Spiderwire Stealth Braid Review – A Look At An Excellent Superline

Product: Stealth Braid Manufacturer: SPIDERWIRE Product Type:  Braided Line Material: Dyneema Color Selection: Excellent Overall Quality: Excellent Value: Excellent       If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can here     A good line is worth its weight in gold. Everything about braided lines has changed within the last 20 years.

Fishing Line Differences – How Fishing Lines Vary

Fishing lines are an extremely controversial topic in the sport of fishing. The subject is almost as controversial as fishing lures. All of the types are subject to some key fishing line differences. Every one you decide to use is a compromise. There is no perfect one. There isn’t one product that can cover every

Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog Review

Product: Pocket Frog Manufacturer: Lunkerhunt Type Of Lure: Hollow Body Frog Hook Quality: Excellent Realism: Excellent Value: Excellent Would I Recommend It? Yes My Rating: A lot of information is on the internet about Lunkerhunt and their frog lures. Some good information and some bad. Most of the time, this information attempts to specify the quality of the lure.

Best Flathead Catfish Bait – The Secret To The Flathead

The best Flathead Catfish bait is highly debated as a controversial topic among anglers. Why is this the case? Simply because of the uniqueness of the behavior that the species is known for. They get huge and in the world of catching whiskers, they are picky eaters. These fish have a habit of being particularly selective in

How To Catch Largemouth Bass With Live Bait

There is a very specific reason why you cannot just go to any local bass tournament and use the real stuff without getting disqualified instantly. That is because it works. It produces huge fish and it works way to well to be considered fair in these tournaments. They often have huge monetary payoffs for the

How To Catch Bluegill – Bluegill Basics

Some of the most memorable adventures as an angler happen when catching Sunfish with friends and family. Fishing for any panfish with children or other loved ones can make a very enjoyable and productive fishing trip. The most common of the Sunfish family is the Bluegill. Most anglers have started their fishing journeys catching this