SKINZIT Electric Fish Cleaner Review – How Good Is It?

Although there is a lot of misinformation on the internet about electric fish skinners, they do have their place in the market. I love when electronics work. It has been said before that technology is efficient but unreliable. The amount of times I used that at work and to other people is more than I can count. Also as a fisherman, and dare I say, a cook, fish skin can be incredibly tasty with the right preparation.

I am no stranger to fillet knives but when something comes to market claiming that it can do a better job with a battery pack better than I can with ole’ faithful, you best believe that I become suspicious. Take today’s enigma, the SKINZIT electric fish cleaner. In this review, we will attempt to solidify and possibly jeopardize the other SKINZIT reviews on the internet and explain why the SKINZIT fish skinner exists to anglers. We will attempt to answer every question that has been asked as well as provide some extra insight on whether you should decide to pick one up for yourself.


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SKINZIT Electric Fish Cleaner: Product Overview

  • Asking Price: $199.95
  • Product Category: Fishing Accessories
  • Product Type: Fish Skinner
  • Guarantee: 30 Days – Manufacturer’s Defects
  • My Rating: 92/100

What You Get When You Buy New

The SKINZIT is the angler’s helper that bridges the gap between today’s modern technology and the traditional fillet knife. It is not a fillet knife and it is not a full robot either.

The SKINZIT is not designed for professional or commercial use of fish skin removal. Instead, it is designed for the average angler who keeps their catch. It is geared more towards normal fishermen such as you or I.

The ones who this product will benefit the most are the ones who catch or clean a lot of fish on a regular basis.

It is a fully mechanical and electric instrument that utilizes the technology of a pasta roller to run blades between the carcass of a fillet of fish and its skin. It does not have a lot of the problems that arise from a normal fillet knife.

Likewise, it is an entry level device that is designed to be used by almost anyone and this might create its own set of factors.

It uses a basic cord that fits in a common AC wall outlet as a mechanism to charge its fully rechargeable battery. The unit itself is cordless and can be used indoors or outdoors because of this.

You will be liking the fact that it will run on its own power completely without the power supply as long as the battery has enough juice left. It is an essential piece of equipment if you need to clean fish quickly.

How It Works

This product operates by utilizing a very familiar concept. The design resembles a pasta roller in the truest sense of the word. Two rotational blades spin in opposite directions to deskin fish fillets.

One blade grabs the meat and the other one rolls it off. It features a fully battery operated system that can run without the assistance of neighboring wall outlets. It features a reverse rotation setting and the ability to take off the rib bones.

The device has a trigger than looks similar to a retro video game joystick. Upon pressing the trigger, you activate the electrical circuit which then spins the blades towards each other. The device than then be transferred to a whole fish fillet to take the skin off of it as well as the ribs.

What’s Good and What’s Not

I want to get into the subject of the yes and the no. The things you might not consider before picking one up are usually the most annoying to deal with. The first thing that we like is the simple design.

It makes it very easy to use. Almost anybody can use it with some basic instructions.

Because of this, you will not have to worry if it will perform the job for you. We also adore the fact that the unit is essentially cordless and runs in much the same way as a cordless drill.

You will never have to worry about having an outlet nearby when you want to skin some fillets near the water. We like how it does not remove the meat in the process. This device will only pretty up the fillets. It doesn’t do any direct cutting.

This is good because you get more food to eat and you will put less in the local landfill. If you are terrible at removing ribs from your fish, this device has also got you covered for that too.

It is also designed to take the ribs out of the fish before you take the skin off. No more pin bones poking you in your throat when you eat! Those were the good things. As with everything, there are certain things that can also get improved. First, is the price.

The official price tag of $199.95 seems like a steep investment to some people. If you fish a lot though, it may pay for itself very soon. Another thing to be wary of is the exposed blades.

That doesn’t seem to annoying but I can assure you that safety is an issue of importance.

In the event that you get your finger or hair inside the blade, you could definitely get hurt from it. Another is the lack of substantial size. Because of the size of the unit’s blades, all skinned fish need to be smaller than the blades themselves.

That means that really big fish will need to get cut down to size for it to work properly. Other than that, I think its a great device to have with you at all times during your fishing or camping trips.

The SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner Versus…

There is no shortage of competition when it comes to selecting a good tool to skin your fillets. There are thousands so I will try to keep it simple. The biggest competitor to this device is a basic fillet knife.

Say what you want, but you can rely on it to clean fish on the day that every electronic method fails. It takes longer to do it that way but it is what works and it has been this way for a very long time.

Its hard to beat a hardened steel edge from a diamond whetstone. Aside from that, good electric fillet knives appear to be very similar in size, weight, and effectiveness given you know how to use them.

Fillet knives offer a slice into your meat while the SKINZIT just unravels the skin off of the fillet.

The two are very different in the way they work. Because of this, you will notice that some fish are not easily scaled on skinned with this device although most are. The very design is to “peel away” or “undress” the already cleaned meat.

In no cases should it ever replace your favorite knife. This is because you still need to fillet the fish as normal before it goes inside anyway. It is a great product that excels at what it is designed to do. That is of course, to skin fish.

Person skinning a fish on a wooden table outside.

Your Questions, Answered

Q: “Does it just skin fish or does it fillet it too? What does cleaning fish mean in this context? the last thing I want is to get the device and still have to fillet it with a knife”

Well, it removes the skin and rib bones off of fillets that have already been cut away from the fish. It does not fillet fish or spit out clean fillets from a whole fish. Keep your knife on you. It still needs to do the fillet work first.

Q: “Does this device work on catfish? I catch catfish and every time I want to take the skin off off of the fillet, its always a hassle. I have to use pliers. I rip the fillet and ruin my meal.”

Interestingly, yes. It works on catfish but you need to be careful. Because the skin is so thick, letting it go any farther than halfway up the fillet will cause problems. The trick is knowing how to skin a catfish with it. Stop after an inch and a half and rip the skin off with your hands.

Q: “How long does it last on a single charge and how long does it take to charge it back up?”

The battery normally lasts around two constant hours on one charge and will take approximately the same amount of time when charging.

Q: “How easy is it to clean?”

Its actually not that difficult but you do have to be careful that you clean it properly to avoid any electrical problems or contamination issues. Its not like a fillet knife that involves some Dawn detergent and a dish sponge. Dry drying it off with a towel and sanitizing it instead.

Q: “Where is the cheapest place to buy it if I wanted one for myself? Is it the official website?”

Actually no. The best place to buy it also gives you the best price. The official website charges you $199.95. Amazon doesn’t sell it at all. The best place to buy it is at Bass Pro Shops. Bass Pro/Cabela’s will give you the same unit for only $149.99.

↓Click the link below to get this item for only $149.99↓

The Final Verdict

If slicing fillets and losing meat is the only way you operate, having a SKINZIT fish skinner device on hand can make all of the difference. It was an interesting experience observing how the unit operates especially in normal situations.

Above all, we’re impressed by our results. Although it won’t be replacing your beloved fillet knife, it does provide some of the most picture perfect skinless fish fillets we have ever seen. We love how its easy to use, rechargeable, and can skin almost every freshwater fish.

Having a review of the SKINZIT skinner is essential to understanding if you should get one. Do we recommend that you try it?

Yes. Look, I am not one to say that you should buy something that doesn’t work because it certainly does. I eat a ton of fish and seeing this item in progress really has turned me into a believer.

If you do decide to pick one up, I don’t think you will regret the decision. It is a great addition to your fillet knife and not instead of. They are available here.


What are your thoughts about the SKINZIT fish skinner? Lets hear your comment in a reply below!

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