How To Fish With Kids And Have Fun 2023

If you are a mom or dad that is trying their hardest as a parent to get your child off of the gaming console and playing outside, one of the best ways you can do this is to take them fishing. Teaching children outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, kayaking, canoeing, and hiking can be a great way to take them away from the gaming console and television set. Also, these activities can develop discipline in your children and teach them to listen better.

Because they are having fun while doing it, it can also help the younger ones develop essential skills. Since how to fish with kids is a topic of much discussion, there is a ton to observe with how parents should approach taking kids on their first fishing trip. They can use a lot of these later in life. These activities promote physical exercise as well as emotional and mental problem-solving skills that can relieve stress. Outdoor sports provide critical bonding time with your child. The most important thing that you need to remember is that you have to make sure they have fun. There is a delicate balance you need to have to make sure your children have a good time.

You need to try and do it safely though. Always make having a blast the very first priority. Everything else comes after. If they are not feeling it, they will eventually lose interest in the sport. If they do enjoy themselves, they will keep coming back for more. You are a parent and you decide how to raise your little ones with fishing. You will decide how they feel about catching fish. It is important that you follow certain tips and techniques that will make it a lot easier for you as a parent. Try your hardest and your babies will thank you for giving them great memories.

Take Your Kids Fishing Individually And Avoid Group Trips

Mom and dad, this is for you. You may have two, three, or even more children to look after. Something that is very important is how you bring the children to the first trips. If you have two kids, leave one at home with mommy or daddy. If one parent needs to be at work or both, hire a babysitter to look after them for a few hours. When you are first getting started and children are in the car with you, they can get argumentative toward each other. It is best to not have this.

This can distract you while your driving on the way to the trip and may even cause a traffic accident. Bringing just one eliminates this problem. Also, having boys is something to consider too. It does not matter how similar their tackle is to one another. If you get a fishing rod that is even slightly different from the other ones, boys like to fight over which one they should use and why. Try bringing your children fishing individually and wait until they hit nine or ten to start a family fishing trip. If you only have one kid, it is never a problem for both parents to take them.

Kid with a cap and fishing rod on a pier with line sitting in water.

Kids raised individually will enjoy it more when they can have both parents by their side. They usually prefer it too. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a dad or mom taking every sibling along. It usually depends on how well they already act and there is no set age for when it is safe to do so. Always remember that around ten or eleven is when they start to learn and better comprehend the things around them. This means that they can understand fishing much better and they may have more fun. In the meantime, try bringing a single youngster along with you.

Make Sure They Can Already Cast Their Fishing Rods

Make sure you teach your children how to cast before you go. Make sure to let them practice. This is critical because they will already know how to do it when you get there. This greatly reduces the chances of snagging in the trees. Depending on the person, some younger individuals can become very sad or depressed when they get their line snagged anywhere. Try your best to make sure it doesn’t happen. It really can cause some unnecessary heartaches.

It will allow your child to associate the sport of fishing with stress and anxiety. It can even make it hard for your child to recover and they may never give it another try again. It also makes sure that they can spend more of their time wetting bait instead of worrying about how to put the fishing line where they want it. It can also be extremely fun to teach someone how to cast. The mechanics of a basic fishing rod are truly something little eyes find amusing to play with.

You can also create some great memories just with casting practice. Tie a casting plug to the line for them so they can practice their cast at a local playground, park, or in their own backyard. Make sure it has no trees or anything to get hung up on. Set up markers in the grass and have them attempt to cast their line to hit the marker. Siblings are usually competitive and want to prove to their brothers or sisters that they are better at a task. Use this to your advantage.

Bring A Picnic Lunch And Serve Kids Their Favorite Foods

Family at a picnic table eating with fishing spot in the background.

There is an old saying that is used often. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is technically a subject for adults. Kids should not be worried about love anytime soon but they do worry about their next meal. A pleasant day on the water is meant to be family time spent well. Your intent should be to instill unforgettable memories within the hearts and minds of your loved ones. You can help with this by packing a picnic lunch and eating at your fishing spot.

Don’t just pack a bologna sandwich and a bag of chips either. Try bringing your son or daughter’s favorite food to eat and have it while you fish. This will do a few things. First, you will not have to leave when you or your child get hungry. Second, just the meal alone will be worth taking the trip outside. You may even be asked repeatedly to go on trips just for the meal. Again, there is nothing wrong with this at all. You are trying to create a positive atmosphere that is loaded with memories your baby will never forget. Choose a local picnic table or bring a blanket.

If there are no allergens within the family that include fish or seafood, you can even catch fresh fish and cook them to add to the experience. You can have some fresh fish alongside your current meal. You may even spark some interest out of taste for the fresh meat. This can be a very fun and tasty addition to your trip but you must make sure that it is done properly. Make sure the water is clean and that the fish is legal to harvest. Only start cooking fire in designated areas where it is legal to do so. Bring a camera and snap a picture of the food before you eat it.

Do Not Bring Any Of Your Own Good Fishing Equipment

If you have any plans to fish yourself with specialty gear, set up another trip to make sure it happens. If you really want to teach your children to be good anglers, you probably will not get anything else done on the same day. Teaching as well as learning a new skill takes practice and you should expect to spend all day demonstrating the basics to the ones you intend to teach. Bringing your own rods, reels, tackle, and other supplies can and will confuse your students.

You will be constantly bothered by the youngest who wants to use mom’s or dad’s fishing rod. It can also be a problem if you spent a ton of money on good gear. Your offspring probably will not mean to but it is possible that they can break your equipment. We suggest leaving everything you normally fish with at home and opting for cheaper and more disposable fishing tackle. Everybody will feel much more comfortable when you get down on their level and show them with what they are using. If you like catching good fish, consider another trip instead.

Stop by your local retail supply company and pick up some basic fishing tackle for small fish. Pick up some small hooks, some small fishing floats, a few split-shot sinkers,  and a few tubs of earthworms and wax worms. Keep it all very simple and do not spend over twenty-five dollars total. This is a very basic outline of how to get some bites quickly even if they are small. Tie on a hook. Put a piece of worm on the hook. Put a float a few inches above the hook. Add a sinker. Give it a cast and wait. This is probably the best way to make sure you catch something.

Let Your Child Pick Out Their Own Rod And Reel Combo

To be fair, you can pick out what tackle everybody will use and none of them will question your authority or your choices. Although you can do this, you want to let the young angler pick out their own fishing rod and reel combo. This is what they will be using so it is imperative that they love it. Many people have a deep and emotional connection to their first fishing rod. You should not spoil this for them. It should be a personal decision on their part. I normally advise against the pink and floral Barbie rods or the ones outfitted with Spider-man from Marvel Comics.

I normally suggest that you try to steer them away from those particular rods. They are hard to cast and you cannot get enough distance with them. They do not flex very well. Try and direct them to a rod with a popular and reliable brand name. Brands like Shakespeare, Ugly Stik, and Zebco make especially great combos that are great for those just starting out. If they are just set on that Spider-man rod and they have asked you four times, just get it for them. Just make sure you offer extra assistance to show them how to use it effectively. They can be a pain to use.

Also, make sure that they select a spincaster and not a spinning rod or baitcasting rod. The spincaster is much easier to use than the other two. The spincaster reel has a simple line release button that is activated with a simple push. This will allow line to come off of the spool with a simple thumb operation. This will make accurate casting much easier and they are easier to master. This is a simple way to fish. Most beginners think so too. The easier, the better.

Kid holding a fish on the end of a fishing line next to water.

Select A Good Place Where Catching Fish Is Very Easy

The ultimate goal is to make sure the children catch a fish. It does not matter the size either. They can catch bluegill the size of their hand and they will call it a monster. Little ones appreciate small fish just as much as big fish. Because of this, make sure you select the proper fishing location. Don’t try a commercial lake that is fished by others often. Instead, try a small private lake or a local farm pond. These water bodies usually contain smaller fish but many of them make catching some easy. Always use bait and never artificial lures in these places.

Expect to find fish species such as bluegill, green sunfish, pumpkinseed, redear, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and trout. If you want, you can even begin finding fish in stocked ponds. Stocked ponds are great because they are designed with the entire purpose of getting bit. Always make sure to snap a few photos of your son’s or daughter’s first few fish. especially on the first trip out. Make sure you save the photos and get them developed later as a memory to give the child.

Make Absolutely Sure That They Catch Some Fish

Try your hardest not to quit before fish are caught. Catching one or more on the very first experience is so important. Without any catches, you may be asked repeatably about what is trying to be accomplished. Selecting the right water for fish is one thing. Selecting a lure or bait for them is another one altogether. You can usually get some bites if you put a worm on a small hook and cast near the bank or near sunken trees. Bluegill of all sizes is always a welcome addition. A rainbow trout or a yellow perch can be extremely exciting too and they bite worms.

Every single fish in the water will be a monster to someone who has never done it before. It will be even better if you get a big fish instead of a small one. This is unlikely but on occasion, it does happen. Making sure you actually land fish is very important. As a parent who is trying to set an example for younger anglers, it helps if you catch more than one too. Catching a whole lot of baby bluegill and putting them in a five-gallon bucket is always more fun than one or two bigger ones that will be released or harvested soon. Try your hardest to catch the fish first.

Conclusion – You Are A Big Part Of Your Kids Having Fun

Because there is a lot to talk about, teaching your children to be outdoors is a great first step to hooking them up with an activity or hobby they enjoy. Going outdoors and casting a line can become some of the most challenging and constructive activities for a younger person. You really are a big part of how much your time together will be enjoyed. If you want them to have fun, you need to have fun. Leave a comment below to tell us how you teach your children.

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