How To Keep Chicken Livers On The Hook

Chicken liver on a hook as a rig for catfishing.

If you ever fish for channel catfish, you have probably used chicken liver. This extremely fragile and soft catfish bait is directly tied to the sport. It is one the best channel catfish baits. The only problem is learning how to keep chicken livers on the hook. Small fish like to pick at it and … Read more

Best Muskie Fishing Lures That Will Work Today

Man holding a muskellunge fish on a boat in a lake.

Catching muskellunge is one of the fastest-growing sports in the industry. With this, the market has become saturated with different baits and some gimmicks. The best Muskie fishing lures are the ones that can catch fish year-round in many different water conditions. They are created exclusively for catching fish of this species. Normal tackle usually … Read more

Best Lures For Stripers 2021 – Top 5

Man holding a huge striped bass fish by the mouth and belly.

Catching Striped Bass on artificial lures may be one of the most exciting experiences one can experience in the surf. When it comes to Striper fishing, live bait is usually the norm but some people may not be able to get live bait for whatever reason. In that case and many others, throwing artificial lures … Read more

Best Dip Bait For Catfish (Buyer’s Guide)

A channel catfish caught with dip bait.

Naturally, different baits for fish will have different results depending on what you use and where. The options available vary about as much as fish do especially for catfish. In addition, the best dip bait for catfish is the one that will catch smaller to decent sized fish in a number of situations, year-round. What … Read more