Fishing for Walleye is a very fun sport. Catching them is even better. After you land a few, you start to think about what nice fillets will result later. Thoughts of fresh, baked, fish in a lemon butter sauce almost cloud your mind. You start getting hungry.

The next cast, a monster comes along and bites right through your fishing line. How did this even happen? Everybody has asked this question before.

What is the best Walleye fishing line? More specifically, what lines hold up best to those teeth? Also, which ones are sensitive enough for this species? Moreover, what line is the very best at everything? Usually, the answer is a braid, braid, braid, braid or braid, braid with a leader, or monofilament. This answer is not very helpful because the fish just bit right through the stuff you were already using. That is not to say though, that the line failed. If it did, there are some braids that have proven themselves.

As long as you have your drag set correctly, it becomes easier to land them. Before anybody asks, attaching a wire leader is not the end-all, be-all to prevent all line failures. Line failures are not exclusively the problem. Braid is about much more than just “being strong”. Braid is about sensitivity, longer casts, being able to spool the rod with more line and no stretch, among other things. There many notable differences in fishing lines of all varieties.

This is in addition to raw durability, not instead of. Still, the best lines for Walleye are sensitive, super strong, and have a thin diameter. This is a top 10 list of fishing lines that really help reel in the biggest fish. Try them all in different situations on the water. These were handpicked by our reviewers.

1. Spiderwire Stealth – Our Top Choice

Spiderwire Stealth braided fishing line.Spiderwire Stealth is a great option to consider especially if you do not want to spend a ton of money. It is great if you are watching your budget. Even so, it is still a very great line to use even if you can afford something more expensive.

The reason it is so great is that it is made of Dyneema. This is the world’s strongest fiber. It is stronger than Kevlar, stronger than steel, and even stronger than Spectra. Spiderwire Stealth comes in a ton of different colors too.

Moss green, high visibility yellow, low visibility glowing, camouflage, blue camouflage, pink camouflage, and even translucent. I did a review on Spiderwire Stealth and the reason I use it is simple. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The colors that are available are incredible. It is quiet. It is made out of the world’s strongest fiber. It is easy to source. It casts very far. It is awesome. If it does rip, it is not hard to replace. Not only is it good for Walleye fishing, but it is also great for bass, catfish, perch, crappie, and pike.

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2. PowerPro Super 8 Slick

PowerPro Super 8 Slick braided fishing line.About as great of a braided line you can get, Super Slick 8 from PowerPro is a must-have for Walleye anglers. Super 8 slick is made from 8 very tightly woven spectra fibers. For those fishermen who are unaware, spectra is an incredibly strong and durable material. This is no exaggeration either.

Spectra is made out of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. This is the same material used in ballistic and cut resistant vests, tactical helmets,  and armored vehicles. Its also used in sailcloth and lifting slings.

It is 15 times stronger than steel by weight. Also, the line is wound tightly enough to make the surface very smooth. This results in a very uniform fishing line that casts very far. On the cast, it allows for silence because the surface of the line prevents friction. So say goodbye to the braid noise that you would commonly experience with other braided lines. The price is a little higher than some would expect but it is worth it many times over. We think it is one of the best Walleye lines out there.

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3. Berkley Trilene Braid

Berkley Trilene braid.The Trilene products from Berkley are fantastic. They offer fluorocarbons, monofilaments, and copolymers with the Trilene name. Of special importance though, is the braid. The braid is incredibly good.

For one, it is extremely smooth. While many others may feel like rubbing a paracord on your thumb and getting rope burn after, the way it is braided makes it very smooth. Because it is so smooth, it travels through the line guides easily and won’t damage them. No damaged rod guides here!

It is also extremely quiet on the cast for the same reason. It is really everything one could want in a fishing line, especially when after Walleye. Since its made by Berkley, it wears a reliable name. It is also readily available to many people so this keeps it’s price down. It is also soft and supple instead of stiff.

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4. Sunline FX2 Frogging & Flipping

Sunline FX2 frogging & flipping braid.Originally, Sunline FX2 was a braid designed exclusively for frog fishing. That would explain why the professional bass fisherman, Dean Rojas, helped design it. Dean Rojas loves to fish with frogs and wanted one he could use himself. So he helped make one.

We are now left with Sunline FX2. This is made from 8 strands of polyester and polyethylene. It comes in exclusively in a trio of pound tests. 50, 60, and 80. All of these are great for the Great Lakes and for big fish too. Sunline is an interesting variety because polyester is not abrasion-resistant.

This means you will do well to keep it out of the rocks, ledges, and other sharp structures that can fray and break it. If you are fishing exclusively weeds and vegetation or even open water, it is very nice. Although it is a great line, a leader is recommended if you are after anything with teeth just because they can bite right through polyester. The only color it comes in is blue which is great for deep water.

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5. Berkley X9

Berkley x9 braided line.Yet another product from Berkley, X9 is a very thin diameter, extremely long casting option. It is apparently the thinnest braid in its price range. Even so, it does not compensate at all for breaking strength.

It is as durable as the slightly thicker competitors. The main thing about X9 is how well it casts. The amount of distance you can get out of it is absolutely huge. As it travels through the rod guides, it barely makes any noise at all. It is made of 9 strands of polyethylene fibers.

It also has zero stretch which makes it incredibly sensitive on the water. The price is not that bad either. Since it is made by Berkley, you can count on quality. Berkley x9 is a conventional option but it uses an extra strand. This makes it every bit as good as conventional products but certainly tougher.

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6. Suffix 832 Advanced Superline

Suffix 832 advanced superline.Suffix 832 is another fantastic way to spool your rod up with something that you can count on. Its reliable, strong, stealthy, and casts a country mile. The only real disadvantage about it is the price tag.

Yes, it may be a little expensive to certain people. Still, you do get what you pay for. A great thing that you may find in this one compared to other ones is abrasion resistance. This one is extremely good at resisting abrasion.

It is made of Spectra. It has 8 strands of Spectra and one very solid strand of polytetrafluoroethylene. This results in great casting distance, little noise, and unmatched power and durability. Suffix is known for creating some great products and this may be one of the best ones they have come up with. Again, make sure to hugely consider how much you will pay beforehand. Walleye anglers will be amused.

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7. Berkley Nanofil

Berkley Nanofil molecularly bonded line.Like many other competitors out there, Berkley Nanofil is made out of Dyneema which is gel spun polyethylene. Unlike them though, the fibers are not woven together. Instead, they are linked on a molecular level and shaped into a single strand. The result is one that is unlike any of its competitors out there. Nobody else uses technology like this.

Berkley is taking new technology and pushing way ahead of its time. It is an extremely strong choice with an extremely thin diameter. Because of this technology, the price is much higher than one would normally consider spending. For some, this may be a bad thing.

For others, it might be exactly what they are looking for. Because it is so slick, you may have a harder time tying knots with it. It is crucial that you take the time to tie a very firm, secure, fishing knot. Take your time and tie correctly especially if you are not as precise with your hands or fingers.

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8. P-Line Fluorocarbon

Finally, something that is not braided. In all honesty, though, a braid is for horsing those fish in quickly and efficiently. Sometimes though, you need a good leader material or even another strand on your rods entirely. This can be monofilament or fluorocarbon.

When throwing realistic baits in the clearest of water, you want to use fluorocarbon. This is because it is almost invisible. The way the sunlight refracts off of it makes it very, very hard to see which is exactly what you want when the fish can see literally everything as well as you can. Also, yes. It matters. Fish will take notice.

P-Line fluorocarbon is great because it offers all the benefits of fluorocarbon with a few key bonuses. The first is that it is soft like a monofilament. It isn’t stiff or rigid and this makes casting it easier. Also, it stretches less than other fluorocarbon lines. It is essential as an abrasion leader or invisibility leader when the braid is your main one. The price is fairly decent too. It is versatile and effective.

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9. KastKing’s World Premium Monofilament

KastKing's world premium monofilament.KastKing has created a monofilament that is sure to please even the most critical of nylon casting anglers. Its called World Premium (yes, you read that right) and it is for a reason. This is some of if not the best nylon-based strand on the market. Perfect for those techniques that need a good mono, this one is one of the best money can buy.

There are a few situations where mono will outperform all others in terms of effectiveness. It has hardly any spool memory at all which makes holding more of it on the spool easy as well as casting it. Contrary to normal nylon lines, this is very abrasion-resistant.

This is not something you normally find in nylon products. It also comes in a ton of great colors including a clear that almost rivals fluorocarbon in invisibility. The best part about it is that it is all for a very modest price. This is essential to have for a leader material when you want a shock leader.

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10. Mason’s Lead Core For Trolling

Mason's lead core line for trolling.If you ever go trolling for numbers of fish or trophies, you need a great lead core on your levelwind reels. Lead core is particularly unique because soft and flexible lead rests on the inside. This is particularly helpful because the lead allows your lures to dive much, much, deeper.

You will likely always be making bottom contact with your cranks or stick baits if you use lead core on your reels. Mason makes a very nice lead core that works excellently. It has some of the highest review ratings out there. It also comes in 10 great colors.

That is enough for any situation. It is made in the United States Of America and is commonly used to catch Walleye on Lake Erie. The price is extremely good too. The line is coated in braided nylon that surrounds a lead core. It is powerful and efficient. Recommended if you choose to go trolling.

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To Wrap It All Up

In summary, if you are asking the question, what is the best Walleye fishing line, understand that there isn’t one. Every single one can be great depending on what situation you are in. Rather than asking for the best one, it may be better to ask which one is the greatest option for you. Walleye line choices are many and many of them work extremely well. Its up to you to give them all a try to see what works.

Is there actually one that is greater than the rest or is it wishful thinking? What do you think?

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  1. Dave Buckley says:

    Hi David. I looked at your site on my mobile and will look again later on my laptop. Looks good and you obviously know your maggots from your worms. Content reads well and there is a flow. Dave

    1. David Moore says:

      Hello there. We thank you for the kind feedback! If there is anything we can help you with, let us know!

  2. Hi David, thanks for the article, I have have found it very informative. I like fishing but I’m not an expert. I use different techniques since I like bass fishing or other types of spinning but at the same time, I catch catfish or anything that I’m able to ;). Could you recommend a line that is not too expensive, but at the same time versatile?
    Thanks, I appreciate your help.
    I wish you the best,

    1. David Moore says:

      Yes Andrea, it is very difficult to choose a good “do everything” type of line. If I had to recommend one though, it would have to work for everything. For that, I suggest a clear monofilament fishing line. Since you want something not too expensive, consider trying out the Kastking’s world premium monofilament. That is on this list. Number 9. It is the best mono we have ever found and not one of them is better performing for the price. It even is better than the expensive stuff.

  3. Thanks for this. I’m seriously thinking of getting the power pro super 8 slick because of how strong it is.

    1. David Moore says:

      Hello Dedrick. We are glad you found the post helpful. Let us know how the Power Pro Super 8 slick works for you!

  4. I really enjoyed what is the best walleye fishing line top 10, and in my younger days of fishing the rivers in Pennsylvania, these fishing lines didn’t exist. So the outcome was many walleyes got away leaving fishermen to feel disappointed the monster on the other end of their line got away.

    Now you have solved this problem for many fishermen of today, so are there any other fish that have teeth that might have gotten away because fishermen were not using one of these awesome fishing lines?


    1. David Moore says:

      Hello Jeff. yes, fishing lines have made tremendous strides in the amount available as well as effectiveness. Yes, there are certainly other species that are easier to catch because of them. Species like Northern Pike, Chain Pickerel, and Muskellunge are just a trio of these too. Meanwhile, some like to catch Trout, Steelhead, and saltwater species.

  5. Hi David ,

    Very helpful article .Spring is on the corner ,i will use your suggestions when i go for fishing .Nothing compares to a fresh just caught grilled fish …We are on the same page here .Thanks David

    1. David Moore says:

      We are glad that you found the article helpful Jim. You are right. Fresh caught grilled fish is just awesome! Let us know how you do!

  6. Hi David,
    Great article, Thanks for the info. While I fish a bit, the majority of it is inshore/offshore on the coast of New England rather than fresh water. It’s never lost on me the individual preferences of fishing lines on every trip I’m on. Thanks for this walleye info, I’ve got it bookmarked now for future trips. It’s easy to get lost online sometimes so your detailed info is great for highlighting the different offerings.

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