How To Find The Fish In Freshwater 2020

The most basic of all fishing related stories begin with one simple concept. Fish location. Knowing how to find the fish is the ultimate determining factor that will decide if you catch them or not. While many would choose to have a debate about it, you cannot ever catch anything if you do not go

How To Catch A Flathead Catfish 2020

Flathead fishing is not the easiest thing in the world. When you ask others how to catch a Flathead Catfish, they either catch them all the time, none at all, or will pull one up by accident. In the meantime, one must understand that these potential giants are nothing short of a blast to reel

Best Bass Fishing Rod And Reel Combos 2020

If you ever want to get into bass fishing, you will certainly need a good rod and reel. Some people prefer not to purchase them separately either. This is for a few reasons. One, they cost much more individually than together. Second, it is very hard to match a rod with the proper reel. Third,

What Is The Best Walleye Fishing Line – Top 10

Fishing for Walleye is a very fun sport. Catching them is even better. After you land a few, you start to think about what nice fillets will result later. Thoughts of fresh, baked, fish in a lemon butter sauce almost cloud your mind. You start getting hungry. The next cast, a monster comes along and

Best Texas Rig Hooks 2020

Texas rigs are a great way to rig your lures if you want to throw them in snaggy places. All you need to do is cover the hook point with plastic and you are off to fish the weeds. All you really need is your soft plastic lure and one of the best Texas Rig

How To Cast A Spinning Rod Easily

You have decided to put down your old button-operated spincaster for a while. You finally decide to take out that shiny and new spinning setup that your older brother got you for Christmas last year. After being removed from the back of the closet, it is likely that you have questions about where in the

How To Texas Rig Lures For Bass And Other Fish

The Texas Rig is one of the most effective ways to rig any soft plastic. When done properly, it lets you throw soft plastic bodies into thick vegetation without hanging up. For anybody who is not yet aware, many huge catches often lurk just beneath the thick stuff. This is, “the best place” to fish.

Best Lures For Spotted Bass That Catch Fish

Spotted Bass are not targeted by anglers near as much as their close cousins, the Largemouth or Smallmouth. While all three of them are members of the black bass family, they are closely related to Sunfish. Differently, they all three have a predator instinct and prey drive that sets them well apart from any Bluegill

Best Fish Attractants For Bass 2020

Just when you thought that the debate about fishing scents has ended, another one comes to market the very same year. It seems every tackle supplier has some “secret sauce” that is better than the competitors. Do they though? One that smells fishier or one that sticks better than the rest. That is the claim

How To Rig A Minnow For Maximum Action 2020

We have all been there. After we get a batch of lively minnows, we insert the hook, and they are dead five minutes after they hit the water. What went wrong? Did we forget how to rig a minnow? Did we ever learn? Most baitfish are very fragile and you need to handle them properly.