Googan Squad Rod Review From A Bass Fisherman

The Googan Squad is a team of bass fishing Youtubers that have left their mark on the bass fishing industry by providing Youtube content and as a result, bass fishing tackle. The Googan Squad consists of Johnathan Barzacchini, Andrew Flair, Alex Peric, Robert Terkla, Justin Rackley, and a couple of others. They offer lures, rods, and other equipment. Apparently, they are the reason that the bass industry is where it is today. The quality of their products is of paramount importance to their following and in this Googan Squad rod review, we will indeed see what all of the hype is about.

After all, bass rods are an essential part of every bass fisherman’s gear. Without a good one, you won’t be landing much fish. With that, more and more of us are turning to the internet for answers about what gear we can use to catch more bass. Big companies such as Google and Youtube are on the uptrend as it relates to bass fishing. With hundreds of thousands of hours of fishing videos being watched on Youtube at any given time, it’s no surprise that certain products will result from successful influencers on the platform, namely the Googan Squad. Let’s see what the rod offers for bass fishermen!

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Benefits Of The Googan Squad Rods

When in the market for any new rod, one of the most important things is versatility.  The squad offers a duo of rods to choose from which consists of the Green Series and the Gold Series. Both rod versions have variable weight classes and lengths which means there is a rod for you regardless of how you fish. In addition to this, they labeled each one on the rod tag. Each tag describes exactly what the rod is made for and what fishing it will do the best with.

The craftmanship on both rods is second to none. After you have fished for a long time, you can tell the quality of a rod just by picking it up. These rods are by far some of the best of the best out there. Both models feel excellent in the hand, have some of the greatest sensitivity I have ever seen in any make or model on the market, and they offer prices that will likely fit your budget.

What makes this one different from others on the market?

There are quite a few things that set this particular rod apart from others. For one, the Green Series has a built-in ruler printed on the rod itself. That may not sound like much but it does solve the issue of holding a ruler and a fishing rod next to your fish in your photo. That is a game changer and it should be the standard going forward. No other manufacturer has done that, ever.

Next, the blanks are made from Japanese graphite which is the highest quality available anywhere in the entire world. That means as far as materials go, there isn’t one that surpasses it. Graphite from Japan is the best available anywhere. Finding that quality for the asking price is impossible anywhere else. Next, the reel seat locks in place when you turn it.

That means no more wiggle room for your reel to come off after many repeated casts. That click also lets you know that the reel is seated firmly. Aside from that, pure cork and cork composite options are available depending on which one you like more. Last, they are all labeled directly by the manufacturer for a specific type of fishing.

Nobody else does it. Nobody. You can arrive at a store with the type of fishing you like in mind, read the tag, and the tag will tell you exactly what fishing the rod is made for. it tells you the action, the length, the measurements for lines, everything. You can be in and out before you research what rods go for what technique.

How To Use A Googan Squad Rod

While the standard of using a baitcasting rod is essentially the same no matter the brand, there is something to look for especially if you are new to this whole fishing game. First, you need to spool your reel up with the right line depending on what fishing you will be doing. After that, you want to choose a rod that has the proper tag description on it.

Each of them has a proper identification tag that lets you know what fishing is for, its action, its length, and everything else. After selecting your reel and having spooled it up, unwind the reel seat, place the reel inside, turn it, and wait until you hear that click. The click ensures that the reel seat is locked in.

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Product Description and Features

Green Series

  • Ceramic Guides
  • 24/30 carbon Japanese graphite blank
  • EVA foam and cork composite grip
  • A measuring ruler is printed on the rod
  • One piece

Gold Series

  • Seaguides™
  • 30/40 carbon Japanese graphite blank
  • Pure cork grip
  • One piece

Both makes and models have the exact same general construction. A graphite rod construction and both have the same ergonomic handle shape. Both have locking reel seats. The rods are both one piece but use different materials and cosmetics. They also vary greatly in cost.

The Green Series, the cheaper option, utilizes ceramic guides, 24/30 carbon Japanese graphite, and a mix of EVA foam coupled with cork for the handle. This one also has a built-in ruler for measuring your catch. For the Gold Series, the guides use a higher quality ceramic in the construction and the guides are called Seaguides™. The Japanese graphite used is also higher in carbon at 30/40. An EVA foam and cork pair is omitted to give way to a pure cork grip and handle for more sensitivity.

Who is the Product for?

The short and sweet answer of the rod’s target audience is simple. Everybody who wants to catch bass using quality gear. Although many people would get some use out of it, I believe that they are targeted more towards the people who have a little more money to invest because they want some good bass fishing gear. Those who fish more often than once a week are more inclined to get greater use and value out of it.

No, I don’t think they will be worth their cost unless you fish more than twice a week. If you are a tournament fisherman, it’s for you, and if you are a guide, it’s for you. I suggest that those on a lower income really give a lot of thought before making a purchase just because investing requires a return. Don’t spend money on it unless you know you will be in the water wetting lures often. If you aren’t, you may receive a better return if you went for a more affordable option.

What I like about the Product

There are a lot of things to love as a bass fisherman. For one, the price is right about where it needs to be. I think it’s even low for what you get.  To make that point, let me explain. The rods are certainly not cheap. that was given. With that, they are also not so absurdly expensive that it’s hard to make the investment to purchase one. You get what you pay for but I feel that you may be getting a little more bang for your buck with these rods than with other ones. In addition, both models fit comfortably into any budget.

You can fish any bass fishing technique with them as long as you select the right model and size. This is easy too because they actually did the hard part for you and said how on the tag. The ruler on the Green Series is quite nice and I can only guess why they left it off of the other one. It’s actually quite handy to have and prevents your need for a ruler. Also, as a side note, the graphite used in both is the finest in the world. Japanese graphite says a lot about the quality control that was implemented in the factory during production. Spoiler alert. The standard is exceptionally high.

I am a big fan of green as well as black and gold so visually, both are my style. Another thing that I don’t think gets mentioned enough is durability. They just work. They stay together and they can take a beating. The backbone in each is amazing, the sensitivity is the best I have ever experienced, and the ceramic used is of very fine quality. Of course, all of that doesn’t even matter unless you can rely on it to accept your favorite bass reel and seat it comfortably which is exactly what they do. That clicking rod seat is really something special and I cannot emphasize that enough.

What I don’t like about the Product

  • Questionable customer service
  • Excessive branding
  • One piece
  • Hook keeper can inhibit casting

If there is one complaint I have with Googan rods, it’s the placement of the hook keeper. I have yet to see anybody get this right but the hook keeper just isn’t placed where it needs to be. They put the hook keeper on the back of the rod above the reel seat about a hand’s length away. This does cause a problem in casting left-handed for some people and it can also put unneeded stress on the fishing line where it meets the rod tip. It is not a big issue, but for some, it is a minor annoyance.

Look. I like when a company puts its brand on a product. I do. If the company made a great product that I like using, I will never be against that company for letting others know whose product I am using. The branding on these is excessive though. Although cosmetic only, the rod has the company’s logo or name on it no less than six different times.

This is great if you want to market to others while reeling in bass but excessive when absolutely everybody knows what rod you are using because it lets you know six different times. Again, that is cosmetic but no other rod I have does this. Cosmetics certainly do matter to certain people.

What Else Should I Know Before Buying One?

The website where you would buy one or both rods has questionable customer service. Many have put in claims or questions but many received no answers. That isn’t optional in business either. For those fishermen that like portability or have a small car, it’s not the rod for you. They are all one-piece rods. You have to take them to the fishing spot by laying them down or letting them hang out the window while you drive.

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Final Thoughts

To sum up my Googan squad rod review, I  believe that these are some of the finest products in the fishing industry. Not just some of the finest rods either. These rods may be some of the finest products to ever come to market let alone ever hit store shelves. For what you get, the quality of materials, as well as craftsmanship that goes into each one, is the best of the best money can buy. If you can name any big rod and reel manufacturer today, I personally guarantee that these rods will hold their own in direct competition.

What’s not to love? All popular reels work well with them and they even label the rod for you to tell you what fishing it is best used for. This takes out most of the guesswork that most people generally have when bass fishing. Although I expected as much from people who know how to catch bass, the way the squad made their products is just different from everything else out there. My final thoughts are that if Karl VonDibble can become a better bass angler using one, so can you! The quality is superb? Source? I bass fish

What do you think of this rod? Have you tried it? Leave a comment in a reply below to let us know! Every comment helps out other anglers!

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