David Moore holding a common carp in front of a pond.Who We Are

Hey everybody! Im David Moore! I am a tackle maker and experienced fisherman from Alabama. I like to help people that want to learn how to fish by providing valuable information on how to do it as well as explaining why it works. My favorite thing to do is to go fishing and catch big fish. Catching big fish is what I do best!

As a tackle maker and experienced angler, I continue to look for more ways to help others out in this sport. I try my absolute hardest to help take others to the top with me! My goal is to help others understand how fishing works and why. I specialize in fishing, tackle design, marine management, and wildlife conservation. I also have a huge interest in tournament fishing.

What Is Our Mission?

If you would love to learn more about the sport of fishing and catching fish, you have come to the right place. Reel Tackle Fishing aspires to be just what the name implies. The “reel” deal in fishing. Reliable information about the sport as a whole is essential and we strive to be the first place you come to whenever you need a quick fish tip. We exist to help you to catch more fish! It is impossible to go over everything we are currently working on right now for the sake of time.

Even so, it’s NOT JUST ABOUT FISH! WE DO IT ALL! Lure design, fly tying, knot making, kayaking, boating, canoeing, and even handling SHARKS OFF THE PACIFIC SHORELINE!

We will help you understand how to do it.  Anyone has the ability to “sea the outdoors” more often. You have an uncanny ability to catch fish no matter who you are. If you have a rod and reel, we will help you catch more fish! We can even help you catch fish without one if you are into that. Read an article on our site or just ask us directly and we will hook you up! You can read a related post to see if you could use some extra gear!

It doesn’t matter if:

  • You have never fished a day in your life
  • You are new to the water
  • You fish for food
  • You catch and release
  • Do not desire to become a pro angler but you still want to catch fish
  • You are an average angler looking for a few extra tips to help you out
  • You fish for a living and win trophies weekly because of your skills
  • You fish freshwater
  • You fish saltwater
  • You want to have some extra tackle and gear on hand for later

If this awakens the inner fisherman from deep inside your angling heart, you can continue reading to learn more about who we are. Our mission is to inform you of great information that you can use to get hooked up more often, and maybe suggest some products that can be beneficial to you as an angler.  We believe that anybody can catch as many fish as they want. They just need to practice with the right tools. We don’t think catching fish is “the goal”.

Instead, we think the goal should be to better your fishing skills as an angler. Only through hard work and perseverance will you become the best you are capable of becoming on the water. You will fail from time to time. You will catch some fish. You will struggle and get frustrated multiple times. You will keep coming back for more, nonetheless. You will love it. You will eventually get to the point where you admit that enough is not enough if you are anything like me. You will desire to catch more fish. You will, “Get Hooked!” Eventually, it becomes a sacred way of life.

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