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There are many situations in the sport of bass fishing where you have a need for speed. When you are burning crankbaits or flipping and pitching are good examples. Faster baitcasting reels are becoming more popular in recent years. One of those reels is the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket.

It is a great fishing reel for many reasons. In this Abu Garcia Revo rocket review, we will be going over the features of the reel and what it offers you. We will review what you can expect if you decide to add one to one of your rods.

While there are plenty of fast baitcasters on the market, not all of them are good for catching bass or other fish. There are many that are better than others. While it may be a steep upfront investment to some, there are many who can appreciate what the Revo Rocket will do for them and their angling. That is why we believe its important to let you know the features of this awesome reel as well as a few extras. As a general summary, I am of the opinion that this reel is a great quality piece of gear that is worth every penny that an angler puts into it.

The Benefits Of The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Reel

Let’s start with the basics first. For a decent amount of money, you get one of the fastest baitcasters on the market with all of the industry standard components that go into making a great baitcasting reel. You also get the trusted wisdom of Abu Garcia, one of the best fishing tackle suppliers in the world. You can fish incredibly quickly. This helps you excel when trolling or casting crankbaits, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, soft plastic frogs, and propeller lures. There is a lot to love about the construction, smoothness, usability, and even the looks of the reel as well.

How To Use The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Baitcasting Reel

The Revo Rocket is simple to use but it takes a little bit of adaptation. The lightning fast gear ratio can become a problem if you’re not careful. All you have to do is tie on the right lure, set the drag, adjust the spool tension knob until the bait slowly falls, press the thumb bar, cast, and retrieve. You will need to make sure that you have the right fishing line and the right bait on too. Once you get a bite, set the hook and reel in.

The faster you reel in with it during the fight, the better. You can land the fish quicker and put less stress on it this way. This may sound like the process you would follow for any baitcasting reel, and it is, but line selection and adjusting the braking system is even more important than normal in preventing this fast spool from backlashing when you make a cast. Take some extra time to make sure its perfect before you use the baitcaster. Trust me.

Product Description And Features – What It Offers You

  • X-Cräftic alloy frame and sideplates
  • 10 stainless steel bearings
  • 1 stainless steel roller bearing
  • Duragear brass gear
  • Dual braking system
  • Drag up to 18 lbs.
  • Bent handle
  • Easy grip EVA knobs
  • Coated line guide

There’s plenty to love about this baitcaster. For starters, it has ten stainless steel bearings and one roller bearing for good measure. The bearings have a direct influence on how well it casts and plays fish. The alloy frame and side plates do a great job of cutting down the weight and making it light in the hand. The low-profile construction is a pleasure to hold. The Duragear inside is machined to be durable and provide unmatched performance when fighting big fish.

The reel handle is meant to provide comfort when you are reeling by utilizing a bent construction. No more discomfort in the fingers. It casts very smoothly and it plays fish even better. It has enough rugged backbone to bring in very big fish quickly. It can generate an incredible eighteen pounds of drag. Also, having the easy grip EVA knobs are a nice touch. People who fish with fluorocarbon will appreciate the coated line guide too. It will pair well with a frog rod or a crankbait stick. It will also lend itself well to a flipping and pitching set-up.

Who Is This Baitcaster For And Who Gets The Most Value

In regards to who this baitcasting reel is marketed to, it is for those who are serious about bass fishing. This reel is not for the weekend angler. Everybody that fishes does not need one in their arsenal. This is a very specific but high quality reel. It takes in line faster than any other reel I have seen. Because of that, it can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you get a top-of-the-line baitcasting reel that is perfect for throwing crankbaits and buzzing soft plastic frogs across the surface.

On the other hand, you get a blazingly fast fishing reel for a high amount of money that will force you to fish slower with almost all finesse presentations. It is a great perk if you want to retrieve fast for great reaction strikes but it becomes a problem if you want one reel that can take everything you throw at it. Another thing I think is worth mentioning is that you must have the fishing reel set up perfectly to avoid problems. Spool backlash happens when the spool rotates faster than your fishing line comes off the reel. This means that unless you have your tension knob and drag system perfectly in tune with your setup, you can expect to have backlashes quite often.

What I Like About The Product

  • Casts a country mile
  • Great magnetic breaking system
  • Tough enough for huge catches
  • Light in the hand
  • Easy to use
  • Recessed reel handles make reeling comfortable
  • Excellent for fishing fast retrieves
  • Can bring big fish in quickly
  • Comes in right handed and left handed versions

First, I want to start with what I absolutely love about this product. If you are a fan of baitcasting reels, there are quite a few things to love about it. To start with, this fishing reel is made from the best parts that will benefit you on the water. I love the solid steel frame but also how it manages to stay light in the hand when you cast. The braking system is one of the best I have ever seen on any fishing reel from any manufacturer. I don’t think I have even seen such quality in other Abu Garcia reels.

Although it is made for a certain niche in bass fishing, it is still very easy to use. Using a baitcasting reel effectively is the right way to get started with it. You will just have to get used to how fast it brings in line. As it standard in the industry today, there is a left-handed version available for those people who are wrong-handed or those who prefer not to stray far away from the spinning setup familiarity. Next, it can bring in big fish quickly.When you finally hook into a fish, being able to take in all of that line at one time means that you can land the fish a lot faster than you could with another reel. That means less stress on the fish.

Less stress on the fish means it should swim away healthier which is essential if you landed a pregnant female over four pounds. Also, its worth noting that it is a versatile reel with enough backbone to handle big fish but it is light enough to handle throwing crankbaits and many more of the best bass lures in your tackle box.

What I Don’t Like About The Product

  • Hard to fish slower techniques like swimbaits
  • Only comes in one gear ratio which is 10.1:1
  • The fast spool can cause backlash if your not careful
  • Expensive
  • A very small amount of users say the reel got damaged in shipping

A rose wouldn’t be a rose unless it had a thorn or two and in the world of fishing reels, it is no different. I would be lying if I said that there isn’t a thing that could be improved. First, that blazingly fast gear ratio makes throwing slower baits a literal pain. Fishing swimbaits and other slow presentations can really get annoying after awhile. The reel is just to fast. The speed you would have to crank the handle at is just not worth it. You are better off purchasing this reel for your fast baits and leaving your other rods to handle everything else.

Unfortunately, the gear ratio that makes the reel so amazing is also one of its biggest failures. It comes in one speed, the gear ratio of 10.1:1. There is no room for customization with this reel. It doesn’t have a slower model at all. At least with other options on the market, you can freely select your gear ratio and a few other things. No so with this one. Again, this is not a huge problem but it is something to be aware of. I wouldn’t say don’t get one because of this but it is a minor annoyance.

If there is one thing you take away from this review and nothing else, make sure that you have mastered the baitcaster first. Make sure you are familiar with how the spool, drag, tension knob, and other components work. The reason is because this is not a reel for beginners. Because of its speed, the spool turns extremely quickly already. This means that backlash will be even more of a concern than it would for other reels. For example, not having the brakes set correctly on a fast reel will cause to spool to spin faster resulting in bad backlash.

In Summary – The Revo Rocket Is A Lightning Fast Masterpiece

In short, the Revo Rocket from Abu Garcia is amazing and fast. The quality of the reel is excellent and there are many people who would love to get their hands on one. It does exactly what you would want a high-end baitcaster to do for you. Like everything, it does have a couple of drawbacks. Still, every single piece of fishing equipment has that to some degree. I’ve yet to see one rod or reel that comes without any. It is just one part of what makes the sport of bass fishing so enjoyable for many people.

I believe that many seasoned fishermen can find a special place in their boat for the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket. Although the price is a little steep in investment, the payoff if incredibly worth it. I am of the opinion that it is worth every penny. The quality is some of the best the company offers. The question is if I would recommend it to you or not. To answer that, I usually ask if I would fish with it myself. The answer to that is a resounding yes. If you want to purchase this reel, the best place to buy it is at Bass Pro Shops. Click the link below to check it out!

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