How To Wacky Rig A Senko For Success

A largemouth bass with a wacky rig senko in its mouth held by the mouth above water.

If you want to learn how to wacky rig a senko, there are few steps you need to take. First of all, the wacky rig is one of the most popular and effective bass catching techniques out there. It doesn’t matter if you want to use the original Yamasenko, a Yum Dinger, a Shim-e Stick, … Read more

Best Fish Attractants For Bass 2023

A largemouth bass with a big lure in its mouth being held by an angler.

Just when you thought that the debate about fishing scents has ended, another one comes to market the very same year. It seems every tackle supplier has some “secret sauce” that is better than the competitors. Do they though? One that smells fishier or one that sticks better than the rest. That is the claim … Read more

Best Smallmouth Bass Lures – Top 10

A big smallmouth bass being held by an angler on a boat in water.

If you are a bass fisherman from the north, you have probably tried your skills at the aggression that is the smallmouth bass. Pound for pound, many anglers insist that they pull and fight harder than their cousins the largemouth. They just have a really bad attitude. What they lack in reputation certainly makes up … Read more