St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod Review

Bass fishing has so many techniques and equipment available that it’s hard to know exactly what you should choose and why. Fishing rods are no different and having a great quality stick can be the difference between fishing and catching. Things can get expensive after a while and if you are stuck trying to figure out which one to purchase, the St. Croix Mojo Bass baitcaster is hard to beat.

A very versatile rod that can be used for everything from weightless senkos and chatterbaits to huge swimbaits and frog fishing, you can always rely on it to catch bass, big and small. Finding a rod that is capable of doing pretty much everything a bass angler throws at it while also being sensitive enough to feel light bites and reel in big fish is kind of difficult.

When you do find one, it is usually scrutinized to the fullest extent for lacking in factors such as sensitivity and castability. This is exactly how the Mojo Bass rod stands out. In this St. Croix Mojo Bass casting rod review, we are going to cover what features make this rod special as well as what else you can expect if you decide to try one for yourself.

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Product Overview:

One thing that is extremely noticeable in this rod is quality. This includes quality of the highest standard. When you hold the rod in your hands, you can see and feel the difference in craftsmanship compared to other rods. As a St. Croix brand rod, this is no surprise. This particular company has been making some of the highest-quality fishing rods in the industry for many decades already.

The rod comes in five lengths. A 6’8″, a 7’0″, a 7’1″, a 7’5″, and a 7’11”. Ten models are offered, all with different capabilities. The power classes on the blanks vary from medium, medium-heavy, and heavy configurations. All of the tips also range from moderate, to fast, and extra-fast. This is enough for over 97% of all bass fishing you could ever dream of doing.

One-piece and two-piece models are also offered. The Mojo Bass baitcasting rod is designed to handle just about anything a bass fisherman can throw at it. It doesn’t matter if you want to throw weightless worms or very big swimbaits. This rod is designed to handle it all. You can throw every bait in your box with one rod.

Overall, it is a very versatile rod to have in your possession because you can throw frogs, jigs, spinners, creature baits, spoons, and just about everything else that turns the bass on. Aside from this, it fits very nicely when paired with some of the best baitcasting reels of today too.

Design and Build Quality:

This rod is made of High-modulus, high-strain graphite that provides a very sensitive construction and amazing value. This particular grade of graphite also makes the rod lighter and much more durable than other rods in the St. Croix lineup. Because sensitivity and durability are what you want in a graphite rod, having both really is a plus. It means that you can really feel those light bites when it matters most which translates to much more fish in your boat more often.

There are special lengths and actions for crankbaits, soft plastics, and other techniques but you can do almost everything with every model. You do lose a little bit of backbone in the rod because it has no glass or glass composites. That means that the rod unloads a lot faster. Glass rods are the opposite where you can pull on them and they are not as springy. The rod itself is snappier and springier than a glass rod would be. You certainly get a better hookset but you may have to also fish slower with certain baits.

One thing that stood out to me was the incredible cork handle. Say what you want but cork in my opinion is always indicative of a better-performing rod. It’s not just a standard cork handle either. The 100% cork handle is some of the highest quality cork material I have ever seen on any rod, ever. The cork on some rods has problems with pitting, holes, and sealing. Not this one. This cork material on the handle is so good that it appears like a solid piece. Certainly won’t get any moisture on the inside of it. Is it sensitive too? Yes.

Man holding a big largemouth bass by the mouth.


Overall, this rod continues to impress me more and more on the water. The way it handles is just amazing. It accepts any reel you can throw on it and will be beneficial for almost every angler regardless of what size fish you want to catch. This is a very versatile rod, capable of throwing topwater walkers, frogs, and propellor lures or poppers. The snap to the rod also makes it exceptional at setting the hook on soft plastic baits. If you were looking for a rod to throw Texas rigs, soft plastic swimbaits, or craws, this rod certainly is a top contender.

The pure graphite construction just makes it much easier to get those hooks inside the mouth of the fish when they bite. It also allows you to feel those bites on plastic lures too. I found that this bass rod is great for largemouth, smallmouth, and spots, but it can also double as a great stick for catfish, carp, walleye, and pike too. Given the baitcasting nature of this rod, it naturally has all the advantages one would find in a great baitcaster as it relates to bass fishing. Increased distance, more accuracy, and the capacity for much bigger catches.


As far as durability is concerned, it is a graphite rod at the end of the day. The rod is still pretty durable for a graphite stick because it was designed to be with its special selection of fibers. Naturally, though, you will lose a bit of durability over a glass rod or a composite rod simply because that is the nature of things. That being said, I wouldn’t steer you away from this rod for that reason. Most graphite rods have durability issues simply because they are more sensitive. You can have both at the same time to a point.

Keep in mind that it is still an extremely stout and sturdy stick that can take a ton of regular abuse from a bass angler or tournament fisherman. You certainly can feel the quality of craftsmanship as you hold it. It will probably snap if you stand on it or subject it to abnormal conditions but on the normal, expect it to hold up season after season when properly maintained.

St. Croix rods are not known for breaking under normal use. If something does happen, you are covered by the company’s Gold Star warranty which protects you against damage for any reason as long as it isn’t the tip. The tip will be covered by the warranty if something happens to it.


  • Multiple lengths and power classes to choose from
  • Can catch almost any species of fish
  • Versatile for almost every bass fishing technique
  • 2 and 1-piece options are available
  • Extremely durable
  • Very easy to cast
  • Very sensitive


  • Graphite is still not as durable as glass or composite rods

Maintenance and Care:

Assuming you properly take care of your new fishing rod, it can easily last you a lifetime. Of course, this assumes that you keep up with regular maintenance to keep it in it’s top-performing condition. For this particular rod, you should apply a basic formula of rod care, cleaning, and maintenance.

The best way to clean any fiberglass rod is to use a microfiber cloth, a mild soap, and warm water. After using, wipe off any grass, algae, or debris. Make sure to wipe off the guides while you are at it making sure to get in between them and the rod. After it’s clean, store it in a rod rack or in a place where it’s protected.

Price and Value:

Compared to cheaper but similar rods, the difference is noticeable in cosmetics as well as performance. That cork handle, those guides, and how stout the rod is certainly is different. For you, that means more bang for your buck. For other rods around its price range, I believe that this one has an edge in bass fishing albeit a very slight one. It’s not much. Believe me. Hear me out. There are plenty of great rods out there for this sport and I believe many are amazing. I favor this one not because it is more versatile or better than others in its class but because the value is higher.

For what you get, this stick will make any serious bass fisherman happy because it provides a tournament-winning performance without the tournament-winning price tag. Any serious bass angler already knows how expensive rods can be, especially the tournament ones. St. Croix already offers tournament rods with a price of up to $340.

This rod retails for only $140 which comparatively, is not a lot and its performance is worth every single penny. Sure, those rods are amazing too but are they $200 more amazing than this one? I am very doubtful about that. What I do know is that for the value one can get out of this, it’s one of the very best bang for your buck rods today.

Conclusion:  St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod Is Amazing

To conclude, I think it is one of the very best investments that any serious bass angler can make to up their fishing game. You will receive a rod that can throw all of the bass lures you have in your tackle box right now and it will look great doing it. The quality is there, the rod is a workhorse if you bass fish often, and it’s essentially a fraction of what one would usually cost.

If I had only one thing that could be improved, it would still be the durability. Again, don’t get me wrong. It is a durable rod but it is still graphite. If you set your drag correctly on your reel, durability shouldn’t be an issue. Still, the fact that graphite is springy cannot be overlooked. Sometimes, albeit rarely, you can snap a perfectly good rod just because you set it too fast.

That doesn’t happen often but that’s exactly why I love the company’s golden star warranty too. If you are looking for sensitivity and tournament-grade bass fishing performance, I believe that this rod will provide you with everything you need and then some. If durability concerns you at all, try a fiberglass spinning rod like the St. Croix Triumph Travel model.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Does the St. Croix Mojo Bass casting rod provide you with enough performance for big bass on the water? That really depends. Is it worth it? It largely depends on you. What you want to have in a fishing rod, how much you fish, and your budget all play a role in your decision. Click here if you are interested in trying one out for yourself.

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