Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack Review – A Closer Look

Today, we are going to take a closer look at one of the most incredible backpacks an angler can buy. In this Piscifun fishing tackle backpack review, we are going to cover a backpack that excels in doing almost anything an angler needs to do. We will also point out what separates it from others on the market and whether you should get one for yourself.

The more the fishing industry grows year by year, there are thousands more lures, lines, hooks, and accessories than there ever used to be. The number just keeps going up too. With all of that extra stuff, there are also many tackle boxes thrown into the mix to try and store all of the new equipment. One thing that never changes is the fisherman’s need for a great quality backpack.

Backpacks are important for carrying your fishing gear because you need to carry more items to your fishing destination than just a rod and lures. Things like a change of clothes, insect repellent, and a medical kit are just some of these essentials. More and more fishing backpacks are starting to flood the market and they all serve a certain purpose. We believe this particular one is an amazing investment.

The Benefits

There are quite a few things to look for when selecting a fishing backpack. An angler usually has a lot of equipment and accessories so one thing a backpack needs to do is be big and efficient enough to store all of it. This one had quite a lot of benefits for your everyday fisherman.

For one, the zippers on the bag are anti-corrosion zippers. That means they will never rust and they will last for years to come. Next, it has plenty of storage. The bag is loaded with enough pockets to store almost anything. It can fit two 3000 series tackle boxes inside the main chamber with a lot of room left over. You can use that extra room for more boxes, a shirt, extra reels, and pretty much anything.

There are also a ton of secondary item-specific pockets. This backpack is sewn in a way that makes very efficient use of space. Two of the most essential items to have with you on a fishing trip are a fishing rod and a bottle of water. You should be pleased to learn that on one side of the bag is a rod holder which allows you to carry your rod hands-free. On the opposite side is a pocket for holding a bottle of water which will help you stay hydrated, cleanse wounds, and rinse your hands if you need to.

Throw in a padded underside when it’s up against your shoulder or back. It’s padded and it’s overall very comfortable to wear. It is also water repellent so it will not get wet if you put anything wet on the inside by accident. Out of all that though, it is a huge value. It costs less than $30 dollars retail. Call me crazy but for that price, you can buy a couple of them if you want to gift them to someone else or if you want a separate bag for a separate species of fish such as one for bass and one for catfish.

What makes this one different

While a lot of backpacks offer similar benefits, this one is special because it is so portable. It’s smaller than the size of most of its competitors but the way it’s manufactured makes this a benefit. Not a problem. It has unmatched positive use of storage space. I think I speak for much more people than just myself when I say that minimalism in fishing means efficiency and more time wetting lines. There is a delicate balance one must attain to be a fisherman.

It’s no good to take every good lure and reel in your arsenal if the backpack you are carrying it in is wider than your torso which is usually the case. Given, that many people do want to take every lure they have, and that’s okay. Currently, a lot of the options on the market have the problem of being too big and not portable enough.

Most of the packs you typically see resemble survival or camping backpacks that could fit a tent inside. That is not what you want. Plus, kids cannot use them very well. Comparatively, I also love that it costs less. It only retails for around $30. That is a deal if one ever existed.

How To Use

This tackle bag is very user-friendly and easy to use. The mass amounts of pockets and storage space make a near-endless supply of customization options. All you have to do is unzip the zippers, put in your tackle, zip it back up, and put it on your back or shoulder. There is a pocket for water as well as a rod holder. There are flaps on the front that can double as places to clip on certain items like an anti-mosquito fan, essentially making an insect repellent cover your entire bag.

The easiest way to use it is to store all of your accessories first. Try to avoid putting tackle boxes in at first because then you lose all access to the inside pockets. Using them means you need to take out the boxes anyway. It’s better to store your pliers, fish grips, knives, line, stringer, med kit, flashlight, and other accessories first. After all of the accessories are transferred, then you can fill your boxes with lures before inserting them into the main chamber of the bag.

Product Description

  • Water-Resistant
  • Durable
  • Full-Length Double Zippers
  • Lots Of Pockets
  • Rod Holder
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • External Loops For Clipping Items
  • Efficient Space Saving Tchnology

Who is the Product for?

This incredible fishing backpack is for pretty much everybody that fishes. It is big enough to handle all of the stress that most adult anglers will put it through yet it is not so big that it’s impractical for children to use. Adults and children alike will enjoy the features of this backpack because it holds all your tackle and pretty much everything else you need. Plus, it is incredibly practical to buy because of its price tag. Almost anybody will be able to afford one or even multiple because of it.

What I like

There is quite a lot to like about this Piscifun tackle bag. First, pockets. Lots and lots of pockets. The more pockets a bag has means more ways to organize it. There are pockets on the inside, outside, sides, and even pockets inside of pockets. How to organize a tackle box has never been easier knowing this. I absolutely love the water bottle holder.

I think having one or two should be standard on every bag on the market because you never know when you will get thirsty or need clean water to clean off open wounds. Also, the rod holder is something special. The way the rod holder grips onto your rod for you is a great idea. If you want to get to a fishing spot that is a long walk, it prevents your arms from getting tired.

I love how it has enough storage for every angler below the level of Bill Dance without being huge. Portability is my number one perk with it. While it is smaller than others, it is mighty. It won’t make you tired of carrying it on your back and kids can use it easily. That by itself is worth every penny.

What I don’t like

If there was one thing I didn’t like about the bag, it’s that it can get heavy depending on what you put in it. Don’t get me wrong. I love the small size of the bag because it makes it efficient and easy to carry around. The problem is that because it’s so small, packing it full of sinkers and otherwise heavy items makes it a little uncomfortable to carry on the body. This becomes less of an issue because of the padding on the back itself. It’s less of an issue on bigger bags that end up being more rigid. The main thing to remember though is that nothing is perfect and I don’t think that this warrants a whole lot of attention. It is, however, something to be aware of if you like shark fishing or catfishing.

Final Thoughts

As for my final thoughts, I think the Piscifun tackle backpack is a fisherman’s best friend. For less than $30, you get an easy-to-carry backpack that is padded, water-repellent, has a huge number of pockets, has enough space to carry two or more full-size tackle boxes, it has a rod holder, a slot for a water bottle, is extremely durable, has anti-corrosion zippers, can be used easily by kids, is lightweight, and overall is just an efficient, user-friendly product. Do I recommend this one? Absolutely? Would I use it? Absolutely.

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