the added benefit of adding vibration to a jerkbait. That’s it. I don’t see the special attributes or why they even brought it to TV.

It seems to me that they really did some cherry picking with this bait and that the company really needed some money quickly. It appears like they did a very lazy job of creating (not creating) the one lure that was supposed to stop you from using your tackle box ever again. The lure is okay for what it is. It does what a jerkbait should do.

It is, however, expensive. We dare to say that there is not one revolutionary thing about this lure. This lure is already commercially available here and IT DOESN’T CATCH A FISH EVERY CAST! The reason is very simple why so many fishing lures exist. They exist because fishing is a complicated sport on the surface. Not one lure can cover every scenario for you so you need more than one to experiment.

It is very easy to set up an unrealistic, hypothetical, situation given all of the claims it fails to deliver on. To say you can catch Blue Marlin out of a swimming pool every ten seconds just will not happen. Yes, the example is unrealistic but very possible by the standards of the commercial. I felt very uncomfortable writing this post simply because it felt like I was being biased, hateful, or deceitful about the product.

It wasn’t my intentions. The sheer amount of nonsense, shady business, and disrespect to real people that went on in the marketing of this jerkbait was just to much for TV. This company really didn’t have to take it there. The saddest part is that we have to feel bad for the anglers who bought into this lure when they first started fishing and actually threw out their tackle boxes because of it. It didn’t have to happen that way but it did. If anything, the definition of the word SCAM can be summed up in two words. Twitching Lure.


How did the Twitching Lure work for you? Reply and let us know!


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