How To Catch Bass In Winter – Bass Fishing

The chill of winter air certainly puts a strain on the bass bite but it may even put more of a strain on bass fishermen. While a lot of bass fishing happens during summer and spring, winter can be an incredible time of year to catch some nice fish and sometimes, even your personal best.

What Is The Best Ice Fishing Combo? – Top 10

As the weather gets colder outside and the ice gets thicker, most of us are still on a fishing splurge. The ice is heavy and the fish are ready but what about your rod and reel? The question still remains. What is the best ice-fishing combo? We appreciate the value when we can get it

How To Start Ice Fishing For Beginners

The temperature is dropping quickly and although many won’t be riding in boats this winter, ice fishing is becoming more popular. More fishermen are starting to bundle up in layers to see what kind of fish awaits them underneath the thick ice sheet. If this is you, how to start ice fishing begins with the

What To Take Ice Fishing For Success

As fall comes to a close, the snow is starting to pile up and the ice is getting thicker by the day. This is the time for us fishermen to start discussing what to take ice fishing. Ice fishing is often a brutal albeit effective way to catch some great fish in the winter season.

Frabill Ice Shelter Review – A Very Hot Bargain

It’s getting cold out there and we anglers are putting our summer clothes back in the closet. Fishing in the winter is often brutal and agonizing even if productive. For those who ice fish, a great way to stay out of the cold is an absolute must. Because an ice shelter is the best way

Do Bass Like Crawfish Or Not?

There is a ton of debate in the bass fishing community about a certain subject. Do bass like crawfish? While I can confidently say a resounding yes, the question has confused me for a long time. There is just something about crawfish that makes them a more complicated meal to swallow than say a shad

Great Coho Salmon Fishing Techniques

Many people are after coho salmon for one reason or another. Coho salmon fishing techniques have exploded in recent years due to more lures and more fishing. To start, in this blog post I want to show you what equipment you need to buy. I am also going to show you some of the most

How To Set The Hook On A Fish – 10 Methods

Setting the hook is the first step that you need to learn after you learn how to cast your rod and choose baits. The hook is arguably the most important piece of gear on your fishing rig. Most modern fishing hooks are plenty sharp enough to bring heat to our scaly friends due to modern

Bluegill Fishing Tips To Catch More Fish

The bluegill is just one member of the enormous sunfish family that so many anglers adore catching. Finding out how to catch bluegill is one thing but you will never be successful unless you follow some basic bluegill fishing tips. There are a ton of ways to put more of them in the boat and

Live Bait Walleye Fishing – How Its Done

Although some fishermen may consider it cheating, live bait fishing is effective for catching trophy walleye. Even so, I have yet to meet a single one that would disagree with me. Nobody wants to admit it either. Live bait walleye fishing is the name of the catching game. In an underwater world, realism is the