How To Catch Bass In A Pond Everywhere

You might not think that some of the best bass fishing opportunities can happen from the bank or shoreline. How to catch bass in a pond is a subject that is perfect for the weekend angler who wants to catch some fish without taking the boat out for a spin. Another reason you may want to pond fish for bass is that you have no lakes or rivers near the place you live. Pond fishing for bass provides the perfect balance of fun and excitement for everyone involved.

The main thing you must remember is the size of your fishing lure. Fishing smaller bodies of water always means there will be less fish available than if you were fishing something bigger. You can use all of your typical best bass fishing lures to be successful but you may need to make them smaller. Trophy fish do exist in small farm ponds but it is much less common. This is why you should go down in size if you want a higher chance of catching something.

Anything and everything about pond fishing can be fun and exciting. It does not matter if you are new to bass fishing or a regular tournament fisherman. You can have a very time on the water by visiting a local farm pond or one off the trail. It is also great for beginners and practice. If you are new, you can break yourself into the sport by catching some smaller bass. If you are just learning how to cast and set the hook, local ponds can help you out there too.

The Optimal Setup For Catching A Ton Of Bass In Ponds

Even something as simple as fishing from a pond should require some specialty gear you need to do it properly, right? Is this really true though? The fact of the matter is that you do not need specialty equipment to get started catching some awesome fish. You can do anything you have laying around. You can use a crappie rod and reel combo or even an old rod you have just laying around. You can even use a stick with fishing line on it.

They all catch fish. You do not need inexpensive bass fishing setup at all . There really is no ideal rod, reel, and fishing line combo that you absolutely have to have. if you are going to select one I recommend using a spinning rod spooled up with six to eight pound test fishing line. That is really it. There isn’t much more you need to be aware of. A setup like this will allow you to catch every fish in the pond and it will not cost an arm and a leg.

How To Catch Bass In A Pond – Locating The Sweet Spots

As a very general rule of thumb, finding fish is extremely important already but when it comes to fishing catching fish from ponds , it is even more important. Location in ponds is the most important factor. Fish will tend to relate to cover such as sunken trees and points. When you are in a small body of water such as a pond, the bass love to hide in that stuff. Largemouth are specifically cover orientated fish and you almost never find them in open water.

You have to find what I like to call “the sweet spots”. Pond fishing is usually different because fish cannot travel near as far but they are a lot more skittish. Ponds also receive a lot more fishing pressure so catching pond bass is going to be much more difficult then catching them from a lake or river. Try to cast to all of the cover in the pond first. Look for things like sunken branches, overhangs, lily pads, weed lines, and cattails. The biggest fish like to hide in these places because it produces a ton of shade on hot days. It also allows them to hunt more efficiently.

What Fishing Lures To Throw To Attract Bass In A Pond

Safety pin spinner lure hanging above a bass pond.

For the sake of not disrespecting the most respected of finned adversaries, we will not stoop low enough to call your local farm fish dumb or inconsiderate. Instead, we will refer to them as inexperienced. They have not seen nearly as many fishing lures as other fish. The thing you must understand is that ponds get drastically less fishing pressure than lakes do as it relates to lures. Most people that are catching fish usually use live bait so this has become the new normal. Overfishing is not really a major concern to think about because it usually does not happen.

With that, it will be much easier to select a lure to fish with. all fish, especially largemouth, will still be choosy regardless of where they live but they will not be as choosy when a new offering comes along. you can bring along all your favorite bass lures and they should all work very well. you can catch a lot of great fish on pretty much anything. There are a few lures that we absolutely love that tend to work well. We like vibrating jigs, safety pin spinners, crankbaits, and pretty much any weedless soft plastic. Baits such as trick worms, stick baits, swimbaits, and creature baits all work well too. Try matching your lure to the natural forage species.

How To Use Live Bait To Catch Largemouth From A Pond

While artificial fishing lures are the most popular choice in bass fishing, it is certainly not the only way to do it. The next technique is not one you would normally do when your tournament fishing but then again, you likely aren’t in a tournament if you are fishing a pond anyway. One of the easiest and most effective ways to get a few bites is to catch live bait and rig it up. As smaller fish transition into the stage of becoming bigger, they need all the food they can get.

It is only in limited supply inside a pond too. This can make catching bass on live bait very easy. As for what bait to use, it is normally recommended to hook on what they are naturally eating already. You will traditionally see minnows, sunfish, crayfish, and insects as the primary targets. Always remember to keep the minnows alive to get the best results. Don’t try to put dead bait in front of a largemouth bass. They just won’t bite it. Instead make sure they are wiggling, struggling, and swimming. The more aggressive the minnow, the better. Make sure its lively.

It is usually suggested to catch your bait out of the same pond you will be fishing to avoid spreading disease or introducing non-native species. If catching your bait not really your style, you can always pick up a tub of worms or crickets from your local pet supply retailer or tackle supply outlet. You will not catch a ton of trophies on either but you will appeal to much more of the population and catch more fish. Live bait is not cheating. Its just fun. You should try it.

Catching Largemouth Bass In A Pond – A Brief Summary

To put everything together, pond fishing for bass is not very complicated at all. You don’t need special equipment to fish ponds or similarly-sized bodies of water such as creeks. All you really have to do is make sure you have found where the fish are and be patient. Because fishing ponds are fished quite often, make sure to tie on every lure in the box and fish it every way you can think of until you get a bite. It doesn’t matter if you were weekend angler or seasoned pro. There’s just something about fishing this way that is absolutely fun and very, very, exciting.

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