St. Croix Premier Casting Rod Review – An Angler’s Friend

If there is one investment to make when you want to catch big fish, it is a great casting rod. The best baitcasting rods have the ability to haul in big fish while still being sensitive enough to feel every nibble. Still, there are so many good rods out there that it can be almost impossible to choose one that suits your needs. The St. Croix Premier casting rod makes this choice easy.

Having versatility, sensitivity, power, and the ability to land big fish consistently is what many want when bass fishing or going after other big fish. Having a rod that provides all three is usually the safest option to take for your investment. With that said, you will certainly want one for yourself.

It can be hard to lose that big fish unless your rod is up to the task. With that in mind, this one can be used for almost every technique that one could want to use on baitcasting gear. You can use it for bass fishing with swimbaits and frogs or for walleye trolling with plastic worms and spinners. It’s really up to you.

In this St. Croix Premier casting rod review, we will review what the rod has to offer as well as what you will get if you decide on picking one up for yourself.

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Product Overview:

This amazing and versatile workhorse of a rod with manufactured by St. Croix, one of the best companies at it. With sponsorships with pro staff such as B.A.S.S elite Derek Hudnall and many others, St Croix rods are already in the champion’s circle for catching big fish. This rod comes in four lengths, a 5’6″, a 6’0″, a 6,6″, and a 7,0″. Eleven models are offered, all with different features.

All of these rods have a fast action tip. There is a medium/heavy and heavy, each one has a different length, or is available in two or one-piece models respectively. A fast action rod is stiffer than other actions and this means that the rod begins to bend only within the top third of the blank. This is the best option for rods that handle big fish.

This is a rod that is designed for all manners of bass fishing such as crankbaits, frogs, swimbaits, spinners, and jigs. Aside from this, there are also versions of the rod made specifically for muskellunge. The main thing to consider is that this is a big fish rod built for tough fishing applications, just like the Triumph Travel spinning rod.

It is not intended to be used for more finesse tactics that you would use a spinning rod for such as the drop-shot rig. If you don’t use it for bass fishing, it also does great at handling freshwater drum, carp, catfish, and even saltwater fish of certain species. It is a rod that is many times more versatile than others. Regardless if it’s frogging or something else, this is one rod that fits most.

Design and Build Quality:

This rod is made of a Mid-modulus graphite that provides a great balance of durability and sensitivity. The sensitivity on the rod is superb as well as how well you can feel your bait move through the water. This material is of premium quality so it also decreases the cost while still providing excellent performance. The question of whether graphite is better is controversial. A little bit of durability is given up due to its graphite construction than it would be if it were made of glass or other materials. Even so, this is a very versatile rod that has a model to fit most applications.

That fast-action tip means that it is just as easy to catch big fish and small fish alike. One thing to love is the weight of the rod. Graphite has been the standard for fishing rods for many years already and some of this has to do with how easy graphite rods feel in the hand. Overall, the rod is well-balanced throughout and is a pleasure to use. The line guides are also something to be impressed with. These Kigan Master Hand 3D guides offer smooth-as-butter casting and impeccable corrosion resistance.

Just as the standard for great rod handles is cork, you will be pleased to know that the handle is 100% cork. This means you will always have a comfortable and secure grip on your fishing rod. When compared to EVA foam, it weighs less, is more sensitive, and provides a much better grip on the rod itself. It’s always important to have a cork handle especially if you will be fishing lighter baits or catching finicky fish. It will allow you to detect those subtle bites a lot easier so you don’t miss the fish.

Man holding a St. Croix Premier casting rod.


Overall, I am incredibly impressed by how well this rod handles on the water. The rod is versatile and can be adapted to most bass fishing applications as well as for some saltwater. It makes an incredibly great jigging rod as well as for throwing crankbaits. It can also be outfitted to throw topwaters, spoons, swimbaits, spinners, and even frogs. If you want an incredibly good crankbait rod, this one is definitely one you need to consider. That fast action really helps get those hooks in deeply without a ton of effort.

I found that this particular rod is primarily a bass fishing rod but I’d imagine it would also work well for other species like channel catfish, striped bass, smallmouth, and walleye. Because it is a casting rod, it is naturally going to have all of the perks that a baitcasting rod has when compared to a spinning setup. Even if you are bass fishing for beginners, this means you will enjoy increased accuracy, more casting distance, and much more sensitivity. If you go with one of the heavier models, they will more than hold their own against big fish.


As far as durability is concerned, the fibers used in the graphite rod construction process are much more durable than many other graphite rods. While anything can break when not properly taken care of and maintained, this rod truly is made for fishermen and can take a lot of abuse. As long as you have your drag set properly and perform basic rod maintenance after each use, expect it to last for many years to come.

Expect to purchase the right model for the size of fish you want to catch to give yourself the most advantages. St. Croix rods generally do not break with normal use because they are made well. Even so, the company does offer a gold star warranty that will replace damage to the rod for any reason. They make an exception for tip problems.

If that breaks, the claim afterward will cover the rod for a new tip only. That warranty protects you just in case something happens.


  • Multiple lengths and power classes to choose from
  • Can catch almost any species of fish
  • Versatile for almost every bass fishing technique
  • 2 and 1-piece options are available
  • Extremely durable
  • Very easy to cast
  • Lower priced but performs like a more expensive rod


  • May have to reseal the cork every season

Maintenance and Care:

These rods generally last a very long time but will last even longer with the proper care. Always remember to apply basic rod care guidelines as you would for many other rods. Always use a very mild soap and water to remove any dirt, debris, grass, algae, and other things that shouldn’t be there.

Take a cloth or a clean microfiber sponge and give it a good wipe-down after use. Make sure to touch up the guides as well as the reel seat and cork handle. If you do this, always store it correctly and safely in a rod rack or fishing rod-approved place. All of these guidelines are basic fishing rod care and maintenance and you should do this to all of your rods.

Price and Value:

If we were to compare the initial price versus the perceived value of this particular rod, this one performs just as well as a more expensive option. For what you get and what they are asking, you get a very I believe “underpriced” rod for the money. It does a whole lot more than what you pay for it. Fishing rods today are certainly not getting any cheaper and high-end tournament-quality baitcasting setups that are used by the pros can cost over $300 or more.

This is where I believe it really shines. The price does not match the quality because the rod performs as well as higher-end rods and it’s essentially less than half the price. I think if professional bass fishermen can trust this rod to put fish in their boats and money in their pockets, it’s worth it to you to try it yourself just to feel the quality.

Conclusion: St. Croix Premier Casting Rod Is Amazing

To conclude, I think it is one of the best investments a serious bass or saltwater angler can make. You will get a rod that can be used for most fishing applications in bass fishing and many saltwater ones too. It casts like a dream, is versatile, sensitive, and durable, and does not skimp on the quality of materials.

If I had only one thing that could be improved, it would probably have to be with the cork handle. The sealant used on the cork handle is a good sealant. Don’t get me wrong. They just don’t put enough 0n there to last multiple seasons of fishing. If you don’t mind having to reseal the cork after the season or if having a handle without it doesn’t concern you, this one may be for you.

This would make a perfect gift if you know somebody serious about bass fishing or really, almost any type of fishing. I am one of those people who can look at a fishing rod, hold it, and see how high-quality it is as well as take an educated guess on its price point. This one confused me. I got the high-quality part right. I went too high on the price.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Does the St. Croix Premier casting rod provide enough versatility and quality on the water to justify its price point? Have you ever used this rod? Leave a comment down below this post to tell us how it worked for you. Is it for you? That really depends on your budget and your level of dedication to the sport. Click here if you want to try it for yourself.

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